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Strategizing your investments: navigating opportunities as 2023 draws to a close

8/22/2023 8:00:00 AM
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Although they may have their ups and downs, physical assets are, in general, the strongest. This is why experts recommend real estate as a safe bet if you are thinking of how to plan your next investment.

As 2023 goes by we are witnessing the prosperity of innovative features which are also making their way into the real estate sector. Emerging technologies and the advent of new tools also enrich this market which happens to be one of investors’ favorites. Elon Musk, for example, twitted that it’s better to allocate investments in real estate than in other assets, especially in times of high inflation.

Real Estate Market Trends: 2023

From using AI-generated images for social media and other promotion channels to the generalized adoption of tools like ChatGPT, it's clear that artificial intelligence holds a special place in the future of real estate. 

Among other things, AI brings significant improvements into the market as it allows to create precise representations of properties. This helps potential clients by showing them the difference between different types of real estate and spaces. 

AI helps automate tasks like collecting data, revising, documents, and analyzing alternatives. Also, it's possible to create a list of custom properties based on social media data and similar sources. As usual, having a robot taking care of repetitive tasks allows realtors to concentrate on more creative work. 

Blockchain technology is also stepping strongly. Its influence is contributing to implementing major changes in traditional investments. Therefore, a strategy for diversifying your investment portfolio will probably have to include some of these new approaches which are as interesting as they are challenging. 

A great example of this is Proptech, one of the greatest innovations in recent years. Combining the long-term history of real estate investment and modern resources, Proptech may be a good lead on how to plan your next investment. This technology offers many benefits to the industry, for example, the elimination of intermediaries, simplification of processes, and enhanced marketing possibilities. All in all, diversifying your investment portfolio with real estate can be much easier since this technology can significantly speed up processes and simplify transactions. Moreover, since it’s based on peer-to-peer platforms, this approach promises a more transparent and simpler future. 

When it comes to real estate, blockchain technology is not used for the purpose of decentralization, instead, it fosters fairer competition, and better opportunities for all players alike regardless of their size or resources. 

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How to plan your next investment in real estate 

Although everything else is changing, one thing remains the same: investment principles. Technology brings us superior tools and more effective ways to execute purchases and transactions. However, the principles on how to plan your next investment are still the same as they were 100 years ago. 

Naturally, every expert has his/her own opinion and experience, but Mundo lays it out like this:

Tips on how to plan your next investment in the real estate market

Choose your objective

Like with everything else in life, before choosing the top real estate investments for 2023, make sure you know what you're seeking. In real estate, you can narrow it down to two options: investment property, which can be for rental income or to resell, or residency property (a place where to live).

For example, if you're planning to obtain the Qualified Investor Visa in Panama you can buy a property for at least $300,000 and use it as your place of residency.

Analyze your possibilities 

And now that you know what you're after, analyze your budget and what you can purchase. In some cases, there's the possibility to make a downpayment and then pay fixed installments or ask for a bank mortgage. In any case, diversifying your investment portfolio is key, so make sure to factor these expenses into the equation. 

Choose the place

International real estate is quite attractive, especially in a place like Panama. At this point, if you don't know the country, Mundo recommends you don't invest until you conduct research for at least six months, and it helps if you visit the place in question. Investors must consider factors like inflation, rental and property laws, foreign ownership restrictions, political stability, and other conditions that may affect their plans in the mid and long term. 

Choose the property

This point goes hand in hand with the first two. Once you decide what you want and analyze your possibilities, it’s time to look for your dream property. Top real estate investments for 2023 are just around the corner if you know where to look. Do you want to refurnish a house to get capital gains? In this case, the status is not as important as the projection for the future: is it in a good neighborhood? Does it have rental possibilities? Is it suitable for families, bachelors, tourists, or businesspeople? The same process should be applied when wondering how to plan your next investment in any type of real estate. 

Real estate market trends 2023: why diversifying your investment portfolio in Panama is a good idea 

In Panama, you can find top real estate investments for 2003 and get lots of benefits. For starters, you can obtain residency. If you have a capital of $300,000 to invest, Mundo recommends the Qualified Investor Visa which grants you permanent residency automatically. There's a more accessible option of only $200,000 through the Friendly Nations Visa but it grants a temporary permit. Also, it can only be accessed by citizens within the friendly nations. Compare these two programs here

Besides the residency options, search for places that are useful when it comes to diversifying your investment portfolio. Real estate here is booming with top luxury units in Panama City and the provinces. Panama is quite active and receives lots of visitors which come both for tourism and business purposes. Being the Bridge of the Americas thanks to the Panama Canal, this country is a hub for investment, international trade, and research, attracting a huge amount of talented and hard-working people that help develop the economy.

Disclaimer: This article does not constitute financial or investment advice. Before making any important decisions, consult with lawyers, realtors, and tax experts. Keep in mind that every investment carries its risks, and you need to assess them together with a certified professional. 

Mundo assists you in finding top real estate investments for 2023

In a place like this, there are lots of possibilities and Mundo can offer quite a few. From beach properties to luxury units in Costa del Este, we can introduce you to an excellent place where to live or make an outstanding investment that will help you achieve your financial goals. Diversifying your investment portfolio is vital, and real estate is a solid asset that will help you keep your strategy strong. If you like what you're reading, don't hesitate and contact us.

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