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Innovation and resilience: soccer in St Kitts

11/15/2023 8:00:00 AM
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Saint Kitts and Nevis is one of our favorite jurisdictions when it comes to getting citizenship, establishing a company, and opening a bank account. Moreover, the island of Nevis happens to be an excellent trust jurisdiction, hence, it has been the topic of many Mundo articles. Today, we unveil a new side of Saint Kitts and Nevis: sports, and invite you to see one of our most beloved countries from a different perspective.

Why St Kitts is such an interesting place: soccer in St Kitts

The soccer tradition started in the Caribbean long ago, when slaves started to play this sport with an animal’s bladder. Since the impossibility of getting a real ball did not stop them from doing what they loved, in a way, soccer in Saint Kitts represents its people’s resilience. 

In 1932, the Saint Kitts National Football Association was founded, which tells us that the country's connection with soccer goes way back. Originally, St Kitts was part of the Sotavento Islands Federation and the Caribbean Federation to finally join the CONCACAF and the FIFA in 1992. 

Now, since they established their program in 1984, St Kitts is great for those interested in getting a new citizenship by investment, i.e., a new place to call home and conduct business. Its cultural richness is actually one of the reasons why Saint Kitts is such an interesting place for international entrepreneurs.

Saint Kitts and Nevis sports

Due to the country’s connection with Great Britan, historically, the most relevant sport on the islands was cricket. However, soccer started to gain popularity since the 80s and now is the most followed and most practiced sport in the country.

Contributions both from the CONCACAF and FIFA have helped the islands develop their facilities in favor of everyone's beloved sport. An important achievement was the women’s national team making its debut on the CONCACAF Olympic Football Tournament.

Statistics show that nearly 5,000 of Saint Kittians and Nevisians practice soccer which is a big deal in a country of only 52,000 people. This means that 5% of the population actively practices soccer and take part in competitions.

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Stanley Jacobs, President of the Saint Kitts and Nevis Football Association, explains that soccer is quite important for St Kitts citizens. For them it's not only about sitting comfortably and watching a game, but also about love and passion for St Kitts and Nevis sports. Although the country doesn’t have a professional league, they play their hearts out in each game for their community.

Jacobs also stated that soccer was an important inspiration for the community during the COVID-19 pandemic. While many citizens lost their jobs, they found joy and put their hopes entirely on their favorite teams.

Soccer in Saint Kitts: a symbol of resilience in an innovative financial jurisdiction

Even though it was the last country to gain independence from the British Crown, Saint Kitts and Nevis was the first nation in the world to establish a citizenship by investment program. Thus, they started a new era in the immigration sector.

While before it was possible to become eligible for a minimum of $150,000, recently and according to the changes and conditions of international legislations, the Federation of Saint Kitts and Nevis changed its requirements and updated its minimums.

But even with this update, getting a new citizenship in St Kitts is an excellent strategy not only for business but also for life. If there's something that we learned from Saint Kitts and Nevis sports is the importance of passion and commitment in everything we do, whether it’s playing soccer, studying a career at the university, conducting business, or establishing a financial plan.

Finally, with a second passport, traveling to places becomes easier, to how many countries and which ones, it will depend on each case. The bottom line is that getting a new citizenship opens new opportunities for an individual or a family.

Disclaimer: this is a general article about St Kitts and Nevis sports and people’s love for soccer. Here, the citizenship by investment program is barely described, therefore, this article doesn't replace a formal legal consultation. Getting citizenship comes with many requirements which can be discussed in detail only within a professional framework. As every financial decision has its share of benefits and risks, it's imperative to get formal professional advice and to conduct proper research.

How can Mundo help you

At Mundo, we know why St Kitts is such an interesting place. We've been working closely with this jurisdiction providing migration, corporate, and trust services. We have reliable partners on the islands and therefore can help you get the best service possible.

Moreover, getting citizenship in St Kitts can be but one part of a more complex structure that encompasses other tools and jurisdictions to fit your goals. Get in touch with your Mundo team and start your journey to a new citizenship.

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