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Why invest in Turkey in 2024: real estate forecasts

1/12/2024 8:00:00 AM
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Turkey constitutes one of the world's best scenarios when it comes to homes for sale. Staying ahead of the curve is key to any businessperson’s financial plan, especially in our days. The 21st century is characterized by vertiginous changes in practically all areas including technology, communication, regulations, and geopolitics. We live in a challenging era that demands the best from us all.

This article is dedicated to Turkey investment property and it's mostly useful for those looking for Turkey houses to buy or other types of property. Let's look at the numbers from 2023 to understand what awaits in the new year.

Should I invest in Turkey real estate in 2024? Real estate forecasts

Last year was practically a recovery period for most economies after recent crises like the coronavirus pandemic in 2020 and 2021. In this regard, one should not lose sight of real estate listings in each jurisdiction as this market is a clear indicator of a country’s economic position.

Apparently, 2024 is going to be the year in which developing countries and world powers can finally expand and consolidate their economic plans after the difficulties that each country and its people have faced in recent years.

Analyzing inflation is key when it comes to real estate forecasts

Inflation is a cancer to every economy causing people to lose purchasing power and generating a vicious circle which is very hard to stop. This is why inflation dynamics must be considered in all real estate forecasts and by any businessperson looking to buy a house or a property in Turkey real estate listings.

Reports throw data pointing to inflation spikes in 2023 but this is expected to be stabilized in the new year. Among other things, inflation affects the affordability of properties and interest rates.

Therefore, each person who wants to invest in Turkey real estate should factor in the economic history when it comes to inflation and analyze the road ahead.

Turkey houses to buy and interest rates

Low rates boost Turkey real estate investment as in any other jurisdiction. According to our experts, a 2023 thorough analysis points to the fact that the Federal Reserve will increase rates in 2024. As a result, financing costs are expected to change.

Buy a house using state-of-the-art technology

Turkey real estate is no stranger to technological innovations. We've seen SaaS alternatives enter the real estate market worldwide and this tendency is here to stay. Tools like virtual tours, smart filters, and advanced product pages with clear pictures have been a game changer for the sector. Naturally, blockchain technology can't be left out of the picture. It's used in property transactions contributing to enhancing transparency and security for all parties involved.

One of the greatest revolutions of our decade is the development of artificial intelligence and AI algorithms. Among other things, these are used to analyze market trends, Turkey real estate indicators, and financial statements thanks to the use of various data sources. Hence, this is one of the strongest trends for 2024 promising to bring investors more advanced assessment methods and enhance accuracy when choosing and buying a property. Moreover, the citizenship by investment program is a great opportunity to leverage your real estate investment optimally

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Mundo opens up your path to buying home in Turkey

As ambassadors of the libertarians and perpetual traveler philosophy, we're proud to present outstanding projects to invest in Turkey. 

Unique location near Marmara

This project offers easy access to Bursa, Ankara, and Istanbul. The project boasts a total area of 73,722 m2 with a construction area of 114,600 m2. Moreover, it stands out for its unique luxury accommodation lifestyle options as it will include limitless retreats for both guests and residents. All of them will be able to enjoy sauna centers where they can relax and forget about everyday problems.

Commercial and residential Turkey real estate

Boasting a unique location, this project will be placed in one of Turkey's most significant financial centers. In the heart of the Ümraniye district, this powerful project will come to life enriching the area and receiving benefits from the surrounding activities. Nonetheless, the project will be placed on a street with low density when it comes to commercial properties hence it will constitute an important hub for the area. Thus, it's designed to be a top shopping and living center in the region. It surely helps that the place is well connected (near the tram and metro stations and close to major city bridges and important highways).

Furthermore, the project will consist of four different regions which will serve separate purposes. Thus, guests and visitors will enjoy residential properties, cultural centers, hotels, and official entities. It's worth noting that it will also be close to important historical places and natural attractions: X Media Art Museum, IF performance hall, the Museum of Innovation, and the Umraniye forest, pond, and national garden are only some of them.

Unique opportunity 

Mundo partners have a special offer since they are finishing the last stocks through a limited amount of units at 25-30% less than the normal market price. There’s also an opportunity for installments with 25% DP and up to 60 months and as a bonus -5% USD. With this option, the investor accesses rental guarantee options for 3 years, and 20% USD buyback guarantee from the developer, all with starting prices from 150,000 USD.

Disclaimer: This article offers general information about Turkey real estate, and it should not be considered investment advice or an official report. Before making any major investments, make sure to carefully analyze benefits and risks together with a professional. 

Why invest in Turkey and get homes for sale with the help of Mundo

This year we're stepping harder than ever offering investors the best opportunities around the world. Naturally, Turkey invest property can't be missing from our wide range of options when it comes to solid investments, international business, and the possibility of getting citizenship by investment.

At Mundo, we are proud of our connections with agents, realtors, investors, and lawyers with fine expertise in different jurisdictions. Turkey is only one of them as we all also have close connections with Panama, Nevis, The United States, Seychelles, and the Cayman Islands to name a few.

Get in touch with our team if you want to receive exceptional real estate listings to buy a house and invest in Turkey real estate. The Mundo team is here for you!

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