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Why Panama and why now: getting into real estate within the next months can make a difference

6/7/2024 8:00:00 AM
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During the past two decades, it has become clear that Panama constitutes a relevant center for financial services and the perpetual traveler lifestyle. Here, the real estate advantages are combined with a residency accessibility that's not easily found elsewhere. 

Mundo stresses the importance of seizing business opportunities and opportunities of all kinds. In this case, real estate plus immediate residency is available, and we recommend applying ASAP. How to get started in real estate plus residency? Why Panama when it comes to this combination?

Get real estate in Panama: invest fast with lower minimums

When scrolling down Mundo's homepage as well as our real estate and our investment sections, our inclination towards Panama becomes evident. There's a good reason for this. If you're wondering why Panama, then let us tell you about the wide range of business opportunities through healthy policies for startups and free zone companies.

Let us also tell you about the wide range of residency programs that cater virtually to every need. Panama has visas for professionals, investors, retirees, citizens of valuable countries, and those who want to get real estate plus legal residency.

Business opportunities and the Mecca of second residency 

When getting into real estate, Panama raises the bet and offers you an incredible deal: purchase a property and get immediate permanent residency. It's an opportunity that you don't encounter every day.

This option plus all the other available programs like the Pensionado Visa or the Friendly Nations is what creates such a diverse residency landscape in the country of the canal. But why Panama has become such a valuable hub for expats and those who want to seize business opportunities?

In a globalized world, migration tendencies have changed provoking citizens from developing countries to move away in search of better business opportunities. Regarding Panama, this can be seen in migration waves from territories with high inflation, unstable economies, and political turmoil. Finding a dollar-based economy and a healthier environment, many of these people settle down in Panama.

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As a response, the more developed countries tend to establish residency programs to help these people while enriching their own culture and diversifying the investment sectors and the workforce in general.

This is how programs are born, for example, the Friendly Nations Visa. Through the Friendly Nations, Panama has established a set of countries that are considered to be in good relationships with the Republic of Panama and whose citizens are considered to bring value.

But there's a trick: only those from approximately 50 countries are eligible. However, there is an alternative through other pathways like the Qualified Investor Visa. 

Why Panama and why getting into real estate plus residency now? 

Real estate advantages in Panama are huge as there is a wide offer for luxury living. On several occasions, Mundo has presented developments and units available across Panama City.

From the very beginning, the Qualified Investor Visa constituted an excellent alternative to the Forestry Visa and the Friendly Nations. While the former offered investment opportunities (but with long-term returns), the latter was circumscribed to only certain citizenships. 

Therefore, the Qualified Investor Visa was excellent news for those who wanted to invest fast and obtain immediate residency. Moreover, later on, the Friendly Nations Visa lost its immediate residency benefit.

The program stipulates a minimum investment of $500,000 in real estate but it grants the possibility to apply through 300,000 for a limited period of time. This was extended for two more years until October 2024. In simple words, there are only four months left to get real estate plus residency for a lower minimum.

Considering the advanced real estate units available in Panama, built and designed by top architects and developers, and adding to the mix the opportunity to acquire immediate permanent residency, the Qualified Investor becomes a unique opportunity to get real estate right now. If you invest fast, that is, in the following months, the benefit is better. 

Disclaimer: this article is based on editorial research; therefore it doesn’t replace a legal consultation. Before making any important decisions when it comes to investment residency, please consult with a certified professional.


Getting into real estate hand in hand with Mundo

We're proud of our team of experts which is spread out across different jurisdictions. Luckily one of them is Panama where we have an on-site team that's willing to help you with everything you need regarding nomad capitalist services.

If you want to get real estate through a fast investment to seize the Qualified Investor opportunity, we can help you find the perfect unit for you and your family. From apartments in Costa del Este to beach properties and luxury units in the heart of Panama, we can introduce you to the perfect home.

Our expert partners and lawyers are ready to assist you in the immigration process so that you can become a legal resident. Thanks to our close connection to the country, we can provide the guidance that you need in all aspects.

As a publication specially geared for the nomad capitalist and perpetual traveler, Mundo presents business opportunities and real estate advantages along with financial, corporate, and banking services. Get in touch now and ask for a consultation.

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