About the Marshall Islands

Located in the west-central Pacific Ocean between the territories of Hawaii and Australia, the Republic of the Marshall Islands (RMI) consists of twenty-nine coral atolls and five individuals’ islands divided into two chains known as Ratak and Ralik. Its territory is comprised of 750,000 square miles of which only 70 represent land. This is a particular geographic configuration, unique to this region in the world. 

The islands have a humid tropical climate, consisting of a dry season and a rainy season that is manifested mainly between the months of May and November, having a greater impact on the northern atolls. 

A Glimpse of History

This territory owes its name to the English explorer John Marshall, who sailed these waters in 1799.

Mundo’s Freedom Rating (0 to 10)

Mundo’s Freedom Rating is a freedom index that takes into consideration aspects such as political stability, personal safety, taxes and investment potential based on our experts’ exhaustive research.

Political Stability: 8

The Republic of the Marshall Islands (RIM) is a democratic, independent and sovereign nation governed by the 1979 constitution where it is defined as a mixed parliamentary regime that holds elections every four years. Its last electoral process was carried out in 2020 and the winner was David Kabua, who was elected by the parliament (Nitijela) to serve as head of state and head of government.

According to Freedom House, the RMI is a stable democracy with regular and competitive elections, where freedom of the press is present and civil liberties are respected.

Companies and Structures

The Republic of the Marshall Islands (RIM) is located in the Pacific Ocean, specifically between Hawaii and Australia. It is a group of islands and atolls with paradisiacal beaches whose potential is still under development.
However, currently, we can already find important investments in areas such as manufacturing or fishing because the territory is located in an important exclusive economic zone and the government offers many facilities for foreign investment and the establishment of non-resident companies in the Marshall Islands.
In that sense, the registration or incorporation of non-resident companies in the RIM is done by the US Corporation International Registries, Inc (IRI) and its offices that are distributed throughout the world in cities such as London, Houston, Dubai, or Mumbai. 
Redomiciliation of Companies to the Marshall Islands

Nowadays, when we think of investing or establishing a new company, it is possible that the first thing that comes to our minds is not a chain of islands in the Pacific Ocean. However, the Republic of the Marshall Islands is also known for having good international rankings of economic freedom and political stability with a government that greatly promotes the arrival of foreign investment to the country.

In addition to its lovely beaches of white sand and tropical climate during most of the year, there are also countless eases offered by the RMI for those interested in tax exemptions in different economic activities via redomiciliation of companies to the jurisdiction of the Marshall Islands, all regulated by the Republic Marshall Island Association Law which is actually modeled after the corporate laws of the U.S. State of Delaware.

Foreign Maritime Entities in the Marshall Islands

The Republic of the Marshall Islands is located in the middle of the Pacific Ocean and its territory is made up of chains of islands and atolls that distinguish it from other regions of the world, for this reason, navigation has always represented a fundamental part of the life of the Marshallese people, so it was necessary to develop a system that would allow them to adapt in such a way that today the Marshall Islands have the third largest registry of ships in the world with 3,100 vessels and more than 100 gross tons, which represents an important number of the world fleet.

Marshall Islands Ship Registry

Its ship registration system, besides being one of the most modern and highest quality in the world, has worldwide recognition due to its effective management and all the contributions they have made to the safety and security of maritime space.

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