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Baby Family Office $4500

Many of our clients and their attorneys often ask how we begin starting our Family Office and therefore due to the high interest in Family Offices we have decided to develop a Baby Family Office package which comes with our Mundo Club Membership.

The purchase of this package entitles full membership to our Mundo Family Office Club which provides discounts and high quality investment information to our Mundo Members.

What A Family Office Is

The Concept and mechanics of a Family Office is detailed in our Forever Free Article but, in a summary, it is a complete and perpetual asset protection and tax optimization structure for your family with a wealth management built-in.

Although much more affordable then you may think, it is still out of many people’s affordable price range, however all high-wealth families started somewhere and lost lot along the way. 

The package we have here is a starter ‘Baby Family Office’ which is absolutely necessary in today’s turbulent times.

Why You Need A ‘Baby Family Office’ 

Today many young people whom older investors would consider babies both in age and experience are making fortunes (in many cases much more than their older rivals), because they now understand the power of crypto and blockchain. However, these new up and coming family office owners have never had generations to consider things like asset protection, tax planning and inheritance matters.

Therefore those who are on their way to wealth or are now becoming wealthy form both crypto and other investments need a low cost mechanism to start building their wealth. 

So, our team of advisers and experts has come up with the Perfect Family Office starter plan customized for crypto. We call this the Crypto Baby Plan.

Plan 1:

A. We establish a Belize or Nevis LLC for the reason that both jurisdictions are excellent value for money has high confidentiality (owners not held on registry) and can hold crypto. The LLC has string asset protection (almost as strong as a trust but not quite). [It should be noted that Belize is not CRS reporting to China so this is ideal for Chinese who wish to have overseas holdings] 

B. We establish a bank account in a crypto friendly bank which owns an exchange, so you can convert your crypto to fiat.

C. You have the option to include a brokerage account as an additional service (at an extra cost).  

D. We include at no extra cost a Crypto wallet which enables borrowing.

E. We include at no extra cost one-hour consultation as to potential investments with our wealth advisors. 

Total Package Cost: $4500

The ordinary price for this collection of products would be charged by other companies for way over 10,000$. However, because we want our clients and readers to become wealthy and grow with us forever, we offer our ‘Baby Family Office’ package at the super discounted price of 4500$ all inclusive (less for our wholesale and intermediary partners such as lawyers and financial advisers).

How This Works As A Baby Family Office 

The LLC acts in the same way as a perpetual trust to protect your assets and to optimize taxes. In fact, it pays zero taxes on your worldwide income from any source including crypto. The brokerage account, if properly used, can hedge your investment strategies by offering multiple investment options of multi currency accounts, the same options that giant family offices utilize. 

The crypto wallet of our Canadian expert partner allows you to borrow against your crypto and invest in hard assets, whilst your crypto bank account allows you to operate from crypto to fiat. 

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