Belize LLC $2270

Belize LLC with a bank account starting from 2270 USD


Belize is a country with a strong economy, stable legislation, and financial sphere. This country has the highest level of confidentiality regarding banking and finance. For these and many other reasons, Belize is the ideal place to register or buy a company. Opening speed and confidentiality are two main advantages of the Belize jurisdiction, but there are others: reasonable prices for opening a new company; high confidentiality of ownership due to a closed register; low cost of owning a company; the ability to remotely buy a company in Belize, English is  the official language of the country. Apart from the above there are many other advantages:


Advantages of the Belize LLC:


  • Exempt from all local taxes.
  • Information about members, managers and beneficial owners is not filed with the Belize Registrar and not available to the public.
  • The freedom and asset protection one receives in an offshore LLC is much greater than that which would be received in your home jurisdiction.
  • The easily amended operating agreements permit substantial flexibility with enforceability of contract, allowing for mergers or consolidation with other domestic or foreign business entities.
  • Trouble free maintenance, low annual fees.
  • No reporting, account filing or audit requirements.
  • No exchange controls.



Purposes & Restrictions


Belize LLC may be organized for any lawful business purposes. There are no restrictions on doing business

outside of Belize except illegal activities or such activities that require additional licenses.


Company should not conduct banking, trust, insurance, mutual fund business unless it was properly licensed.


Company should not conduct a business within the jurisdiction of Belize and own real estate there.


Our experts offer clients a unique discounted package as follows:


  • A full registered LLC with all documents
  • Bank account in Caribbean bank


Total: USD 3000 USD  2270 


The documents you will receive are:


  • Registered address in Belize
  • Certificate of Organization
  • Articles of Organization
  • Operating agreement
  • Appointment of the First Manager(s)
  • Register of Managers
  • Register of Members and Capital Contributions
  • Ownership Certificate
  • Apostilled set of copies of the above corporate documents for bank account opening


After the registration is completed, we will work with several banks in order to get pre-approval for your business. The choice of the bank depends on the needs and activity of your future company, so we will get a professional consultation from a banking specialist of our company in order to choose the most suitable option.


Documents required to open an LLC in Belize


  • Proof of ID (international passport) - certified copy
  • Proof of residential address (UB not older than 3month) - certified copy
  • Bank reference letter /bank statement
  • Professional reference
  • CV
  • Completed and signed KYC1 form and order form (drafts will be provided in due course).



  • Documents must be translated into English.
  • Documents must be provided in good quality scans for review.
  • In case any of the abovementioned documents cannot be provided, we are always open to alternative documents.


The LLC in Belize will be opened within 7 business day after all requested documents are provided and payment received.


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