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Panama Corporation with a bank account starting from 2700USD


Panama companies have been recognized around the world as a corporate tool that can be successfully used in various areas of international business, asset protection, acquisition planning and management in the real estate market, and in many other areas. The combination of favorable factors for business development make Panama corporation attractive for business: Panama operates under a territorial tax system where residents and non-residents are taxed only on Panama-sourced income. Income that does not arise in Panama or is not derived from this country is not subject to tax in Panama. There are no economic substance requirements. Dividends received by a Panamanian resident corporation from another Panamanian corporation are exempt from corporate tax. A corporation is resident if it is incorporated under Panamanian law and if the corporation’s central management and control is exercised in Panama.


Advantages of Panama Corporation:


  • Independent jurisdiction, politically powerful due to the Panama Canal
  • Panama corporations have no restriction on doing business in Panama
  • Highly developed financial services industry and professional infrastructure
  • Excellent airline connections to the Americas and Europe
  • Currency is US dollar, no exchange controls or restrictions purposes & restrictions
  • Corporation business address can be located anywhere in the world.
  • Meetings of Directors may be held anywhere in the world; minute books can be kept anywhere.
  • No need to file annual returns or reports from the directors or shareholders.


A minimum of one shareholder is required. Residents of any country, individuals and legal entities may own shares.

Panama companies require a minimum of three officers, who are typically appointed as Director-President, Director-Secretary and Director-Treasurer respectively. It is traditional to use Panamanian nominees, since the corporation’s Officers are listed on public record and accessible on the Registry’s website. These nominees then issue a Power of Attorney and Deed of Trust to the beneficial owner.

Members of the public may inspect the following information on the Panamanian Registry’s website: corporation’s name, name of registered agent, share capital, names of officers and other basic data. It is essential to use nominees to protect the ultimate beneficial owner’s identity.


Our package includes 3 Panamanian nominees.


Purposes & Restrictions


  • Panama corporation may be organized for any lawful business purposes. Corporation should not conduct any business within the jurisdiction of Panama in order to be tax exempt;
  • Panama corporation can hold shares in another Panama corporation;
  • Panama corporation can own a vessel(s) registered in Panama;
  • Panama corporation can own real estate there;
  • Corporation should not conduct banking, trust, insurance, mutual fund business unless it is properly licensed.

Our experts offer clients a unique discounted package as follows:


  • A full registered Panama Corporation with all documents and 3 nominee directors
  • Bank account in Caribbean bank


Total: USD 4500 USD  2700 



The documents you will receive are:


  • Registered address in Panama
  • Statutes (articles) in Spanish including certified English translation
  • Registration in public registry, with registration certified by stamps
  • Registration tax (tasa unica)
  • Preparation of first minutes
  • Provision of initial subscribers with resignation letter
  • Apostilled set of copies of the above corporate documents for bank account opening
  • Registers of Directors and Shareholder


After the registration is completed, we will work with several banks in order to get pre-approval for your business. The choice of the bank depends on the needs and activity of your future corporation, so we will get a professional consultation from a banking specialist of our company in order to choose the most suitable option.


Documents required to open a Corporation in Panama:


  • Proof of ID (international passport) - certified copy;
  • Proof of residential address (UB not older than 3 months) - certified copy;
  • Bank reference letter /bank statement
  • Professional reference
  • CV
  • Completed and signed KYC1 form and order form (drafts will be provided in due course).



  • Documents must be translated into English.
  • Documents must be provided in good quality scans for review.
  • In case any of the abovementioned documents cannot be provided, we are always open to alternative documents.


The Corporation in Panama will be opened within 7-10 business day after all requested documents are provided and payment received.


If you want to seize this unique opportunity, please contact us and ask for a consultation with our experts.



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