Russia $6000

Two accounts $6000
Today, Mundo experts offer another great product to our readers who are interested in diversification, asset protection and business expansion. 
Being successful in business is not only about making money or making the right investments, but it´s about something much more important: asset allocation.
The jurisdiction or institution where you place your assets is key to the success of a business or of a long-term investment plan. 

Our Russia family office team presents today a great offer, which includes a bank account in Russia plus a bank account in the US or the UK.
With this approach you will get the amazing benefits of the Russian banking system plus the asset diversification and investment planning advantages offered by the UK and the US.
Investment account in Russia + bank account in the US
$7500 $6000 
*only professional fees


Investment account in Russia + bank account in the UK
$7500 $6000
*only professional fees

The package includes:
  • 2 accounts 
  • We act as the client’s representative at the bank 
  • Fill out bank account questionnaires, application forms and the required supporting documents. 
  • Translation and notarization of documents into the Russian language and in compliance with Russian notaries (the amounts of documents are different for everyone so that is paid separately and is not included in our fee). 
  • Communicate directly with the bank regarding the account opening process.
  • Provide information on which initial or extra documents are required for bank account opening.
  • Submit the final application package for account opening to the bank.
  • Provide regular status updates to the client while the application is being processed at the bank, up until notification of a final decision.
  • Troubleshooting services and assistance with any additional questions that the client might have or with respect to queries raised by the bank.
  • After the accounts are opened, we also offer support services of the account and transactions (that is separate from the account opening and is up to the client if he wants support later or not, and it´s not included in the original fee)

Our special approach is tailored specifically to your financial needs when it comes to asset management and we pave the way to globally integrated products and services.
We make a difference from the rest of the market because we provide customized services with global support, backed up by a team of very experienced and talented advisors.

Advantages for clients when opening an account in London

  • Geographical diversification through divisions in the UK and on Jersey island
  • Reliable jurisdiction - Great Britain is famous for its “case law”, as well as the protection of the depositor and the client of the bank
  • Insurance coverage of 100,000 euros per account holder 
  • A wide range of investment products
  • Accounts in more than 20 currencies
  • Free transfers in Europe and the UK 
  • Credit financing at low rates (about 3.3% in US dollars, 1.2% in Euros)
  • Help in education in the UK and obtaining a residence permit or investor visa
  • Individual and personal service 
  • Qualified personal manager available in different languages
  • Access to the account 24/7 through the on-line banking system
  • Free account maintenance (It is required to maintain a minimum balance of $ 200,000 in deposits, on accounts or in investments)
  • A debit card

Advantages for clients when opening an account in the US 
  • Geographical diversification through the New York branch
  • Secure closed jurisdiction - USA is not subscribed to the CRS
  • Insurance coverage of $ 250,000 for each account holder
  • A wide range of investment products, including margin lending, PIFs and Trusts
  • Investment CDs are offered for conservative clients (certificates of deposit - a registered security issued to a depositor, which confirms the deposited amount of an interest rate of 2-2.55%). CDs are bought on an investment account and help to use government insurance FDIC (Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation) to insure the client's account.
  • Current account in dollars, investment accounts in any currency
  • Credit financing at low rates ICE Libor + 1%, about 3.3% in $
  • Individual and personal service with staff fluent in different languages
  • Access to the account 24/7 through the on-line banking system
  • Free account maintenance (You must maintain a minimum balance of $ 200,000 in deposits or accounts)
  • Debit card

For more information about Russia, please visit our country focus. If you want to know more about our offers, contact our experts today and ask for a consultation. 

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