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Turkey $9500

Branch office in Turkey + bank account $9500


Turkey is an ideal country to open a bank account. The benefits of having a branch office of a foreign in Turkey are stated in our Turkey country page but unlike many countries you will have a stable banking system. The package includes:


  • Establishment of a Panamanian, Singapore, Hong Kong, Caymans, or Nevis company (or company of your choice).
  • Establishment of Turkish branch office, representative office, or subsidiary of that company.
  • Establishment of a reliable bank account in Turkey.
  • Full one year´s accounting, registered office.


Special offer: 15,000 USD 9,500 USD


The package is prepared in conjunction with one of Turkey´s top banking and accounting teams and top corporate lawyers and is valued over 15,000 USD. but today we offer the entire package at 9500.

This does not include nominee directors who are charged separately.

If you want a branch in a strategic place with access to Europe and Asia, with a reliable banking system that doesn´t apply sanctions, with a business-friendly legislation and a citizenship by investment program, then seize this fantastic offer. Contact us today for a consultation.



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