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10 things to do in Vanuatu once you become a citizen

2/23/2024 8:00:00 AM
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Asking what to do in Vanuatu seems silly since we're talking about an island paradise. Plants, trees, ocean, sand, and lovely villages await in the Vanuatu islands. Today we've decided to pen a piece on 10 things to do for Vanuatu citizens whether they were born here or got their nationality through one of the programs.

Amazing places to visit: Vanuatu holidays for residents

These 10 things to do in Vanuatu will provide a general view of what you can do after getting your passport. Deciding on the perfect second citizenship destination is not easy, and lifestyle is one of the main factors to consider. Here we aim to help Vanuatu people and Vanuatu citizens get a preview of what they'll find and what their daily lives will look like in this island paradise.

Tourist attractions are alluring not only for visitors but also for the locals. What tourists can enjoy only during one visit is what citizens can access on a weekend getaway. 

So how to get Vanuatu citizenship one may ask? Luckily this island paradise has more than amazing places to visit: it has solid citizenship programs. Recently we've delved into the country's newest program which offers the possibility to invest in a sustainable project.

Moreover, thanks to the citizenship by investment scheme, applicants can access a faster path to citizenship and avoid tiresome processes like citizenship by descent options. 

What to do in Vanuatu: tourist attractions and amazing places to visit

10 things to do for Vanuatu citizens

1-Mystery Island

The Mystery Island is the picture that everyone sees in their heads when they think of an island paradise. Besides being one of the country's best tourist attractions it has an interesting history. While it used to be a special spot for tribal chiefs to meet and discuss important matters, today it is a popular stop for cruises navigating the Pacific. During World War II, this beach served as a landing strip for the US troops.

Only accessed by boat, the Mystery Island has those coveted crystal-clear waters and immaculate sands that everyone wants to see in a place like this.

2 – Mount Yasur

Vanuatu citizens may very well be looking for adventure and this is exactly what Tanna Island offers them in Mount Yasur. Visitors must climb steep elevations to access the best views and as a part of the tour they'll ask the gods for permission to climb.

This volcano is one of the most accessible in the world and represents the power and resilience of the Vanuatu people.

3- Blue Lagoon

Nature lovers can visit this breathtaking natural swimming hole for a calm swim on clear waters. Although easily accessible the Blue Lagoon doesn't have facilities so visitors should bring their water and food.

4-Mele Cascades

The beauty of the Vanuatu islands lies in their versatility and variety. In the Pacific, not everything is about swimming in the ocean. Only a half-an-hour drive away from the capital, on the island of Efate, stand the Mele Cascades. It will take only 20 minutes to trek up to the top of the falls and the strong current will welcome the bravest swimmers for a dive.

All in all, this is one of the most amazing places to visit if you want to rest from the beach and still see beautiful landscapes while making a day trip.

5 – Ekasup Village

The Pacific is more than beaches, diving, and sunbathing. Vanuatu has amazing places to visit that are not limited to landscape beauty but also to the allure of the Vanuatu people. Thus, this cute village, not far from the capital, offers a unique educational experience. Explore ancient practices from the Melanesians like sand drawing and developing plant remedies. Watch the artists turn raw materials into beautiful elements that you can take home with you. Vanuatu citizens, especially the ones who acquired their nationality through the investment programs and not by birth, can't miss the opportunity to get to know the Vanuatu culture at Ekasup Village.

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6- Marine reserve: hideaway island

There are many Vanuatu islands, and this is one of them. It constitutes the perfect escape for Vanuatu citizens. This is a perfect place to visit if you're looking for excellent snorkeling and diving and to simply disconnect from the overwhelming world of social media. Take a vacation from those waves of notifications that you receive on your phone every day and visit Hideaway Island where there's no Wi-Fi. There is, however, a picturesque restaurant with delicious seafood dishes.

7-SS President Coolidge

Visit this shipwreck for an amazing experience filled with the history and soul of the Vanuatu islands. This relic from World War II is the largest shipwreck in the world that's easy to access. Furthermore, it's famous for having artifacts still in a good state of preservation. The famous Barber’s Chair is an example of the kinds of treasures that you can find here.

With a diving tour, you'll be able to explore the most mysterious parts of this ship which are now inhabited by the local flora and fauna, a combination that promises an unforgettable experience.

8-The Millennium Cave

In Santo, one of the Vanuatu islands, there's a cave system that you can only access through a guided tour. The journey involves swimming, rock scrambling through the jungle, and hiking. It's truly for adventurous spirits who are not afraid to be completely kept in the darkness next to flapping bats.

Thus, the Millennium Cave complements other tourist attractions providing a fair level of adventure that you can compensate with a quiet day at the beach the following day or exploring one of the picturesque villages.

9- The Market at Port Vila

Every country's capital has something unique, and Port Vila is no exception. Here you'll find an active market with local cuisine. Grab some lunch or a snack according to your wishes and then visit stands offering jewelry and carvings made by the villagers. For a truly full experience of the Port Villa market, you'll need at least two days.

10- The Blue Hole

The Nanda Blue Hole is the best one on the island of Santo and one of the most spectacular in the world. The water here has a transparent, peacock, one-of-a-kind color that makes the landscape look like a drawing. However, it's a real-life place that offers snorkeling up to 13 meters deep and a refreshing swim to fight high temperatures. You'll find the Nanda Blue Hole at Turtle Bay.

Disclaimer: This is a general article showing what Mundo thinks are Vanuatu’s best attractions. Moreover, we provide a glimpse of the Vanuatu program. For accurate and updated information always consult with a certified expert. 

Explore the Vanuatu islands after getting citizenship with Mundo

To sum up, this is what awaits if you choose Vanuatu as your second citizenship and place of residency. These 10 things to do are only some of the country's tourist attractions which constitute perfect escapades for Vanuatu citizens as well. 

Getting the right to live in the Vanuatu islands as a legal citizen is possible through any of the citizenship programs. An investment will make you eligible and after a due diligence process and background check, and after the authorities review your application, you’ll have the opportunity to get Vanuatu citizenship and hence the passport.

The newest program involves an investment fund focused on producing coconut oil and thus reducing the use of oil-derived fuel in the islands.

Mundo has partnered with strategic experts, lawyers, and agents around the world and naturally also in Vanuatu. Thanks to its profound culture, secluded location, and citizenship programs, this place is definitely one of Mundo's favorite jurisdictions out there. Without a doubt, we recommend it to perpetual travelers, international investors, and global businesspeople. The 10 things to do in Vanuatu await you behind a process that you can start with one click.

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