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Vanuatu citizenship: new CBI option steps hard in the economy migration world with a sustainable approach

1/26/2024 8:00:00 AM
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Among the islands on the Pacific, Vanuatu stands out for its beauty, charm, and unique culture. For a while now it has been possible to get Vanuatu citizenship to live in Vanuatu, conduct business, or simply retire.

Now the island country has implemented a new program to widen the possibilities for foreigners to establish here. If you're interested in Vanuatu citizenship by investment, 2024 brings a new opportunity that will have an impact on the local economy and the country’s Net Zero plans. 

Republic of Vanuatu: passport and background

As we mentioned above Vanuatu has implemented several programs throughout the years and many of them have been working simultaneously. The three programs that have been available include:

  • The VCP or Vanuatu Contribution Program, which can be accessed from $130,000, in this case with one single approved agent.
  • The DSP or development support program, also starting at 130,000 but allowing for multiple approved agents.
  • REO or Real Estate Option program which consists of a minimum real estate investment of $100,000. Like in most programs of this kind, the project must be pre-approved.

Fortunately, Vanuatu closed 2023 with excellent news announcing the addition of a fourth program derived from the old Capital Investment Migration Plan which was closed in 2016. Thus, the new alternative focuses on investing in a coconut oil fund with a minimum of 138,000 for a family of four.

Authority representatives stated that this new version of the CIIP is more investment-oriented rather than donation-based which speaks of the country’s proneness to foster the local financial sector.

The VIMB (Vanuatu Investment Migration Bureau) explained that this program will be offered through a sole agent but sub-agents can promote it as well.

Get Vanuatu citizenship through this investment fund and enjoy one of the most beautiful islands on the Pacific

The fund constitutes an excellent opportunity for those who want a profitable investment and this one promises annual returns and redemption value after five years. Experts explained that the CNO fund is expected to bring a $70,000 return after five years in which the person will be able to collect the initial investment plus the returns.

Moreover, the focus of this investment is concerning the coconut industry and aims to create coconut oil. Such a product is expected to replace 100% of diesel used to produce electricity in the country. In other words, it covers two important fronts also being in line with Vanuatu sustainability projects like Vanuatu’s Net Zero plans for 2030. 

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The profits will come from curating a diversified portfolio stressing and boosting the local production of coconut oil and it’s expected to help reduce the dependency on important fossil fuels to generate electricity on the island.

Although the new program seems to be an excellent option for those who want to live in Vanuatu, the CNO fund investment is an alternative to the already well-known DSP. However, the former is not expected to replace the latter but simply offers a choice halfway between a donation with no returns and a more complex real estate strategy.

All in all, the addition of this program certainly places Vanuatu in a more advanced position when it comes to investment possibilities, especially when compared with countries like St Kitts and Nevis. 

Republic of Vanuatu: passport to paradise or why live in Vanuatu

Remote islands in the Pacific have their charm and Vanuatu is no exception. This is a great place to have an isolated life in amazing surroundings. The archipelago is formed by 40 islands of which Espiritu Santo is the largest one. It has warm weather and a high level of precipitation. Located 1000 kilometers west from the Fiji islands and 400 kilometers from New Caledonia, the country is formed 70% by wild forest, 10% by crops, and the rest is occupied by private property. Vanuatu’s capital is Port Vila and it has a population of approximately 308,000 people.

Despite its secluded location Vanuatu has been able to make a place for itself in the international business arena mainly thanks to Vanuatu citizenship by investment programs. Moreover, the existence of three possible routes to the Vanuatu passport (after passing the due diligence process and getting citizenship) has made the deal even more juicy in the eyes of investors. Now one can become eligible through a donation, a real estate investment, or a coconut oil investment fund, which leads the country to have a more solid position in the economic citizenship world.

Disclaimer: This article is merely informative and does not replace a legal consultation. Before making any important financial decisions, make sure to consult with a certified professional. 

Mundo helps you get Vanuatu citizenship by investment: 2024 can be your year

At Mundo, we are pleased to present the best CBI programs in the Caribbean and Vanuatu. Live in Vanuatu and access more than dreamy islands on the Pacific: enjoy a rich culture and a quiet environment, and be part of a community that respects their traditions, their ancestors, and their wisdom.

Our team has contacts with experts, agents, and lawyers from all the jurisdictions involved and we can help you reach your goals safely and properly.

After getting Vanuatu citizenship by investment, you may want to take a look at other financial options like opening a trust, establishing a legal entity, or getting a foreign bank account to make your international transactions easier.

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