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1/16/2022 8:00:00 AM
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Electronic banking and the development of cryptocurrencies have greatly revolutionized the way we do business today. 

Gone are the days when a transfer from one country to another took days or even weeks to become effective in the bank account or that to open a bank account in another country you had to leave our country.

Today it is possible to make a payment, access a product catalog, pay an employee's payroll from our cell phone or personal computer. 

Our most recent banking ally makes this possible and at Mundo Expert we are willing to be that link to the future for the improvement of your company or business project.

One of their main objectives is to empower its clients with the latest in banking technology. Whether it is collection services, invoicing, card payment processing, currency exchange or payment to suppliers, they offer all the necessary and required services for the management of the business of any entity. 

We assure you that the team and the board of directors of our partners are conformed by specialized, motivated and dynamic professionals with years of experience in the financial, legal and technological world. All of them have the willingness and the abilities to provide a quality service to customers.

Continue reading and we will tell you everything you need to know about our partner’s services.

What Services Do Our Partners Offer?

Our fellows are characterized by offering modern solutions adjusted to the needs of its clients. Making their experience comfortable and simple.

Commercial Services

In this section you will find everything related to the design of payment pages or online stores. For example, the diversification of payment methods in your business through debit cards, smart phones or wallets through a tool designed by our partners called Converge Mobile.

On the other hand, they also offer a marketing research service such as follow-up of potential clients for sales, sales management, operations support, etc.

Accounting Services

Through their Online Banking platform you will be able to manage your multi-currency account and keep track of your income and expenses in a fast and secure way.

Transaction Banking

Our partners offer its national and international transaction service. Easing payments and receipt of money by customers who are overseas. 

Among these solutions you will find:

SWIFT payments

- Same day settlement of the transaction.

- You can make payments through all digital platforms offered by the bank. 

- SEPA functionality

- Make payments using local clearing methods to EU-based corporates

- Collect payments in EUR and GBP on behalf of foreign companies, excluding the payment of fees for cross-border payments.

ACH payment services

- Save in USD through a US-based account free of fees and delays.

Card Services

Our banking partner issues debit cards, credit cards and prepaid MasterCard and Unionpay cards. All this for a quick movement of your funds. Moreover, you can also make use of digital cards through their mobile application. 

BaaS API Services

Through this service you will have the ability to design a customized financial product for your customers through the integration of their white label digital banking software. 

An API connection allows bank account holders to create an end-to-end flow across multiple countries through cards, banks and e-wallets.

With API Banking-as-a-Service (BaaS) you can manage high-volume business efficiently. All approved account services are managed through an API that enables the collection of funds, disbursement of funds through approved payment networks, funding card service programs and executing real-time foreign exchange rate contracts.

With this service you will be able to automate all your single and bulk payments, currency buying and selling, internal transfers and reporting. 

The streamlined onboarding process is supported by our global banking partners, facilitating all digital financial services and transfer processing. 

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Foreign Exchange

Our banking partner offers a system of buying and selling foreign exchange available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. It provides companies and individuals with global access to foreign exchange markets without the need to pay cross-border fees.

The entire service can be done through their online banking platform.

Would you like to contract any of our global partner’s services? Please contact us and we will be your reliable link to them.

Banking fees

Banking fees will depend exclusively on the type of account you wish to open with our banking partner.. There are two types: Personal and Corporate.

Likewise, the location of the branch will also define the amount of the fees.

However, in Mundo we will provide you with an overview of the amounts according to the services you make use of with your personal account or corporate account.

Fees for personal accounts:

- Account opening. The amounts for opening personal accounts range from 50 to 200 euros. This is determined based on your place of residence and the limits on amounts you wish to deposit in the account.

- Monthly maintenance. The monthly maintenance fee ranges from 15 euros to 20 euros.

- Transfers. From 1 euro up to 50 euros. If you are a client who handles amounts that exceed the limits set by the bank for personal accounts, you must handle a balance not less than 50,000 euros.

- Buying and selling currencies. The commission is defined at the moment the transaction is made.

Commissions for corporate accounts:

- Account opening. As with personal accounts, our partners have a criterion for opening corporate bank accounts. The criteria is defined based on the investment risk level of the company that wishes to make use of the services. These amounts range from 250 euros to 900 euros.

- Monthly maintenance. The monthly cost for account maintenance ranges from 50 euros to 60 euros.

- Transfers. The amounts of the commissions go from 1 euro up to 50 euros.

- Purchase and sale of currencies. The commission is defined at the moment the transaction is made.

Why should you choose our partners?

One of the first advantages you will find when using our partner’s services is innovation. Gone are the old ways of managing your finances, through them you will be able to have a quality, secure and modern digital banking infrastructure. 

- Stable and easy to use online platform. Their banking portal and mobile banking will allow you to manage your multi-currency deposit accounts, prepaid cards, merchant account, transfers and currency exchange.

- Security and reliability. They offer KYC (Know Your Client) services which ensures that your company and customers comply with all major global requirements and regulations so as not to jeopardize your business reputation.

- Multilingual technical support service. This allows a closer relationship with customers, facilitating the understanding of their needs and requirements.

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At Mundo we are ready to put you in contact with one of the world-class executives that our partners have at your disposal. Contact us today to optimize your payment and administration services in your company or personal assets. Be part of the future and don't be left behind. 

We have a group of advisors in fiscal, financial, legal and migration matters that adapts to all your requirements and that will make your experience in the business world pleasant, fast and safe.

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