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Golden Visa Portugal Interview

calendar 6/29/2020 8:00:00 AM
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Follow us on Mundo TV and have access to interviews with the best professionals in banking, immigration, investment, and finance. In this episode, our Portugal expert tells us about the Portuguese visa through the Golden Visa program. How to apply? What is the Golden Visa program? What are the investment options? What is lifestyle like in Portugal?

You can obtain Portuguese residency with the regular application, after living in the country for five years with a temporary residency permit, or you can choose the Golden Visa program which is available for investors. 

Golden Visa program

There are two main ways of acquiring residency through a sole owner company or in personal name of investor.

The 2 main investment options available are Real Estate and Investment Funds. With both of them we can support you on doing them remotely till the investor is pre-approved and requested to visit Portugal for Biometrics data and Fingerprints.

Investors that prefer to do their investments in Real Estate have 3 main options: 

Real Estate from 280.000 euro (refurbished properties, interior of Portugal, older and refurbished properties).

Real Estate from 350.000 Euro (refurbished properties, Main cities of Portugal, older and refurbished properties).

Real Estate from 500.000 Eur (new properties, Any type of properties in any location).

The good news is that whatever property you acquire you can give it for rent, thus benefiting from the tourism sector and being able to short rent to tourists, getting incredibly good annual returns. 

Alternatively to Real Estate, there is a very good financial investment option: SIF Investment Fund. With a 350.000-euro investment in units of participation of this specific fund, investors qualify for the residency permit in a tax efficient way and diversifying their risks.

This is a great choice, especially if you are not familiar with the real estate market and don´t want to conduct the research that purchasing a property requires.

This investment can also be done remotely, and you can have a 6% to 7% ROI per year, and the minimum investment amount is 350,000 euros.

With the Portuguese residency through Golden visa, you can also acquire the non-dom status, which will help you optimize your taxes, being free of worldwide income under certain conditions. 

In this special Mundo TV episode, our expert in Portugal tells us about the advantages and processes of the Portuguese visa under the Golden Visa program.

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