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British Dual Citizenship: Which CBI Program is for You?

2/9/2021 8:00:00 AM
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Albeit some European countries have strict laws, British dual citizenship is allowed. British dual nationality is permitted in both ways: you can acquire a second passport if you’re a British citizen and you can become a British citizen while you already have another passport. There’s no special procedure for British passport application for dual citizenship. Therefore, you don’t need to apply for British dual citizenship and are allowed to keep both of your passports.

When it comes to dual citizenship England and the whole UK, there are flexible laws. Thus, you don’t need to do anything different, only apply for British passport with dual nationality as there are no special permissions like in other European countries. You need only apply for the other citizenship, whether it is through a CBI program, by naturalization, by descent or by marriage.

What if you have another passport and want to acquire British dual nationality? In this case, the same principle applies. You don’t need to do anything special nor you need to renounce your other citizenship. 

Now, CBI has become popular among UK high net worth individuals after Brexit. Overall, the British passport is still strong, but now it is not a Schengen passport. It lost some of its previous appeal and for this reason British passport dual nationality will work better. In fact, since Brexit, 63% of British citizens say they would like to have a second citizenship. Why? Simple. Because now they feel they need a Plan B, which is basically the principle behind any CBI program. British passport dual citizenship applications will become increasingly popular.

Now, what to choose?

There are many different options. It depends on what you want: do you want to actually live in that country? Are you looking for tax optimization? Do you want a passport that is profitable? Do you want to have visa-free access to countries such as Russia and China?

These questions should guide your decision. If you want high quality of life, the best Caribbean program in that regard is Grenada. It has the best healthcare system among the Caribbean islands and it is outside of the hurricane belt, which is important. Plus, if you are a businessperson looking for visa-free travel to Russia and China, Grenada is one of the handful of countries that can give you visa-free access to both countries. 

If you want to run away from the British weather and optimize your taxes, Vanuatu and Saint Kitts and Nevis are solid options. You will not pay income tax and will live in tropical paradises far away from the concerns of the big cities.

And if you want a profitable CBI program, meaning that what you invest will not be burnt money, Turkey is an excellent option for one simple reason. There are no such things as “government-approved” real estate projects. You can invest your $250,000 in any real estate project you want and in as many of them, which means you can choose profitable projects that will earn you money. That’s not the case with many of the CBI programs.

What can we do for you?

In Mundo, we work with NTL, which is one of the top CBI providers in the world, especially in the Caribbean. NTL has over two decades of experience helping investors and high net worth individuals obtain second passports for them and their families. NTL has offices in Nevis, Grenada, Vanuatu, and Turkey, meaning they can provide you with first-hand local experienced professionals in these countries. Contact us right now and start your CBI application.

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