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Global Depression: Time of Collapse or Opportunity for Huge Prosperity

8/6/2021 8:00:00 AM
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I have been blessed with the opportunity of opening MUNDO’s new section the “Philosophy of Money” which is dedicated to understanding the concept of wealth and its creation. So, without further ado, I wanted to begin by summarizing some of the concepts and ideas of my new book “Avoiding Death and Taxes: How to Thrive in the Global Depression” which talks about the upcoming global depression.

As Voltaire once said “history does not repeat itself, man does“, so, it is important to understand what awaits us in the upcoming decade and why and whether it can be predicted accurately . Because as another philosopher stated “those who do not understand history are doomed to repeat it”.

I have been writing for the last five years that the world is about to face the greatest global depression in modern history. In this article I explain why and also what can be done about it.

Firstly, let me begin with a name which very few people know but someone who basically created and founded modern ‘wave theory’. The name is Nikolai Kondratiev and he was I. Stalin’s economist in the Soviet Russia.

What Kondratiev did was to study the history from ancient Rome to modern times from a purely economic perspective. In other words, he believed the numbers could predict social, political and economic events in an accurate and systematic way. 

Simply speaking, he believed civilizations, countries, economies go through non-random predictable patters or cycles (which he called waves) in the same way as life cycles: he called these symbolically birth, growth, decay (old age) and death. These cycles from birth to death would span 60 years and there were also mega death cycles which could also be predicted when certain events merged to create a mega wave or tsunami.

Kondratiev predicted that the Soviet Union would fall as an empire in roughly sixty years and Stalin shot him for that prediction. Of course, the Soviet Union did collapse at roughly the time that Kondratiev said it would, but few people have looked further into his writings where his theory predicted the collapse of the American economy which should have been around now. But we will come back to this matter a bit later.

What I am about to write is not in Wikipedia but to many Russians Kondratiev is famous for analyzing history in terms of cycles. 

A Glimpse of History

To give a very simplified version of his theory at the risk of doing it great injustice, let’s look at Roman history. Rome went through several cycles (birth, growth, old age and death) until it finally collapsed in a mega death cycle, a tsunami wave as it were.

During the death cycles, that we could see was a major contraction of the money supply and the economy. The contraction was followed by political and social forces which were further destructive to the economic well being. Thus, the economic collapse would lead to increased taxes, increased social unrest, increased disease in the population, increased riots and wars and of course increased millennial movements within society.

An interesting example of this is the Roman Empire during Diocletian, in summary the Roman economy was going through one of its death cycles of financial decline, so Diocletian, the Emperor, had this brilliant idea that he would solve things by centralizing the economy and manipulating the money supply. What he did is something repeated throughout history and indeed is happening at this very moment. 

In order to please the population and stop massive inflation he put a freeze on prices for commodities and goods and in fact ordered that they be fixed. This led to a huge shortage of products because no one wanted to sell. In order to pay for the army and his government spending programme he debased the coin and watered gold down with lead, thus led to a spiraling uncontrolled inflation. In order to pay for spending on government projects he started taxing the businessmen and entrepreneurs to the point of confiscation and, interestingly, he created a huge army of bureaucracy.

All of these things had the opposite effect, Rome experienced a financial meltdown from which it could not recover, and eventually the Empire collapsed in a huge tsunami death cycle, starting with civil war after his death. In the death cycle both prior to and after Diocletian’s death we see massive confiscation of assets from Rome’s brightest and best and indeed often the murder of such citizens to seize their assets. 

Many Roman emperors resorted to confiscation of assets from the rich accompanied by imprisonment and death to pay for their lavish public and private spending which could no longer be sustained in dying economy.

Another example now from the Middle Ages is Spain during the rise of the inquisition. The inquisition rose at the time of social and financial turmoil with dying economy, plagues, wars and riots. In response the Spanish crown initiated a bloody inquisition whose thinly veiled purpose was to confiscate wealth. Of course the inquisition initially targeted the Jews who were unarguably the bankers and one of the major financial powerhouses of the Spanish economy. 

Almost total elimination of the Jews and their expulsion coupled with mass confiscation heralded the beginning of the end of the Spanish empire. The entrepreneurs, doctors, bankers, financiers and creators moved in mass exodus which was both a religious and financial refugee movement. Arguably Spain has never been able to recover since and the cycle of death coupled with government’s interference created the economic tsunami.

Interestingly, the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse: “sword, famine, plague and wild beasts” (social decay) followed the economic decline and were accelerated by the inquisition measures. Whereas the mass exodus of the Jews at this time created the birth or economic rise of the Dutch economies as the Jews created a financial powerhouse in that region. 

Modern Times’ Cycles

In modern history Nazi Germany serves as an interesting example: Germany was in its dying cycle prior to the Second World War. High unemployment depleted finances, inflation and depression of the economy were characteristic of the ‘Kondratiev death cycle’. During this period in a similar manner to the inquisition, the Nazi government decided to solve the economic problems of the rich by confiscating assets from the Jews.

The Nazi movement catered to the lower levels of the German society with promises of universal income, a new empire of glory and the victory of wars. Arguably with the destruction of the most intelligent and productive members of the German and European societies and the mass exodus of wealthy intelligent people from the Germany, ‘Kondratiev death cycle’ plunged Europe into the beginning of a mega death cycle from which it has never really recovered. 

Today all the factors for a mega death cycle or a financial tsunami of an unprecedented scale in modern history are already present for such economies as the United States and Europe. The modern ‘Plague of Corona’ has accelerated this event and we can now see all the signs of the Government Repression. Let us look, for example, at America. We can see the following facts:

• American debt external and internal is so high that it is impossible to repay. There is nothing in America that can in any way stave off the economic death cycle. 

• Predictably the American people have chosen the false promises of J. Biden with a socialist or even communist approach of high taxation and universal income leading to the beginning of a mass exodus of financial refugees of Americas smartest and wealthiest.

• Biden and America are like Diocletian attempting to print their way out of the crisis, a tactic which is equivalent to trying to inject medicine in mega doses into a corpse since this will cause hyperinflation and stagflation if not within the next two years certainly in the next five. 

• At the same time social dissent between states, radical anti-Semitic and indeed racist movements and forces coupled with government repressions will cause the possibility of civil wars within America.

The forces gathering in America and Europe are only the beginning of the tidal wave, that we will possibly see and that according to Kondratiev cannot be stopped is the following:

• Huge taxation will be applied to try to steal the wealth of the wealthy families who will be targeted with increased inheritance, death, property and income taxes both in the United States and in Europe. This will be coupled with increases in the budgets of repressive taxation departments that will use confiscation on a massive scale. Spain is already considering legislation which legitimates confiscation of property to house “those in need” and “those affected by Coronavirus” whatever that may mean.

• Governments will increasingly adopt communist and socialist ideology to convince populations that the middle class and entrepreneurs are simply irrelevant. The economic and financial system will be geared to destroying what is left of the middle and wealthy classes in society in order to “equally distribute income”. This will lead to massive exodus of the most productive members of society, thus hastening the collapse.

• Hyperinflation will cause prices to rise but at the same tame stagflation will mean people will stop spending out of fear of losing their remaining wealth. This will cause massive discontent violence and riots which will be followed by further repressive measures by the governments including lockdowns, house arrests and curfews and restrictions on travel. Australia, for example, has by law fixed that Australians cannot travel out of Australia because of the coronavirus. 

• There will be stock market and banks collapses followed by freezing of funds and possibly currency collapse. It is quite possible that the euro will collapse and the dollar will lose massive value. 

• These events will cause complete dissent and civil disobedience and possibly civil war to the extent that America may split apart and Europe may also disintegrate. In order to stem the tide the state will increasingly take on the role of a dystopian big brother as in George Orwell’s “1984” and use wars and repressive tactics to try to stem the tide of social dissent of course in the end only increasing it.

Of course governments will as usually blame everything except themselves for the crisis and the media will find scapegoats such as the Jews, the wealthy, businessmen etc. and we will see a mass hysteria in the media. 

If one looks at these events as inevitable waves or patterns in the Fabric of the Universe (as the Cabbalists would say) one has the opportunity to learn from history and take the appropriate measures. The time of collapse can also be a time of huge prosperity for those that can read the patters and take action for wherever there is a place where death exists there is also another place which is at the beginning of its growth cycle. 

About the author

Eugene Freeman is the nom de plume of one of the world’s top trust and asset protection lawyers who has specialized in establishing Family Offices for some of the world’s wealthiest people.

He has practiced in multiple jurisdictions and has particular expertise in the construction and management of family office structures.

Mr. Freeman has lectured on numerous international seminars and appeared on such sites as International Wealth, Escape Artist, International Living, Worldoffshore Banks, and has consulted and has acted as counsel to figures such as Jeff Berwick and many crypto millionaires. 

His new book “Avoiding Death and Taxes” describes the upcoming global collapse and the strategies used by the world’s wealthiest families to hedge financial risk and grow the money. 

The book shatters modern misconceptions fostered on us by the system and teaches its readers to utilize strategies to preserve and make wealth intergenerationally.


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