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Unlock the secrets of Swiss banking with Mundo's new partner: open your Swiss bank account today

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Lots of people wish to set up a Swiss bank account. This is not out of the blue as Switzerland has managed to build a solid reputation when it comes to providing banking services. Mundo has good news: recently we partnered with what we consider to be the best bank in Switzerland, being among the four top banks in the country. Here's an article to unlock the secrets of how to open a Swiss bank account, particularly if you're looking for a safe place to allocate your capital.

Mundo connects you with the best private banking: Switzerland

Our partner is a prestigious bank that's owned by a family. It saw the light of day back in 1841 and since then it has been committed to asset management and private banking in Switzerland.

Now they are not only in Switzerland but have branches in more than 25 countries across different continents. All in all, they have been able to build a sustainable and solid structure for those that want to open an account in Switzerland to execute their investments.

What we offer 

Private banking, Switzerland and beyond

Readers will be able to set up discretionary portfolios while accessing flexible investment models. The Swiss private banks are recognized for their ability to focus on each client, and this bank in particular is no exception.

External asset management

With this bank, you'll be able to set up a long-term strategy to secure your capital and achieve whatever goal you may have. 

Strong asset management

Our partners will conduct all the necessary research so you can make profitable investments. With this Swiss bank account, you will access managed funds, wholesale and institutional distribution, private-level funds, and high-quality portfolio management.

Trading through the best bank in Switzerland

Every client can benefit from 24-hour trading and financial engineering.

Professional advice

You’ll have dedicated best-in-class advisors so that you can make the right choices.

More information

Some background to Swiss banking

Switzerland is known by every person on the planet for its knives and its banking. So, how did it all start?

The first banks appeared in Italy, but the Swiss were the ones to define what the modern bank looks like today. They were responsible for introducing advanced technology, vaults, and many other features.

It helped that the Swiss have been traditionally involved in banking, in the first place for the rich and famous from Europe and America. Moreover, this trend has been going on for decades. Naturally, this helped them to stay at the forefront not only when it comes to technology but also to legal procedures.

They have also been neutral in all conflicts including World War One and World War Two. This, combined with their banking legacy, quickly turned them into the main banking center in the world. An interesting fact is that the hilly land in Switzerland made it easy for bankers to create large secret vaults. 

They were also able to implement high technology to assure the confidentiality of clients’ information. Traditionally, the only people that had access to the client’s identity were the banker and a couple of high-rank officers. Throughout the centuries, Swiss law was designed in such a way that finding out whether somebody had an account in a Swiss bank was nearly impossible, let alone knowing the details about it. 

Even though the rules of the game have changed, and this level of secrecy is no longer possible, Swiss banks still boast a high reputation for being safe and shielding.

Who will benefit from Swiss bank account opening with Mundo's partner

This service is mainly focused on investors. If you want to access different vehicles, this is the right option. Moreover, you can set up private banking in Switzerland as an individual, as a trust or as a foundation, which significantly improves your asset protection options.

Swiss bank account opening: minimum balance

To access this product, you need to make an initial investment of $500,000 and you can choose between Switzerland, the Bahamas, and the US. It's worth noting that for US and Canadian clients we can only offer accounts in the United States.

Our favorite thing about this particular bank is that it offers one of the most attractive interest rates for fixed deposits. You'll get a 6% annual return, which means that, if you invest $1,000,000, you will receive $5000 a month. Moreover, you'll be making a solid investment that's backed up by Luxembourg and with practically no volatility.

Why choose to open a Swiss bank account with Mundo for private investors

  • Our partner is the 5th largest group related to baking activities in the country
  • It's qualified as Tier 1 capital
  • It's been following an ongoing growth plan
  • It has excellent credit ratings backed up by the Standard and Poor’s agency, which reported that this bank has a strong capitalization supported by a reputable family, a solid franchise for Swiss private banks, and a high level of liquidity.
  • Worldwide recognition and it’s recognized as one of the largest players in Europe

Disclaimer: This article is merely informative and should not be considered a legal consultation. 

Do you want to know how to open a Swiss bank account for investors? Contact your Mundo expert and find out what is the next step to take. From our point of view, this is the best bank in Switzerland, and global agencies consider it one of the most advanced options. Excellent returns, minimum risk, thorough research, and quality advice are some of the benefits that you'll find here.

Contact us and schedule a consultation with your Mundo representative now. 

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