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The safest jurisdictions for opening a bank account

6/9/2023 8:00:00 AM
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For the prudently inclined, nothing breeds confidence like a secure place where to save one’s money. As we navigate through an age of political and economic uncertainty, the quest for the best offshore banking countries has never been more paramount. Three jurisdictions tower above the rest as solid banking centers, and today, Mundo presents a brief on each of them. This editorial piece delves into why a USA bank account or accounts in Panamanian or Swiss banks are top-notch alternatives for businesspeople.

In search of the best countries for offshore banking: why establish your account abroad? 

Foreign accounts are not without complications. Naturally, it's much easier to simply go for a local institution when it comes to depositing one’s money. Nonetheless, the effort always pays off.

Besides the fact that a foreign account can help you counteract the consequences of currency volatility, inflation, and extreme taxation, it's a key tool for your portfolio because it brings diversification. 

Even in the unlikely scenario of a person living in the perfect country, with low taxes and high stability, diversification is not something you should overlook. This is the key to the success of any financial plan, and banking should be factored into this equation. 

With a bank account in a different country than your own, you can open many doors:

  • Access to new investments
  • Access to one or more new currencies
  • Possibility to widen your reach when it comes to transactions
  • Possibility to build a cushion in case things get ugly in your home country
  • Add extra protection because assets will always be harder to seize or confiscate if they are located abroad*

*Pay attention to the word “harder”. Confiscation is not impossible in offshore accounts, for this type of protection we recommend the trust. Also, keep in mind that a bank account abroad will not exempt you from your tax responsibilities.

The allure of Uncle Sam: USA bank account

For global entrepreneurs and savvy investors, there are abundant reasons to bank in the US. Home to Wall Street, the epicenter of global finance, the United States offers a robust financial infrastructure, marked by its resilience and dependability.

The strength of the US economy, bolstered by stringent regulations, presents a safe harbor for funds, investments, and accounts.

American banks also provide access to an extensive array of financial services, and with the advent of fintech, an increasing number of these services are becoming more convenient and accessible.

If you’re wondering why bank in the US, here are three powerful reasons:

  • It has not subscribed to the CRS regime, which makes the USA bank account quite interesting to the eyes of non-residents. Although it might surprise you, the US is one of the best countries for offshore banking. 
  • A USA bank account will give you access to a stable currency. Mundo recommends not having all your portfolio in US dollars, however, a good portion of your assets under this currency helps keep your structure safe. This is especially so if you’re originally from an environment with high volatility. 

Here is an editorial piece on investment banking in the US. You’ll see that there are also options in Switzerland and the Bahamas. 

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Open an account in Panama: A beacon of international banking

Often dubbed as one of the best countries for offshore banking, this nation shines brightly on the business landscape. The banking system here is one of the most advanced and well-regulated in the region. Actually, Panama was home to more than 60 banks in 2022, according to the Superintendency of Banks. 

When you open an account in Panama, you’ll find that the country has a firm stance on financial privacy. Panama's banking laws are designed to protect the identities and transactions of account holders, without compromising the jurisdiction's commitment to international transparency standards. Nonetheless, keep in mind that this country reports to your tax residency jurisdiction as it’s subscribed to the CRS and also to FATCA.

Additionally, the US dollar's widespread use in Panama's economy negates the risks associated with currency exchange fluctuations, providing a stable financial environment for depositors and investors alike. In this regard, it’s important to note that both the US and Panama offer a stable currency. However, Panama is cheaper than the US, which is an important factor, and also has a healthier tax environment. If you’re wondering why bank in the US, compare it with other places and see if you can make ends meet. 

Open an account in Switzerland: The powerhouse of the banking world

When writing an article about the best countries for offshore banking, one cannot sidestep the king of kings. Synonymous with excellence in everything they do, Swiss banks have long been the cornerstone of private banking services at a global level.

If you’re looking for security, privacy, and stability, Swiss banks have your back since these are their main characteristics.

Also, the country’s commitment to financial discretion is legendary. While recent regulatory amendments have demanded more transparency, Swiss banks still uphold a strong commitment to client confidentiality.

The strength of the Swiss Franc, one of the world's most stable currencies, further enhances the appeal to open an account in Switzerland. Furthermore, Swiss banks are renowned for their fine wealth management level, with a reputation for delivering high-quality, personalized banking and advice.

Let’s not forget that Switzerland boasts a healthy and stable financial market, derived from robust regulation, prudent lending practices, and a solid economy. This combination of factors has continually placed Swiss banks on the pedestal of banking security.

Moreover, our experts at Mundo have partnered with one of the best Swiss banks, an institution founded in the 19th century. The bank is owned by a reputable family and has branches in several countries. 

Disclaimer: Swiss banks, Panamanian entities, or USA bank account options should not be seen as vehicles to avoid tax. Having accounts abroad does not exempt you from paying taxes and, in many cases, it can generate more taxation. To be clear, consult with a professional regarding the consequences of banking abroad. Also, make sure to assess the risks and analyze them against the benefits. Finally, most countries have joined the CRS, which means they are obliged to report to the countries where their clients must pay taxes.

Final thoughts on the safest jurisdictions for investors to bank

In the quest for secure banking, Panama, Switzerland, and the US won’t disappoint you. These jurisdictions offer secure and well-regulated legislation. They are marked by wide stability, commitment to confidentiality, and high-end services. Open an account in Panama or open an account in Switzerland, but whatever you choose, make sure to consult with professionals to assess the risks and benefits. At the end of the day, the choice is yours and you have to make it in alignment with your goals and needs. Mundo can offer several banking options both for individuals and investors. Get in touch and ask for a consultation now. 

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