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Where to invest in 2024: The final countdown to obtaining the Qualified Investor Visa through a lower minimum

1/6/2024 8:00:00 AM
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The moment has finally arrived: the Republic of Panama will increase its minimum threshold for the Qualified Investor Visa. If you want to invest in Panama, 2024 is the best year to do it, especially if you're after real estate. Moreover, it's best to do it before October and in this article, we explain why.

Where to invest in 2024: Seize the best business investment opportunities in Panama this year

When one chooses to invest abroad the best option is the one that opens the wider range of possibilities. When it comes to Panama, we're proud to recommend the country because it has top-notch business investment opportunities in virtually all areas. With Panama company incorporation, the possibility to open bank accounts, the asset protection foundation, and the regime of freezone, Panama steps firmly into the international financial arena. Thus, it becomes an exceptionally good place for those trying to find new business opportunities.

In our view, Panama ticks all the boxes when it comes to nomad capitalist and perpetual traveler services, and the cherry on the cake is its wide assortment of residency programs.

Some of them are quite innovative like, for instance, the Friendly Nations Visa which allows you to get a two-year permit through Panama company incorporation as long as you legally hire yourself to work for your company. Nonetheless, if you're going after a different approach and are wondering where to invest in 2024, the Land of Birds and Butterflies offers residency through investment.

A person can become eligible for a temporary or permanent residency, depending on the amount of the investment and the conditions of the program, by purchasing teak land. Nonetheless, this option will bring benefits in the long term, that's why many prefer other alternatives. For real estate, 2024 is the best year when it comes to Panama because this path also makes you eligible for residency and brings returns in a shorter period of time.


Find new business opportunities by investing in real estate: 2024 is the best year in the Republic of Panama

This is possible thanks to a program called the Qualified Investor Visa which allows the applicant to make an investment in the local stock market, in a fixed deposit, or in real estate. Launched in 2020, the Qualified Investor Visa was an innovation within the Panamanian programs because it opened the opportunity for any person to invest in real estate, independently of their country of origin, and acquire immediate permanent residency.

Before the Qualified Investor Visa, immediate residency was only possible through the Friendly Nations which is only available for citizens of certain countries. However, in October 2020 Panama opened new paths and made important changes. Now the friendly nations visa doesn't grant immediate residency but a two-year permit which can eventually be renewed and updated to a permanent status. Currently, one of the fastest ways to get permanent residency is through the Qualified Investor Visa and its real estate option.

Why is this one of the best business investment opportunities of the year

Originally, the program stipulated that the minimum real estate investment would be $500,000 but the government lowered this threshold to 300,000 for a limited period. Probably now our point is becoming clearer: the limit is October 2024. In simple words, you have 10 months to get permanent residency in Panama while acquiring a powerful real estate asset for only 300,000. Although the government may decide to extend this lower minimum it is still not a fact.

This is why, if you want to find new business opportunities and take advantage of the local real estate market in Panama, 2024 is your year. Furthermore, real estate is not bought in one day as one needs to conduct research, visit the properties, analyze the options, and undergo the regular processes of any international transaction. In other words, the time to start is now.

Mundo helps you decide where to invest in 2024 and the answer is Panama

Luckily, Mundo experts have lots of experience in Panama services including all financial needs, especially residency. Since our team has been working in Panama and with Panamanian lawyers and experts for several years, we can help you ease up all processes. 

If you want to seize this opportunity in Panama, 2024 is the best year to do it and the first step is to contact our team. We’ll be happy to receive your message.

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