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Give birth in Panama and provide your children with a better future

1/24/2023 8:00:00 AM
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Citizenship in Panama is a coveted asset for individuals from countries that are looking for better options in their future. We're talking about places like Argentina, Venezuela, and others. Since Panama doesn't have a direct path to citizenship, Mundo brings an innovative option.

How to get Panama citizenship 

The fastest way to Panama citizenship is to acquire a Qualified Investor Visa and then wait five years for the right to naturalization. This program grants permanent residency in exchange for a $300,000 real estate investment. Then, after living for five years as a permanent resident you can acquire citizenship once you pass a test of local history and geography and the Spanish language.

Mundo recommends this option for people who want to get a second residency and a powerful investment or a place to live. However, this option is not without its drawbacks:

  • It requires an investment. In many cases, $300,000 is not simply change in one's pockets.
  • It grants the right to fully live and work in Panama but to get citizenship you have to actually live (be present) in the country for five whole years.

If you don't want to invest that kind of money, there's another option: give birth in Panama.

Acquire citizenship in Panama: where is the best place to give birth

There's another option which, although it also takes five years for the parents, grants the child immediate citizenship. It can be acquired without an investment. Choosing where to give birth is important for the emotional health of the newborn and it’s a factor that all parents must consider. Moreover, if you're wondering how to move to Panama legally, this can be your opportunity.

Children that are born in Panama automatically become citizens, which opens up a whole new world of opportunities in their future. Panama remains one of the most important business centers in the region thanks to many factors: the Panama Canal, the free zones, various corporate incentives, territorial taxation, and immigration opportunities. Give birth in Panama and let your son or daughter enjoy these benefits for life.

How can parents acquire citizenship in Panama?

Likewise, the baby's mom and dad can access permanent residency and eventually citizenship. The Panamanian law wants to prevent at all costs the possibility of a child's parent being deported and separated from his/her offspring. This is why they've stipulated this law that establishes:

  • If the parents have a child that was born in Panama, they can apply for residency when the child turns 5.
  • Both must present a certificate stating that they don't have a criminal background. This must be issued by their country of origin.
  • If either of them has lived in Panama for at least two years (without leaving the country) they need to get this certificate from the Panamanian police.
  • They must present a reference letter signed by a Panamanian citizen.
  • They must present proof of economic solvency. It can be a document issued by any Panamanian bank and it must show the available balance on their accounts. 
  • Original birth certificate of the child.

Ask our experts

Mundo helps you give birth in Panama and acquire the fastest way to Panama citizenship for your child

Luckily, one of our offices is in Panama City which means we have a local dedicated team. Besides having deep knowledge of the Panamanian law, real estate, corporate options, and residency, they all have lived in Panama for many years. They also have families, which makes them the ideal candidates for this task.

If you're wondering where is the best place to give birth, the answer is Panama as it grants your child immediate citizenship and the possibility for you to get permanent residency within five years.

Mundo can help you with the following:

  • Picking you up at the airport
  • Help with choosing where to give birth and finding the right facility
  • Support with finding accommodation
  • Support with buying all the necessary supplies
  • Support with preparing all legal documents

Don't miss out on this opportunity. While the qualified investor visa requires a 300,000-dollar investment, the possibility to give birth in Panama is free. There's also the Friendly Nations Visa but it can only be accessed by those countries in particular.

Contact your Mundo expert right now and find out more about this opportunity. We'll be happy to prepare a package that fits your needs. 

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