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Panama real estate opportunity: Mundo compares our two hottest real estate offers

6/14/2024 8:00:00 AM
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All real estate offers are outstanding as long as they cover the investor's needs. This sector is highly valued by players who don't lack expertise, which means there is something quite interesting in what a fine real estate opportunity can do to a portfolio.

Moreover, initiatives from the past decade have enriched real estate offers by adding migration opportunities thus solving two problems with one single move. In this regard, there's nothing better than Panama, particularly if you're looking for a safe second residency with an immediate permanent status. This is why we've decided to present Mundo’s two hottest real estate offers in our beloved Panama.

Why real estate when finding the next hot offer

Like everything else in life, real estate has its pros and cons. On the one hand, if the real estate opportunity is solid, you'll have a reliable investment in your hands which will assure appreciation in the long term. There are several ways to seize these benefits:

  • Obtain passive income through rent
  • Maintain the property and resale after a few years to obtain capital gains
  • Invest in distressed assets or old units and refurbish them for resale

On the other hand, there are some drawbacks when it comes to real estate offers. Every purchase requires thorough research of the market including the country's political and economic history and a solid prediction as to what the future may bring.

Furthermore, having a set of properties to receive rent income requires maintenance and good management to deal with possible issues successfully.

Real estate opportunity: Panama hot offers with Mundo

Hot offer: luxury living in the most exclusive place

Our first real estate opportunity offers a unique living experience surrounded by luxury. In one of the most iconic neighborhoods and one of the most sophisticated places in Panama City, this is truly a hot offer in the real estate sector.

It boasts impressive views of the Pacific Ocean, Panama City, Cinta Costera, and Casco Viejo. In simple words, you'll have the whole Panama Bay at your feet. This exclusive full-floor apartment has 500 square meters and advanced features. You'll find a 270° view from the balcony, a private cinema, and a modern kitchen. In any of its four bedrooms, there’s an incredible ambiance to enjoy with walk-in closets and in-suite bathrooms. 

Comparison chart

Location: Punta Paitilla

Special features: private cinema in the apartment 

Views to: Casco Viejo and Cinta Costera

Separate children’s pool: yes

Full gym: yes, with a yoga and Pilates room and a boxing area

Others: 24/7 security

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Hot offer: the ideal place for a tranquil family life

Specially built for high-quality family living, this project in Costa del Este constitutes a true real estate opportunity in the capital. The neighborhood is one of the top residential places in Panama City. It's far away from the noise of the city center and still close to the fast highway Corridor Sur. Costa del Este is an excellent place for families because it has multiple green areas, parks, ocean views, schools, stores, and multinational company headquarters. 

Within the project, the sizes of the apartments vary and there is a choice between two-bedroom and three-bedroom units. Among other things, this development stands out for its high-end finishings and clever use of space.

Comparison chart

Location: Costa del Este

Special features: premium finishings, travertine marble floors, Peruvian wood doors, window walls

Views to: the ocean and the city

Separate children’s pool: no

Full gym: yes, with a boxing area

Others: Area for pets

Comparing two top real estate offers with Mundo

At Mundo, we love both projects, and we are happy to showcase them as an example of Panama's advanced investment sector and convenient real estate offers. It's worth noting that, thanks to the Friendly Nations program and the Qualified Investor Visa, investing in real estate can bring migration opportunities as well.

One of the key differences between both alternatives is the location. The luxury of Punta Paitilla provides a contrast when compared with a family-oriented area like Costa del Este. When it comes to spectacular views, Punta Paitilla wins the round but in Costa del Este, you'll find friendlier infrastructure for pedestrians and more green areas. 

If you want exclusivity, then a full-floor apartment may be the right choice especially if you want to live comfortably. For large families, these units also work well as they include four equipped bedrooms. Besides, having your very own private cinema within the apartment provides a sublime touch of exclusivity.

The second one of our two real estate offers provides an outstanding residence for families. Even though the apartments are smaller they are built with the best materials and provide everything a family needs to live comfortably. In this case, a special playground for pets represents a one-of-a-kind feature that speaks of the project's value for a specific niche.

Disclaimer: This article describes the general characteristics of each project and provides an overview of Panama’s real estate sector and migration options. Therefore, this article does not replace a formal or legal consultation when it comes to investment, real estate or investment residency. 

Embrace this real estate offers and access investment opportunities with Mundo

Mundo is happy to announce a close connection with Panama's best developers and projects. Each one of these hot offers provides unique living standards and a real estate opportunity that's not to be easily dismissed.

The combination of real estate plus migration opportunities is rare but in Panama, you can find it through advanced residency programs. Similar to a European golden visa, the Qualified Investor provides a direct pathway to immediate permanent residency, a benefit only available through the said program.

Why does Mundo recommend Panama? Among its many benefits, we can find a healthy business environment, a solid real estate market, reliable banking, and a wide pool of possibilities. Since we have a consolidated team in this country, we can help you access the best services with the right support.

When it comes to real estate, we can introduce you to optimal alternatives to fit your case. Contact us and get in touch with our dedicated team of experts.

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