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2/18/2022 8:00:00 AM
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In business it is important to have allies and partners with experience and capacity to design solutions for the projects to be undertaken. That is why in Mundo Expert we have added Caye Bank International to our portfolio of banking allies, a financial institution with almost twenty years of continuous growth and high reputation.

Caye International Bank is a financial institution located in Belize, Central America - specifically on the island of Ambergris Caye. It is a Class A licensed bank, and its services are available to both individuals plus corporations located in and outside of Belize. 

The bank's mission is to offer support and assistance to its clients so that they can be successful in their investments, both now and in the future, guaranteeing privacy, stability, confidence, and ease. At Mundo Expert we are willing to be your link with this renowned banking entity and make you part of a secure experience for the management of your investment projects. 


Caye has a wide variety of banking services available for individuals and corporations. Part of what sets it apart from traditional banking is customizing these services to its clients by putting them at the center of all processes to offer a financial wellness approach. 

Bank Accounts

- Deposit account: with this account you will be able to freely use your money and make international transfers to and from your Caye account. Since it is a multi-currency account. You will be able to use it through the bank's electronic channels. 

- Savings Account: This account is designed to make your savings work optimally. The interest rates offered by Caye are unmatched by any other bank in the region or outside of the region. If you deposit amounts over 100,000 USD, you will be able to earn monthly interest of 0.50%. This account is only available in US dollars.

- Time deposits: a time deposit account will allow you to take care of and give a higher yield to that money that you do not want to use. This account works as a medium to long term investment. The interest rates are equivalent to the time you want to leave your money on deposit. The currency to be used for this type of account is the US dollar.

- Gold Loan Program: This program has been designed as a method of financial security. Gold deposits have a lower chance of losing value in a currency crisis. It is therefore a safe and reliable investment that can guarantee stability for you and your future generations. 

- Financing: The financing services in Caye are focused on real estate. If you have a personal account, you will be able to access condominium financing loans, residential mortgages, and residential construction loans. If you have a corporate account you can avail of commercial mortgage loans, commercial construction loans and land development loans.

- Visa Card: This card is designed for fast, easy, and secure use when making your daily purchases. With it you will be able to manage your expenses in a more efficient way. It is available for personal and corporate accounts. 

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The fees at Caye vary depending on the service you use and not on whether your account is personal or corporate. At Caye you will find the lowest fee amounts – other offshore banks do not come close. The mission is to optimize your money. 

- Deposit account: they have an opening fee of $100. Also, the monthly maintenance fee is $14.50. In addition, the FATCA fee is $250. Intra-bank transfers are $5 and transfers to international accounts have a fee of $35. The minimum balance at the time of opening the account must be $1,000.

- Savings accounts: have an opening fee of $100. Also, the monthly maintenance fee is $14.50. In addition, the FATCA fee is $250. Intra-bank transfers are $5 and transfers to international accounts have a fee of $35. The minimum balance at the time of opening the account must be $1,000.

- Term deposits: have an opening fee of $100. Also, the monthly maintenance fee is $14.50. In addition, the FATCA fee is $250. Intra-bank transfers are $5 and transfers to international accounts have a fee of $35. The minimum balance at account opening is $25,000.

- Gold Loan Program: The amount of gold equivalent in dollars to be part of this program cannot be less than $100,000 US dollars. For security purposes, the gold is stored in vaults located in Zurich, Switzerland. The bank's annual interest rates are approximately 5.90% for a line of credit at 75% of the value of your stored gold.

- Financing: Interest rate amounts are fixed based on the currency in which the credit is granted. Therefore, the percentages are as follows:

United States Dollars (USD) - 7% to 11%APR

Canadian Dollar (CAD) - 8.50%APR

Euro (EUR) - 7.50%APR

British Pound (GBP) - 6.50%APR

Swiss Franc (CHF) - 4.50%APR

- Visa Card: the loading fee is 3% of the amount loaded. Also, the activation fee is $3. In addition, you can load up to the equivalent of $10,000 USD on the card.

Why Caye International Bank?

As mentioned above, Caye specializes in ensuring security, trust, privacy, and ease. Our financial ally lives in a country with a stable economy, free of suffocating taxes and strong banking security laws that guarantee that your information will always be handled by you.

Moreover, Caye is one of the international banks with the highest liquidity percentage (24%) which is higher than the average local bank in the United States. This is due to the requirements that the Central Bank of Belize demands from banking institutions.

Also, at Caye you will find experts with global perspective and high technical knowledge specialized in managing and optimizing the wealth of all its clients. One of them is Luigi Wewege, President of Caye International Bank. He has an MBA from the MIB School of Management and is the author of “The Digital Banking Revolution”, which is available in audio, kindle and paperback – now in its 3rd edition. Wewege has long standing experience in the financial services sector being an Instructor at the FinTech School in California and co-authoring economic research which was presented before the United States Congress.

The banking industry is expanding every day and at Mundo Expert we are sure of it. For this reason and much more we invite you to contact us if you want us to be your link with Caye International Bank in order to protect your money and safely manage your assets. Our experts are at your service and ready to offer you the best experience, so you don't waste your time.

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