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Gold Bullion Tokenized Asset

calendar 5/18/2020 8:00:00 AM
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Mundo is partnered with a renowned Mining Enterprise who has ownership of significant precious metal assets on a global scale.

These assets range from established Gold Streams with proven reserves as well as gold resources such as deposits of LBMA Bullion, raw gold and other precious metals.

All of the Mine Operators with whom the Company has agreements with where the Gold is supplied from, or are in the process of negotiating forward purchase contracts with,  are Public, Listed and Regulated, North American corporations with mining projects in low-risk and mining-friendly jurisdictions.

The Company is incorporated in one of the leading Asian Financial jurisdictions under the purview of the Ministry of Finance, and fully regulated by the Local Financial Services Authority.

Asset Tokenization and the issuance of security Tokens are the future of capital markets. Digital securities bring innovative opportunities, reduced operational costs, greater access to capital, and increased liquidity. 


Tokenized Asset

The Mining Corporation has issued an ERC20 compliant Security Token on the Blockchain, which is fully asset backed and redeemable by certified gold bullion.

Unlike digital currencies and other Tokens, the Tokens are securities which are fully backed by physical gold extracted from mines in several countries to reduce risk.

This creates a great opportunity for investors to buy into the increasingly in demand gold bullion reserves as provided by the Mining Partner issuing the Tokens.

Investors have long recognized the benefits of investing in gold. Over time gold have been shown to improve portfolio risk-adjusted returns, offering diversification, inflation protection and an element of smoothing across economic cycles.

The purchase of the gold backed tokens will be conducted in full alignment via the transparency and security of the blockchain which will be issued to the investor so that they may exchange the Tokens for Gold Bullion deposits held on their behalf under Safe Keeping Receipt (SKR).

The Gold market is robust and highly liquid, with all indications that it will stay so.

Gold is currently trading at its highest levels since 2013, at approx. USD1,700 oz, with the trend forecast to continue, as market participants hedge against fiat-currencies, this opportunity creates great added value for potential investors.

Important to note, as the Tokens are backed by gold, which is produced by internationally recognized reputable mining developers, The Company will provide publicly available, transparent reports and assessments which can be verifiable via third parties. 



This Mining Partner is the first company to provide investors with this link as the counter-party for an Asset Backed Digital Security Token.

The Tokens are certified by an independent Blockchain specialist and are fully compliant with the Ethereum ERC-20 and T-REX standards and meet the requirements necessary to be listed as a “Security Token” and “Tokenized Asset”. 

The source code for the smart contracts can be inspected along with information about the token and holders via Etherscan.

The Tokens as such will be owned and held by the Investor in their own wallet or theycan also be stored via thestate-of-the-art Cold Storage Wallets of the issuer on their behalf.

If a Token holder happens to lose access to their private keys, the Mining Corporation is able to reissue Tokens quickly and efficiently. 

In the unlikely event that the tokens are proven to have been transferred to a third party as a result of theft or fraud, they may apply a forced transfer to allow full recovery of the tokens by the rightful owners.

Aside from having tangible investment grade assets backing the Token, as TREX compliant security Tokens offer inherently greater levels of safety and security to the holder over a utility token or cryptocurrency. 

Ownership of precious metal via the Token is safer than traditional means of ownership, as the blockchain provides an immutable audit trail and proof of ownership, including the physical verification of the gold itself.


The Opportunity 

The Client is invited to purchase the tokens as an investment vehicle that delivers a fixed income ROI of a 5% Premium on the invested principal amount.

This will be fully redeemed by the issuer after a period of 90 days, along with the full transfer of title of the Gold Bullion to the Investor.

This represents an excellent investment opportunity for investors to fulfil their underlying intention to acquire the physical asset whilst generating an attractive Alpha in a relatively short interim period.

The security of the Token is fully asset backed by the gold reserves which provides a safe channel for capital diversification while generating tangible organic yield.

This investment structure is offered exclusively for and on behalf of the Network introduced via Mundo Offshore, having a particularly strong presence in the Russian investment market. Mundo Offshore´s partner has been awarded exclusive right of representation for the regions of Central & South America as well as The Russian Federation & Eastern Europe.


The product will be offered to the Investors as a Fixed Return Gold Backed Security Token which will provide a rate of return of 5% of the Principle deposit in either Cash or Bullion after 90 days when the company will Redeem / Re-Purchase the Tokens.

The Client maintains ownership of the invested amount held on their behalf as Gold deposits via a valid Safe Keeping Receipt (SKR) and Tokenized on the Blockchain.


The quality of the redeemed gold will have a minimum fineness of 99.5% as certified by the London Bullion Market Association (LBMA). Once the Client has received the investment returns and the gold bullion we will provide a loan facility should this be of interest, against the clients asset along with trading options for the SKR which will allow for the owner the possibility to keep the gold as an asset and receive ongoing returns on a monthly or quarterly basis.

The Company is offering this limited opportunity via the Issue of minimum allocation of 5,000,000 and a maximum of 18,000,000 Tokens, which can be exclusively for the Network of Mundo Offshore under the mutually agreed terms and conditions.

Investment Structure






Principal USD

27.500.000 USD

55.000.000 USD

99.000.000 USD


90 days

90 days

90 days





Profit Equivalent

1.375.000 USD

2.750.000 USD

4.950.000 USD 

Equivalent KG

509 KG

1.018 KG

1.833 KG


Mundo Offshore is the information partner of the issuer. If you want to receive more detailed information about this great opportunity, you can contact our expert financial advisers.

Contact us now and ask for a consultation.  

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