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How does Grenada, the king of Caribbean CBI Programs, Stack Up Against Other Jurisdictions in the Region?

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The Caribbean is one of the regions with the most offerings in terms of citizenship by investment programs. Several islands offer investors their own version of paradise in these crystal clear waters, generally using low taxes, luxurious lifestyle, and business advantages to attract high-net-worth individuals.

Most people interested in obtaining a second passport will have heard of one of the Caribbean islands. But one question always comes up in the conversation, which of these islands has the best program?

Today we will try to answer that question by comparing what the island of Grenada, which currently offers the best CBI program in the region, has for investors with the citizenship by investment programs of the most famous jurisdictions in the Caribbean.

We hope that the comparison will let you know that you have options and why no Caribbean jurisdiction currently comes close to what Grenada has to offer.

Before we get started with the comparison, we need to first talk about the star of citizenship by investment programs in the Caribbean: Grenada, also known as the island of spices.

Grenada is an island that combines its beautiful natural endowments with the sophistication of being one of the largest economic centers in the entire region. Here, investors from all over the world come to participate in luxury real estate developments to obtain the Grenadian passport, which for many, is the first step to start doing business in the United States. 

If you want to know how obtaining Grenada citizenship can open the doors to the United States, you can review our article about it here ADD LINK

Grenada has become the most coveted jurisdiction in the Caribbean. Let's take a look at some of the reasons:

Five reasons why Grenada has the best CBI program in the Caribbean

  • It is the only program that you can combine with an E-2 visa: the only jurisdiction in the Caribbean that allows you to combine the acquisition of Grenadian citizenship with a subsequent application for an E-2 US visa, which would allow you to start investing on US soil without restrictions.
  • Grenada has the best real estate investment returns: while it is true that the entry prices for investing in real estate in Grenada are higher than in other jurisdictions such as St. Kitts and Nevis, on Grenadian soil, the investment returns compensate for the price. 
  • Grenada has one of the fastest CBI programs: Grenadian CBI program takes about three months, which is the norm in the Caribbean and undoubtedly one of the fastest programs globally.
  • The Grenada CBI program includes all the family: individuals applying to Grenada’s citizenship by investment program may add to their application their spouse, dependent children and grandchildren without age limits, as well as dependent siblings, parents and grandparents of both the principal applicant and spouse. 
  • It is the safest Caribbean destination for real estate investment: the island of Grenada is located south of the Caribbean hurricane belt, so the devastating storms that hit other jurisdictions in the region generally never reach here. This guarantees that if you invest in real estate, you will not have to worry about any storm and the damage it may cause to your property.

Let us now look in detail at how Grenada's CBI program compares to that of jurisdictions such as St. Kitts and Nevis, and Dominica.



St. Kitts and Nevis


Process time frame

2-3 months

2-4 months

3-4 months

E-2 Visa Agreement with USA




People you can include in the application

Spouse, dependent children without age limit, as well as dependent siblings, parents and grandparents of both the principal applicant and spouse.

Spouse, dependent children up to age 30, dependent siblings, dependent parents over 55 years old, and dependent grandparents.

Spouse, dependent children up to age 30, dependent parents over 55 years old, and dependent grandparents.

Citizenship through real estate (main applicant)

Minimum Investment, USD 220,000.

Minimum Investment, USD 200.000.

Minimum Investment, USD 200,000.

Citizenship through contribution (main applicant)

Donation Amount, USD 150,000. Application and Government Fees, USD 9,218. Legal Fees, USD 20,000. Total, USD 179,218.

Donation Amount, USD 150.000. Application and Government Fees, USD 8.147. Legal Fees, USD 20.000. Total, USD 178.147.

Donation Amount, USD 100,000. Application and Government Fees, USD 8,950. Legal Fees, USD 20,000. Total, USD 128,950.

Visa-Free Countries and Visa on Arrival

143 (including the EU, the UK, Russia, and China)

152 (including the EU, the UK, and Russia)

137 (including the EU, the UK, and Russia)

Who are we, and what can we do for you?

At Mundo and NTL we have been dedicated for over 25 years to helping investors and high net worth individuals obtain second passports that allow them to live away from the persecution and dangers posed by authoritarian and socialist governments.

Part of our work is to build networks and alliances with the most renowned experts in the best jurisdictions in the world. One such jurisdiction is Grenada, an island that never seems to falter and has one of the most unique offerings in the Caribbean.

Only here you can invest in a real estate project with very high returns on investment and obtain one of the only citizenships in the world that allows you to access the E-2 visa to do business in the United States.

If you want to know how to start your migration strategy in Grenada Island, do not hesitate to contact us right now. You can meet our team of experts and see the investment options that best suit your profile. 


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