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Why Do You Need an International Health Insurance Plan For Your Family Office? (I)

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This article is the first of a series of three about our insurance services for family offices. You can check the second here and the third here 

During a business trip to Dubai, George slipped and fell down the stairs. A few hours later, in the emergency room of the nearest hospital, he was diagnosed with a disrupted Achilles tendon. Because the competent doctor for the surgery was not available on that day, he was told to come back the day after to operate on the injury. With incredible pain and barely able to walk, George felt very uncomfortable waiting another day for the required treatment.

Thus, he called his international health insurance company for advice. What George did not know is that following a disruption of the Achilles tendon, within hours, both ends of the tenet pull back and reduce. Immediate treatment is required to stick the two loose ends together. Otherwise, one is at risk of not being able to walk properly anymore for a lifetime.

After a quick consultation with one of the panel doctors of the Medical Advisory Board, it was clear that immediate action was required: A competent specialist was organized to examine and have surgery still on the same day. Thanks to the quick reaction, the specialists were able to fix George's Achilles tendon a few hours later. And after only a few days of recovery and thanks to medical travel assistance, he was able to take his flight back home to recover, having his family close by.

During the following weeks and with the help of videoconferences with the treating doctor, George was still under observation and therapy to strengthen and equally stretch the Achilles tendon with a set of exercises to ensure seamless healing and to prevent the tendon from tearing again in the future.

This story is real and the insurance advisor mentioned is our world-renowned partner, which is offering fantastic insurance packages for family offices through Mundo.

What does it mean they’re advisors? Basically, they’re intermediaries that manage everything you need in respect to international health insurance, from creating a personalized health insurance package for you, to handling all administrative affairs.


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Why international insurance matters for family offices and high net worth individuals?

One of the overlooked aspects of receiving a passport or residence by investment and moving to a Caribbean or Pacific offshore paradise with low taxes and relaxed lifestyle is health. Most of these countries don't have top-level healthcare services, or, sometimes, don't have specialists to treat specific medical conditions. If you're young and in good health, you may think that's not a problem but the problem is just one biking or hiking accident away.

The COVID-19 pandemic has made this need even more imperious. International citizens have found out their local insurances actually don't offer appropriate international coverage or the pandemic caught them in another country and have been forced to deal with public healthcare or pay an unbelievable price for their treatment.

Even worse, when you move to a new country that usually means canceling the insurance and finding a new one at your new country of residence, which comes with tons of paperwork administration and also medical questionnaires, potentially leading to an exclusion of benefits if the insured has developed certain health conditions over the years and increase in costs and primes. That’s not the case with our partners, as these solutions can be seamlessly continued when you change your country of residence.

There are many reasons why it makes sense for someone to acquire new citizenship or residence. Since the 90s, residency and citizenship planners, investment migration agents, lawyers, and other consultants have continuously improved their capabilities in advising HNWIs in finding the program that suits their needs. Sometimes is to have a plan B, optimize taxes, or moving to a place with better life quality.

Whatever the reasons are, it is CBI and RBI advisory responsibility to understand the fundamental motives of a client fully. In Mundo, as we work with our parent company, one of the top Caribbean CBI providers, we know about that.

Understanding the essential "why," and offering a solution accordingly is the focal point to succeed in this kind of business. And that is precisely why healthcare and first-level medical insurance is so vital, as it seeks to satisfy the same needs.

High-end medical insurance protects assets in two main ways. First, as with all medical insurances, it protects you against volatility in medical expenses.

Second, this is especially true if you're moving to an idyllic Caribbean paradise that may not have the appropriate medical infrastructure, and you may actually have to travel for certain procedures and exams. Appropriate international insurance will provide you with a better choice of clinics and physicians wherever you are and almost immediately.

And, third, high-net-worth individuals are international citizens. You're probably traveling all over the world year-long. That means the wonderful opportunities of such a lifestyle also come with its risks. Just imagine that you contracted COVID-19 during a business trip in the Caribbean or the Middle East and being left at the mercy of the public health system or spending a ton of money in your treatment.

International insurance is the icing of the cake for family offices and CBI or RBI recipients.

If you want to know more about our health insurance services for individuals and high-wealth family offices, ask us right now

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