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Montenegro's Citizenship-by-Investment Program from Start to Finish

6/3/2021 8:00:00 AM
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Montenegro's citizenship-by-investment program became one of our favorites as soon as we learned of its existence. This jurisdiction had had its attempts with programs of this nature. Still, when we learned that the Montenegrin government was preparing a new program to launch in 2019, our expectations were inflated at what could be one of the best options worldwide for foreign investors.

The last few years have not been particularly the best for Europe's CBI programs. Regulations from international bodies were already strong, and then came the cancellation of the Cypriot program due to scandal. It seemed that attractive investment options were closing in the old world. And out of nowhere, Montenegro's citizenship-by-investment program appeared.

While European bloc countries were becoming more restrictive with the approval of applications to their citizenship programs, Montenegro was bringing to the table an option that left the other programs far behind in terms of advantages and initial investment amounts.

Since then, we have followed the program closely to discover how Montenegro became one of the favorite destinations for investors who wanted to enjoy the European lifestyle and maintain relatively low entry prices.

The proposition of the Montenegrin program was simple: less prohibitive investment than its European neighbors, a favorable tax regime for high net worth individuals, a set of advantages that directly rivals that of the world's best jurisdictions, and investment possibilities in one of the healthiest real estate markets on the continent.

Three years later, Montenegro's CBI program has become the jewel of the Balkans.

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Before We Look At How It Happened, Let's Briefly Review What Montenegro's Program Offers in Practical Terms:

Few requirements to apply. You don't even need to have visited Montenegro before to apply to their CBI program.

 It is one of the most inclusive citizenship by investment programs, which allows you to include several family members in your application.

 You are not required to learn the Montenegrin language to be approved.

 A world-class passport that gives you visa-free entry to over 120 countries.

 In 2025 the country will become a member of the European Union.

 If you become a citizen of Montenegro, you will be able to access the United States E-2 visa, which allows you to enter as an investor in the American country. The best part of this is that the E-2 visa does not require a minimum investment amount, so the options multiply for those who want to take advantage of this opportunity.

 Real estate investments in Montenegro have one of the best returns in all of Europe.

If you want to know in detail all that the Montenegrin CBI program offers, feel free to read our article about it! 

Let's Take a Look at How Montenegro's Cbi Program Went Through the Process of Becoming One of the Top Choices in Europe

It all started in August 2017, when the Montenegrin government decided that they would design their citizenship by investment program in-house, just like other jurisdictions such as Malta, Saint Kitts, and Nevis or Antigua and Barbuda.

At the time, there was not much official information regarding the specifics of the Montenegrin program.

But just under a year later, in July 2018, the Montenegrin government announced its new CBI program with a minimum investment starting at €250,000. Word immediately spread among migration experts and interested investors in Europe.

The press release accompanying the announcement detailed that the program would start its process to receive applications on October 1, 2018, and would receive up to a total of 2,000 applicants from non-EU countries for three years.

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It Also Detailed Investment Options Consisting of:

 Investing €250,000 in a government-approved real estate project in developing regions (generally in the north of the country) or,

 Investing 450,000 euros in an approved real estate project in developed regions of Montenegro.

Thus, Montenegro became one of the most attractive options for international investors looking for a high return on investment and European lifestyle, but without so much tax pressure.

However, interested investors had to wait a bit longer to start their applications. The program that was meant to start on October 1, 2018, was delayed by a year, until October 2019.

By that time, the first real estate project had already been approved. Everything was ready to start receiving applications that start arriving as soon as Montenegro's citizenship-by-investment program started operating.

A month after its launch, three more real estate projects joined the list of investment options approved by the Montenegrin government for its CBI program. The options were diversifying for investors, and word began to spread. Montenegro went from being a hidden gem in the Balkans to one of the most promising destinations for investors from around the world.

Since then, more options have been added to the list. Most of them are real estate projects as ambitious as they are profitable, from mountain resorts that look like palaces surrounded by nature to luxury properties in the metropolitan areas of the small Balkan country.

After catching the attention of the world of investors and immigration experts, the government of Montenegro confirmed in March 2021 that their program would come to an end upon reaching the three-year deadline they had indicated at the time they started it all.

The big question on the minds of investors who have an eye on Montenegro is whether they still have time to make a successful application to one of the best CBI programs in the world before the opportunity is no longer available.

If you are still mulling over the idea of participating in the Montenegrin CBI program, you can read about all the investment options in the real estate section of our Country Focus on Montenegro! 

You Can Still Apply to The Montenegrin Cbi Program, But it Must Be Now Or Never

The Montenegrin government can accept applications in about six months, but this only happens when applicants are accompanied by a team of experts who know the Montenegrin language and the most appropriate ways to do each procedure.

That six-month window is crucial. 

At the time of writing this article, we are approaching June 2021, which means that is the deadline to apply and enjoy your Montenegrin passport before the end of the year and with it, also the Montenegrin citizenship by investment program.

It is highly unlikely that the Montenegrin government will decide to extend the life of the program. Frankly, it is also unlikely that we will see another option with such an incredible set of advantages and entry prices. 

If your goal is to get your hands on Montenegrin citizenship and a good real estate investment, you will need to act fast, as you will be working on the razor's edge as early as June.

Our experts are one of the few legal teams authorized by the Montenegrin government to accompany applicants through the application process for their CBI program. You won't have to worry about dealing with paperwork, paperwork, and the Montenegrin language with us. You will only need to meet the requirements with our help and present yourself for biometric data collection once your application has gone through. 

To learn more about the process of applying to the Montenegrin CBI program before the deadline, you can read our article where we describe it in detail or contact us! Our experts can assist you right away.

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Who Are We, and What Can We Do For You?

At Mundo, we have spent the last three decades helping high-net-worth individuals and investors of all nationalities find the best investment opportunities and second passports in attractive jurisdictions. We work with people who seek at all costs to protect the fruits of their labor and their freedoms from malicious and oppressive governments.

Thirty years of work has been enough for us to assemble a first-class legal team working in the best jurisdictions on the planet, now including Montenegro.

Our experts can help you navigate the Montenegrin language and procedures and help you define the best investment options according to your objectives and conditions. 

Taking advantage of this opportunity before time runs out can give you a second passport that virtually pays for itself with your real estate investment.

In an increasingly hostile world to wealthy individuals and investors, having options is your best defense against anti-business and anti-wealth policies. In this regard, Montenegro is one of the best hedges you can find.

Start your Montenegrin citizenship process today. Contact us and meet our team of experts who will walk you through every step of the process.

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