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International Investment Project in Santo Domingo

calendar 5/18/2020 8:00:00 AM
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Santo Domingo is one of the Caribbean´s most cosmopolitan and populated cities.

Being the capital of the Dominican Republic, this city offers great architecture and historic places, large shopping malls, art galleries, vibrant nightlife, and delicious gastronomy.

In Santo Domingo, you will find the first European settlement of the Americas, which has been designated as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 1990. This is a colonial city with pedestrian-friendly sidewalks, museums, shops, restaurants, and architecture dating from the 16th century to our days. 

We recommend taking the Hop-On colonial train and visit all the wonders that the best capital of the Caribbean offers, including all the historical places that will take you back to a different world, the same world that the adventurous Europeans found, in awe, when they first step foot on this land. 

If you love nature, we invite you to have a picnic on the lawns of the National Botanical Garden, which is the largest in the Caribbean. The sunset views from the city’s Malecon are probably one of the most beautiful things you´ll ever watch.

As usual, Mundo Offshore offers the best and hottest investment opportunities, and this time we present an opportunity in Santo Domingo, to invest in a unique market and brand. 

The project´s goals 

This project is intended to enable small and medium-sized businesses to rent retail space in the city at reasonable prices. As an example, the rental of shopping places in Sam Bill and Agora mall in Santo Domingo starts from $5,000 to 6,000 per month. Thanks to our project, people will be able to rent retail space at only 1,000, or 1,200 USD.

About the project 

The project involves the construction of a Market in Santo Domingo using 300 used containers, which will be equipped with a single air conditioning system for retail space organization. There is also a plan to use 200 containers for good storage by tenant companies. The market will display electronics, luxury products, sportswear, and shoes for sale. 

The concept 

The idea is to create a brand similar to Ikea in Santo Domingo. We can build 20 or 30 similar markets around the world. Limit the number of containers sold in each market to 300 and add this number to the name of the project. This will create additional interest among tenants.

There will also be mall pavilions for rent where citizens can sell their used electronic devices. Renting each pavilion can cost 300 Dominican pesos which equal approximately $5.55 per day. A great opportunity is to organize a food center with live shows, which can be very profitable. The project will also be supported by a website and mobile application, from which you can make a virtual visit to the market. For example, the virtual visitor comes to pavilion 7 where a person is selling his or her products. The app will show all the necessary information, catalog with products, descriptions, prices, etc. Also, all registered users will be able to receive notifications about discounts, events, promotions, offers, and so on. 


What are the advantages for tenant customers that work with us? The answer is quite simple, they will benefit from low rents, which will be reflected in more competitive prices and a higher demand for products. 

What is the advantage for investors? The project has high profitability and we estimate it will be ready in 2 years. The approximate construction cost is $5,350,000, while the construction of shopping malls like Sam Bill and Agora cost 110 million and 80 million, respectively. 

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Investment goals during the 1st year

  1. Project development and design $400,000. 
  2. Purchase of containers and building materials $3,000,000. 
  3. Construction costs $900,000. 
  4. Office $287 528. 
  5. Land costs $600,000. 
  6. Web platform and two mobile applications development $50,000. 
  7. Advertising budget and contingencies $110,000. 

Total $5,347,528.


1st year 
2nd year 
3rd year  
Revenue $5,392,350 
Revenue $6,879,600 
Revenue $ 6,879,600 
Costs $1,769,600 
Costs $1,119,600 
Costs $819,600 
Income before taxes $3,622,750 
Pre-tax income $5,760,000 
Income before taxes $6,060,000 
After-tax income $ 1,762,990 

After-tax income $3,095,188

After-tax income $3,314,188


1st year  

2nd year 

3rd year 
Net Income $1,762,990 
Net Income $3,095,188 
Net Income $3,314,188 

For more details please contact our experts and ask for a detailed consultation.

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Investment options

Strategic or Equity Investments 

By investing all the amount necessary for the implementation of the project ($5,347,528), the investor´s share in the project will be 51%. Other options for cooperation can be discussed on an individual basis. 

Project prospects 

1. Our plan is not only limited to Santo Domingo´s market, we want to create a brand in the scale of IKEA. We offer to build 20-30 similar markets around the world. 

2. According to the creators of the project, the BME market will become a trendy place in Santo Domingo.  There will be room for night discos, engaging of trendy performers, cultural events, etc., all of this with excellent service. 

3. Once the market construction has started, we intend to negotiate with the bank in order to finance the construction of an amusement park near the market.

4. Towards the ending of the first year, we plan to begin the construction of two new markets in Latin America and, subsequently, in other parts of the world. 

5. In 2 or 3 years, we plan to enter the IPO. 

When opportunity comes, it is wise to seize it. Don´t miss the chance to have shares in one of the most ambitious projects in the most vibrant city of the Caribbean.

Contact us right now for more information. Contact us!

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