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Real estate investment in Montenegro, the most discreet paradise in the Balkans

calendar 9/16/2020 8:00:00 AM
author Laszlo Kiss Citizenship

If you are thinking of investing in real estate in a mystical and hidden place that allows you to obtain exciting investment return, we have something for you. Get ready to know the best-kept secret in the Balkans.

Buy a government-approved property in Northern Montenegro to obtain the most promising European passport program in the region

Mundo, NTL, and one of the most prominent real estate developers in Montenegro have partnered to offer our readers an investment opportunity in the north of one of the fastest-growing economies in the Balkan region.

Our Montenegro real estate experts bring you the opportunity to invest in one of the two most charming resorts in the north of the country and access one of the most attractive CBI programs in Europe.

This investment package includes a luxury property in one of our two available resorts located in the Kolašin Mountain for only £250,000. The government approves all the properties we offer in this package of Montenegro for its CBI program.

It is tough to find investment opportunities that are backed by a CBI program in Europe for such a low price. Montenegro can afford to maintain these prices because it is still a very well-kept secret. But this can change at any minute because more and more investors and high net worth individuals are discovering this hidden gem in the Balkans with incredible investment opportunities.

Real estate investment has tremendous returns in the wonderful and stable environment of Montenegro. Just to name one example: the return on real estate investment is around 4-8%, which is incredibly high in Europe. This is especially true if we compare it to other European countries where there is an excess of houses and very little demand, rent controls, exorbitant prices, and an exaggerated list of regulations.

We could continue to list things that fascinate us about Montenegro. This country has so many beautiful aspects that it gives one the chance to write a whole book. Now that we know why this country is the jewel of the Balkans let's look at the two best real estate investment opportunities it offers for people interested in buying a Montenegrin property.

If this offer makes you curious, you will like to know why Montenegro should be the destination of your choice for your next investment.

To know more details about our offer, do not hesitate to contact us and meet our experts who will help you in the whole process of acquiring a Montenegrin property. So, what are you waiting for? Get in touch with us and find out more about what Montenegro has in store for you 

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Montenegro, the treasure of the Balkans

Don't be fooled by the fact that Montenegro is a small country. This land holds charms like few places in Europe, and today it is one of the fastest-growing economies in the Balkan region. Filled with majestic mountains, stunning beaches, and friendly, welcoming people, this country is irrefutable proof that you can be small and important at the same time.

Montenegro is a land forged by nature's most elaborate display. It is the country of black mountains, and it is also the land where rocks meet the Adriatic Sea. Montenegro offers some of the most spectacular coastal landscapes in Europe. The mountains rise abruptly from the crystalline waters, something awe-inspiring. Ancient walled cities hang from the rocks, brushing the sea as if they were holidaymakers. In summer, the aroma of Mediterranean flowers, wild plants, and conifers pervades the atmosphere. And all this is concentrated in a space that can be walked on effortlessly.

Of all its beautiful corners, there is one that stands out above the rest, and that is northern Montenegro. A mountainous terrain full of imposing nature that is positioning itself as one of the top destinations in tourist rankings around the world. And at the same time, within the north of the country, we find the village of Kolašin, the best mountain destination in the country.

Kolašin experiences an unperturbed mountain climate most of the year, the area is 956 meters above sea level, so the air is pure, and the wooded mountains merge with an architecture that makes you feel inside some mythological fable.

In the summer, the temperature in Kolašin rarely surpasses 25ºC, which allows people to escape the European heatwaves. But the charm appears in winter when the snow falls and the landscape changes to make it possible to practice all the winter sports that someone can imagine. It is as if they were two magical places taking turns to delight all the people who visit this land.

It is in Kolašin, this magical place surrounded by two majestic mountains, where you can find one of the best opportunities for investment in real estate in the whole country, and which also gives you access to the Montenegrin passport.

Smart investment plus a promising citizenship

Montenegro's Citizenship by Investment program allows you to obtain a passport with access to all of Europe and a luxury property at a first-class resort in the north of the country.

Among all the properties approved by the Montenegrin government for its CBI program, our projects located in Kolašin allow you to obtain Montenegrin citizenship for only €250,000!

Let's see why these two resorts are your best option for investing in Montenegro and getting your citizenship.

Our resorts in Kolašin, the shelters between the mountains of the north

Our two projects approved by the Montenegrin government for its CBI program allow you to invest for an amount of €250,000 with which you can acquire a property in one of these two ambitious resorts in the north of the country.

On the one hand, we have Hotel Breza (5 stars), where investors can access a direct property (1/1 ownership) in the hotel and can visit the unit for one month each year.

On the other hand, there is the Westin Hotel (4 stars), in which investors can only access 1/240th ownership of the hotel units (joint ownership model). Let's see in more detail the differences between the two investment options:

 Hotel Breza, Kolasin - 5 stars

Approved under the Montenegrin CBI program as an eligible project in 2019, Hotel Breza Kolašin is a 5-star hotel development situated in the mountain town of Kolašin. The luxury hotel and spa development is surrounded by spectacular mountains and lakes, in one of Europe's most underrated skiing and mountain tourism destinations. The hotel development, upon completion, will feature 188 upmarket property units.

  • Investment: €250,000
  • Type: Hotel units (rooms from 25m2 to 50m2)
  • Ownership type: 1/1 ownership
  • Rental pool agreement: Yes, compulsory
  • Usage of unit: 1 month /year
    • 15 days in the season (15 December - 15 march, 15 June - 15 September)
    • 15 days out of season
  • Potential Profitability: 40% of gross rental revenues (minus repair and refurbishment costs: 1-4%)
  • Expenses: €50/m2 of the unit on a yearly basis, deductible from gross rental revenues
  • Unit Owner Occupancy Period contribution: €10 per square meter per day
  • Owner departure cleaning fee: €00 per service
  • Delivery Date: 31 September 2022
  • Minimum ownership time: 5 years
  • Buy-back option: No
  • Pre-purchase rights of the seller: Yes

While most real estate investment projects in Montenegro allow the investor access to a fraction of the property he decides to put his money into, Breza Resort offers much more. In addition to access to a Montenegrin passport, an investment in a unit at this resort comes with the peace of mind of knowing that you are the sole owner of your unit.

This resort is designed for tourist purposes, where investors receive 40% of the net rental income, and the remaining 60% goes to the company that manages the resort. The facilities of this 5-star resort meet the highest standards. Its spacious lobby, its 64-seat bar, its courtyard restaurant, its spa, and its sports center are especially noteworthy.

Available units:

Total number of accommodation units: 170

  • Standard room (152 units) with an area of 28-58 m2: a double accommodation unit with a king-size bed.
  • Studio apartments (7 units) with an area of 47-75 m2: with a king-size bed, designed for two people.
  • One-bedroom apartment (9 units) with an area of 68-85 m2: with a king-size bed, designed for two people.
  • Two-bedroom apartment (1 unit) with an area of 92 m2: with two king-size beds, designed for four people.

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Westin Hotel Kolašin- 4 stars

Kolašin Resort & Spa was the first hotel development to be approved under the Montenegro Citizenship By Investment Program. Upon completion, the project will have a total capacity of 380 beds and an estimated value of over €11 million.

  • Investment: €250,000
  • Property type: Hotel units
  • Ownership type: 1/240 (joint ownership)
  • Rental pool agreement: Yes, compulsory
  • Potential Profitability: 30% profit distribution
  • Delivery Date: 1 November 2022
  • Minimum ownership time: 5 years
  • Buy-back option: after five years, for the amount of €200k (not mandatory)
  • Pre-purchase rights of the seller: Yes

The hotel does not skimp on its facilities. It will have a buffet where the most cosmopolitan meals will be served, and local restaurants, both internal and external, will be available. A bar on the terrace and a lounge that can be reserved for private events also on the terrace. This hotel will also have a beauty salon, a children's playground, and several shops.

Available units:

Total number of accommodation units: 93

  • Room type 1: 41 units (double accommodation units with a living room, kitchen and dining area, bathroom, and terrace).
  • Suite type 2: 24 units (accommodation units with a bedroom, living room with a kitchen and dining area, bathroom, and terrace).
  • Suite type 3: 9 units (accommodation units with a bedroom, living room with a kitchen and dining area, bathroom, and terrace).
  • Suite type 4: 8 units (duplex accommodation units that have a bedroom and bathroom in the attic of the building, while the living room, kitchen and dining area, and terrace occupy the lower floor.
  • Suite type 5: 3 units (accommodation units that have a bedroom, living room with kitchen and dining area, bathroom, and terrace).
  • Suite type 6: 2 units (accommodation units with two bedrooms, living room with kitchen and dining area, bathroom, and terrace).
  • Suite type 7: 5 units (duplex accommodation units that have a bedroom and bathroom in the attic of the building, while the living room with kitchen and dining area and terrace occupy the lower floor).
  • Suite type 8: 1 unit (duplex accommodation unit which has two bedrooms with their own bathrooms, located in the attic of the building, while the living room with kitchen and dining área, as well as a bathroom and terrace, occupy the lower floor.


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Reasons why we love the Montenegrin Passport

  • Both the spouse and the financially dependent children can acquire the passport together with the principal applicant.
  • The program has only a few requirements: you do not have to live in Montenegro before or after the process, and most of it can be done without you being present.
  • There are no language exams, and you do not need to renounce your main citizenship.
  • The process is swift; in just three months, you and your family can obtain a Montenegrin passport.
  • When Montenegro joins the European Union in 2025, your passport will give you the benefit of enabling you to live, invest, and work freely throughout the Eurozone.
  • The Montenegrin passport gives you visa-free access to more than 120 countries (better than passports from Russia, China, or most Latin American countries).

If you want to understand Montenegro’s CBI program in detail, check out our article.

Who are we, and what can we do for you?

For the last 25 years, we at Mundo, along with NTL, have put all our efforts into providing the best investment and second citizenship opportunities for high-value individuals who need to protect the fruit of their work or increase their wealth.

An essential part of our work is to find the best real estate developers in the freest places in the world to bring our clients the best ways to invest their money in a world that is increasingly full of uncertainty. That is why we work side by side with the developers of The Westin and Breza hotels in the jewel of the Balkans, Montenegro.

Montenegro is one of the most charming places in the old continent, and indeed the most charming in the entire Balkan region. The ambitions of this small country are proving to its neighbors that there is a right way to achieve prosperity, and we've only seen the beginning.

Our Montenegrin real estate experts can help you find the property that best suits your investment needs in our two resorts and assist you in applying for Montenegrin citizenship for you and your family.

If this land of Balkan charm sounds like the right choice for you, don't wait any longer. Contact us right now to invest in Montenegro and enjoy a passport that opens the doors to all of Europe!

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