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Real estate options for second passport: How to apply for a CBI through real estate

calendar 8/21/2020 8:00:00 AM
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A second passport by investment is a necessity for an effective family office structure.

Until not so long ago, it seemed more than a luxury than something you actually need as a high net worth individual. Also, options were somewhat limited to a few Caribbean islands.

However, a few years ago, options were expanded, and some programs gained traction and even OECD and EU support. Most of these offer excellent tax advantages and sophisticated financial services. Some others also boast solid real estate investments and enhanced life quality.

The ways to acquire the second citizenship are varied. In some instances, a donation will suffice, as in most Caribbean CBI programs. In others, an equity investment is also a possibility (like Turkey and Cyprus), or a combination of donation, real estate, and securities investment (like Malta).

However, the privileged and most used investment for a second passport is real estate. All programs allow this possibility, and it’s likely the best for several reasons.

First of all, it’s cheaper than equity or fund investments. In Turkey, a $250,000 real estate investment is enough to apply for the program, while an equity investment needs to exceed $500,000. In Cyprus, choosing real estate investment instead of a mix of securities, equity, and real estate can save you more than $500,000.

Second, it will offer returns, while a donation is just giving away money to a government. It’s basically throwing cash for your passport. Yes, donations are usually more affordable, as they can save you somewhere between $70,000 and $100,000 in most Caribbean CBIs, but the real estate market in most of these countries is strong.

That means you can earn rental income and usually sell your property after five or seven years, meaning you can recover your investment and even earn some money back. This is especially true in the programs that allow you to acquire several properties, like Cyprus and Turkey, because you can choose one as your residence and also earn rental income and resell the other properties when you are legally allowed to do so.

Third, for those that wish to use their second passport as a way to receive an American E-2 or EB-5 visa, real estate investment is a better option for a very simple reason: it will show a link to the country. For example, if you acquire a Grenadian passport through real estate investment, property ownership shows a direct link to Grenada, which is vital when applying for an E-2 visa.


What can we do for you?

In Mundo, we are partnered with NTL, which is one of the best providers of Caribbean CBI in the entire world. Also, we have excellent allies in Vanuatu, Malta, Cyprus, Montenegro, and Turkey. So, yes, in case you were wondering, we can help you acquire whatever second passport you may need.

No matter your needs, your desires, or your budget, we can work out a tailor-made solution for you. We have plenty of real estate options for second passport available in each of these jurisdictions.

Just to name a few examples, we have direct access to two of the handful of approved projects in Montenegro. We are partnered with the best developer in Grenada and offer a promotional offer that includes reduced processing fees for the passport, and we are working with one of the biggest real estate developers in Turkey for its CBI program.

We have 25 years of experience offering second passports for high net worth individuals so they can enhance their freedoms. We can find a personalized option for you and help you build your family office from scratch. All you need to do is contact us right now!

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