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Serbia: New Silk Road - New Opportunities

calendar 5/31/2021 8:00:00 AM
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On April 25-27, the second Belt and Road Forum of International Cooperation was held in Beijing. It is not a secret for anyone that within the framework of this forum, projects were discussed and implemented, which are integral parts of the general concept for the creation of the "New Silk Road", put forward by China back in 2013. 

The idea itself is of a super-scale nature and implies in the future the presence of an extensive and well-functioning infrastructure connecting Asia and Europe. In fact, this is an economic vein, which must ensure the flow of goods both in one direction and in the other. Today, the implementation of this project looks like a "global construction" of the century, which promises a significant increase in the economies of the participating countries and the development of intra-Eurasian trade. 

For Serbia, this is primarily an opportunity to update (and somewhere to build from scratch) the transport network, develop the construction sector, and, in general, strengthen its attractiveness for international capital. 


Opportunities in Serbia  

Serbia is favored primarily by its geographic location. Being the so-called gateway to Europe, the country has every right and opportunity to occupy the key, most advantageous places on the trade route. Following the forum in Beijing, plans appeared to implement projects in the field of transport infrastructure worth 7.5 billion euros. 

Obviously, this includes the development of railways (for example, the recent joint venture between Serbia, Hungary, and China - the Belgrade-Budapest road), as well as new highways (at least five were announced at the forum). Transport hubs on such an important economic trade route are key structures that must ensure a constant, uninterrupted flow of goods. 

Along with the development and integration of communication and logistics routes, a potential set of profitable projects is being implemented in Serbia. These are new factories, in the construction of which China is interested, and new jobs, as well as a not very busy stratum in the service sector, intermediaries, and contractors. 

It becomes quite clear that with the arrival of serious players on the market, all the rest will catch up. In fact, China has already indicated its interest in activities on the territory of the Balkan state. And the share of Chinese entrepreneurs in the Serbian economy is only increasing. 

So, recently, a large cash infusion into the field of trade, tourism, telecommunications, and innovation has been continuing into the Serbian economy from the Asian state. It drives these sectors to a completely new quality level. New players are involved in the process, which contributes to the growth of competition, and this, as you know, is the engine of progress. 

If you are interested in Serbia as a business center, we invite you to read our article “Residence permit and tax residency in Serbia through real estate investment”. 

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A company in Serbia is a profitable enterprise 

From what we mentioned above, it follows that today opening a business in Serbia is a very profitable and promising enterprise. And here we are talking not only about opening a new business in this jurisdiction but also about the placement of branches. 

It is worth seriously thinking about opening a branch in Serbia, primarily for companies related to the construction business, transport, implementation and support of communications and logistics, companies providing various services and intermediary functions, as well as many others. As you know, the ability to find a benefit or create it is an important, if not the main, feature of any entrepreneur. 

Serbia's loyal attitude towards offshore companies is worth mentioning separately. In other words, opening a branch of an offshore business in Serbia in order to obtain the necessary advantages, just like for carrying out direct activities, is realistic and relatively easy to do. At the same time, if you consider Serbia as a potentially profitable opportunity for your activities, it is not at all necessary to have already an operating company.

You can easily open your company in Serbia from scratch. Fortunately, the procedure for opening both a new company and a branch of an existing one is very simple, and, no less important, it can be carried out remotely. Serbia also offers to take advantage of the opportunity to acquire a residence permit when buying real estate (through investment). 


Chinese billions in the Serbian economy: new horizons for business in Serbia 

China will pour billions of euros into the development of Serbia's transport infrastructure. The second world economy, which in the near future expects to come out on top, is seriously considering the Balkan republic as one of the main partners in Europe. Chinese investors plan not to be satisfied with what has already been achieved and to implement more and more new projects in Serbia, and the inflow of investments always means a good profitability of the enterprise. Interest in business in Serbia is growing rapidly and promises to become a real gold mine in the future. 

For this reason, Mundo highly recommends Serbia as a business center in Europe. Our experts can help you establish a company, a branch, or acquire residency by real estate investment. Contact us today and discover the wonders of doing business in Serbia.

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