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Unique Opportunity: Special Mundo Card with Selected Membership

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Today we are happy to present a very special opportunity. This is a financial product but not only. It is, in a way, a symbol of what Mundo represents. Freedom to make international payments, to organize your company´s payroll and expenses across countries, freedom to access all the opportunities available in the world, freedom to do business internationally, and to manage and combine financial structures as creatively as you can imagine. We present to you our Mundo Selected Club Membership. 

All Mundo selected members will be offered a card that is not only a membership credential but much more. We offer a card program designed by a highly experienced partner with an exclusive and very useful offer. Our partners supply card programs to more than 40 banks and financial institutions that are considered the top card providers in the world. The program is specifically designed according to Mundo´s high-quality standards and our member´s most exclusive demands and will bring many benefits. Welcome to the Mundo Club Card.

This card can be used in almost every location and has a high level of protection and confidentiality. We have managed to arrange a rigorous but yet red-tape-free KYC process in such a way that the required documentation is much less onerous than with a usual banking institution. Nonetheless, this does not mean that the process is less strict. We care about our reputation and are very careful to onboard only reputable individuals and legal businesses.

Acquiring this card is the first step in your journey towards creating your own family office, which is what we specialize in.

Two cards – One world 

From 1994, we managed to grow from one single trust company (one of Nevis´s oldest trust companies) to a portal with limitless opportunities that has been over ten years in the making. Now, we have a unique platform in accordance with our elite services. Mundo runs in the four major languages in the world: Chinese, English, Spanish, and Russian. 

We understand that our information is now reaching a variety of people, cultures, and idiosyncrasies, and that is why we intend to respect the differences while integrating the best of each country into a common goal: financial growth and personal freedom. 

For this reason, we offer two cards that cover different needs and which we will explain next. 

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Option 1 –The black card  

This is the Rolls Royce of cards. This product is designed for our most exquisite clients with spending limits of 50,000 USD a month and enhanced privacy. This is the best card money can buy. It includes the following benefits: 

A. Club membership of Mundo Elite group: you get a complimentary 2-hour consultation from our worldwide network of financial advisers and wealth specialists. You will have access to exclusive investment opportunities including access to our VIP mailing on investment and pre-IPO opportunities.  

B. Your own designated Mundo Relationship manager available 24/7.  

C. A brokerage account.  

D. A crypto wallet with borrowing privileges.  

E. A credit line to buy your very own real estate property in Panama (optional).  

F. Discount on worldwide health insurance via the top international Swiss insurance broker.  

True free spirits cannot be locked in a cage. No matter how hard they try, governments and their allies won´t be able to quench the lovers of freedom. We will always find a way to develop our businesses, projects, or startups. This card is thought for those perpetual travelers or nomad capitalists that refuse to give away their life force to only one government and decide to be free. For these people (and not only), our elite card offers 24/7 assistance, a variety of financial tools to grow their wealth, and a discount on first-class global health insurance.

For members who are looking to develop a real estate investment portfolio, the Black Card offers unique opportunities for property purchase in Panama. At Mundo, we highly recommend this country for all kinds of investment, especially real estate. Moreover, since last year it is possible to acquire permanent residency by investing in a property for a minimum of 300,000USD. We have partnered with one of the best developers in the country offering a comprehensive real estate + residency + rental management package. We invite you to read more about this option here

We have also developed an article describing the advantages of building a property portfolio in Panama.

The elite Mundo Black Card has the following stand-alone benefits: 

Travel Rewards: 

  • Discounted pricing on hotel stays. 
  • Redeemable reward points/miles earned at hotels and airlines. 
  • Discounted pricing on cruises, car rentals, and condos. 
  • Discounted pricing on activities.

Option 2 – The silver card  

There is another option for other types of needs. For those who need to organize their finances or to distribute funds among a group of people, we offer the Silver Card. Thus, you can use this card for your children, your staff, and your partners, or to control your own spending. The monthly spending limit is 5,000USD.

This card is an excellent tool to be used as: 

A. A payroll program for your staff.

B. A reward program for your customers.  

C. A corporate card for your company.  

D. A gift card for your friends and loved ones.  

E. A personal additional card.  

With this card you obtain the following benefits:  

1. A crypto wallet.  

2. 20% discount on your first trust.  

3. A complimentary consultation with our Mundo financial adviser.  

 This is an excellent option to easily manage finances and expenses. 


KYC and onboarding requirements 

Applying for either of the Mundo cards is very easy. Once you have chosen the card that best suits you, you will need to send us a clear copy of your passport and your proof of address. Our compliance team will review your application and perform the corresponding background check. You will receive an email confirmation once your application has been approved. It is that easy.

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A world of experts with eyes to the future 

Mundo means “world” in Spanish. We have chosen this name for our publication because from day one we understood that we were not creating a mere online portal, but a whole world of experts. Our era is plagued with terrible issues such as global warming, the coronavirus, increasing inflation, and excessive regulation, but one thing we can be grateful for is the advancement of technology.

Thanks to the advent of the worldwide net at the turn of the century and the creation and development of blockchain technology in the past decades, we have the possibility of immediate communication with anyone anywhere in the world and also the opportunity of cross-border collaboration, international projects, and global businesses and investments.

The creators of Mundo see and understand this and that is why we created a “world of experts”, i.e., a wide network of lawyers, agents, realtors, brokers, bankers, and advisers around the world, with the possibility of infinite combinations, mutual cooperation, and a fertile environment for B2B and B2C relationships.

Thanks to this vision and thanks to our tireless efforts, we have created a wide network of experts including private banks and wealth management institutions all over the world. As a Mundo member, you will have access to our network and to more than 40 banks with which we have strong relationships. 

Only a consultation with one of our wealth management experts will open a new land of possibilities including but not limited to the following areas: 

A. Private banking and brokerage accounts.  

B. Fixed income funds with high yields.  

C. Crypto projects and investments.  

D. Pre-IPO and private placements offering potentially high yields.  

E. Real estate investment opportunities and distressed assets.  

F. Physical gold and precious metal holdings and futures options.  

G. Investment in jurisdictions from Singapore to Russia and lesser-known destinations like Armenia and Georgia. 

H. Investments in funds and other high yield investments and opportunities.  

Our specialized team can not only create your wealth strategy by accessing a world of opportunities but also create your family office fund or hedge fund.

Frequently asked questions about the Mundo card program  

What are the fees?   

Contact us and ask for an information package.

Contact us

How do I transfer funds to my card 

You can send the funds from anywhere in the world to a bank account we will provide you with. These funds will then be assigned to your account and from your account's dashboard you can then top up any of the cards you wish.

How do I check my balance?  

Once you have been approved you will receive login information to use our portal. From your account's dashboard, you will be able to check your balance and distribute your funds.

Will I have to open a bank account?  


Where is my money actually held?  

The funds will be held in your account, you will be able to move them to your debit card whenever you wish.   

How is the card delivered?  

By regular mailing services.  

Where (in which countries) can I use the card?    

In any country at any Visa approved vendor. 

How do I send money to other cardholders, e.g., my employees?  

We offer the transfer option within our cardholders' network free of cost. (Person to person transfers are in your fee schedule at $2.00 each). 

How can I create my payroll program using the Mundo card?  

You can apply for different debit cards to distribute to your employees or each of your employees can apply for an account.  

Can my customers use the card to buy services from mand how?  

Yes. Once they have an account, they will be able to transfer funds into your account as payment for your services or products.  

More than just a card  

Both our cards constitute a unique product with immense benefit. The Silver Card will offer you a secure and simple way to manage your finances and your company´s.

The Black Card, however, is more than just a debit card, it is a Membership Card. With this, you don´t only access the financial benefits per se, but also become part of an exclusive club and network full of B2B and B2C opportunities. The world does not finish at the border of your country or region but is a huge playground with infinite possibilities that are now available thanks to the new technologies. Mundo has taken the challenge to put together this club and is the glue that keeps all these talented professionals and entrepreneurs together working in perfect synergy.

Ordering the Black Card gives you access to Mundo private investment opportunities, special deals, and discounts.

Would you like to join? 

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