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Family Offices, the Best Wealth Management Structure there is

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The paradox of great fortunes is that to achieve them requires an impressive amount of work, effort and intelligence, but losing them requires very little effort. All individuals with significant wealth are aware that it is almost always more difficult to maintain the fortunes they have made than it was to make them in the first place.

That is why wealth management strategies exist. These are strategies that, through the use and combination of different legal structures, allow investors or groups of investors to protect the fruits of their labor against almost any situation. 

Wealth management and investment strategies are especially important when we are talking about fortunes that will be passed onto future generations. And it is also in these cases where it is essential to have the right advice to create the right legal structures to avoid substantial or total losses.

The world of family fortunes can be complex. The combination of legal and tax frictions and family relationships is a difficult sea to navigate on your own or with regular advisors. These occasions require experts to help you operate a family office correctly.

Our legal experts at Mundo can help you design the best strategy for your Family Office with a specific focus on tax optimization. If you want to know more, do not hesitate to contact our team!

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What is a Family Office?

When we talk about a Family Office, we are referring to a private legal entity or a company dedicated solely to managing the wealth assets of a family (or several, in some cases). In principle, Family Offices solve two of the major problems faced by wealthy families: the coordination of their investments and succession strategies. 

You may be thinking that a Family Office is not much different from an investment fund, but nothing could be further from the truth. A regular wealth management firm works by prioritizing its trading volume rather than the quality of its operation. In other words, they are not really prepared for the level of hyper-personalization required to manage a large family fortune.

On the other hand, a Family Office has the opposite approach: quality over volume. And so they solve the two problems mentioned above. These structures allow all the members of a family to invest their wealth as a single unit, which reduces costs and significantly increases the cohesion and efficiency of investments.

A Family Office then is a company that manages a family's assets through a service charter that depends on the plans, ambitions and preferences of the family members. This is where the ability to customize shines.

These structures are usually made up of experts in wealth management and investment strategies, accountants, legal specialists and tax optimization experts. We mentioned before that Family Offices have a menu of services that varies according to the needs of each family, and while that is true, the general functions of Family Offices are generally the same:

- Maximizing family wealth: wealth growth is part of every Family Office and this is achieved through investments in stocks, bonds, private equity, venture capital, real estate investments, different business structures, investments in art and collectibles among other investments.

- Wealth management: from reviewing the structure and needs of the family to the design of investment and succession protocols that facilitate generational succession.

- Managing relevant family relationships: the activities related to this function can be as extensive as the family requires. The basics of family relationship management are devising legal and tax strategies for each family member, but families with the largest estates generally include insurance management, charitable initiatives, lifestyle management and even managing some extra-family relationships on the list.

How to Start a Family Office with Mundo’s Services

It's no secret that high net worth families today face greater risks than at other times in recent history. Anti-business regulations, uncontrolled money issuance, rising taxes and the popularization of authoritarianism in major jurisdictions around the world set the perfect ingredients for the next big economic crisis.

In this context, creating a financial shelter is a must for every family with considerable wealth.

Our team of experts has worked with our most exclusive clients to help them create their family office for about the same price as obtaining a second passport.

Unlike other advisory groups, Mundo does not skimp on resources when it comes to creating a Family Office for any of our clients. Our team has designed a solution that allows you to protect your family for generations against any political, financial, tax or legal risk you can imagine.

We have prepared the “Forever Free” package so you can set up your own Family Office at the price of a passport. Our selected jurisdiction is Nevis, a place where secrecy and privacy are guaranteed.

Why Nevis?

Nevis is a wealthy island part of the British Commonwealth that is located in the Atlantic Ocean. Thanks to its British-inspired robust privacy laws, Nevis is known as one of the last frontiers of financial freedom, a jurisdiction where many wealthy families and individuals are coming to safeguard their legacy.

Also, Nevis citizenship by investment program is known as one of the best programs of its type in the Americas. Its banking sector is robust thanks to secrecy rules and British standards.

However, the cherry on the cake is the Nevis Multipurpose Foundation, one of the most extraordinary wealth management tools on Earth, providing intergenerational wealth protection forever. This legal figure is extraordinarily flexible, as it can be operated as a trust or a company, depending on the objective of the client.

Our experts can help you set up your Family Office in six steps:

1. Obtain a Nevis passport to take advantage of the tax and legal advantages of this jurisdiction.

2. Create a multiform foundation in Nevis, which is one of the best structures in the world when it comes to asset protection.

3. Create an LLC in Nevis to function as the operational structure of your multiform foundation.

4. Design your tax strategy.

5. Open a secure and confidential bank account to operate your LLC through your multiform foundation.

6. Design your wealth management strategy.

Our team is also able to create customized structures according to your needs. For example, opting for a Vanuatu passport and designing your tax strategy in Panama would be no problem at all.

If you would like to know more details on how we can help you create a fully customized Family Office according to your family's needs and preferences, contact us now.

All About Building Your Own Family Office at Our First Conference of 2022!

2022 has already begun its march and at Mundo we have an annual agenda of conferences prepared to inform investors, entrepreneurs and high net worth individuals about all the strategies they can implement to protect their wealth in the face of growing threats from major governments.

At our first conference this year we will teach everything you need to know to set up a Family Office that will allow you to protect your wealth for generations to come. Our panel will be filled with experts in wealth management, investment citizenship programs and tax planning.

Those who attend our first conference will learn:

- The reasons why any entrepreneur and investor (even middle class) needs to have a financial plan B due to the global context and threats present in our current economy.

- How to create an impenetrable wealth management structure that can be maintained across generations in just 5 steps.

- What are the wealth and investment management solutions and strategies that the world's leading Family Offices use to maximize wealth.

- What are the ways to get a Family Office for the same price as a citizenship by investment program with the help of our experts in Mundo.

At the moment we are close to 1000 attendees. 

To register for our first conference this year, CLICK HERE

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How to create
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A conference on how to establish your own family office by some of the world's top experts including financial products and invetments, second passports, trust and family office companies, usually only accessible to family office advisers.
This conference gives you detailed insider knowledge that will cost you a fortune in consultancy fees.