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Why is Nevis LLC Perfect for Your Self-Directed IRA

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Over the years at Mundo we have worked with investors from various jurisdictions and we have noticed that, no matter what country they come from or what culture they grew up in, our clients have one thing in common: they are investors who like to have options. And when it comes to investing money, having options is basically having freedom. 

That's exactly what St. Kitts and Nevis offers those who are looking for investment options with their Individual Retirement Account (IRA): a wide variety of investment options, the freedom to be in complete control of their money without having to rely on the mood of any custodian.

Before continuing, it is necessary to clarify a couple of basic notions, since IRAs are a concept that is not well known in many jurisdictions.

An IRA is the type of account that U.S. citizens and residents use to invest their money and hopefully enjoy a good retirement.

The problem with common IRAs is that people are not in control of how their money is invested. Not to mention that they generally produce a return that is mediocre to say the least.

The solution to this problem for U.S. citizens is to take their IRAs offshore and take control of their assets so they are free to invest in better options.

For experienced investors, there are few things more important than having the freedom to decide where to put their money. That's why common IRAs can be frustrating for them, because generally the menu of investments and possibilities is very limited and provides low investment returns.

Even self-directed IRAs can become insufficient for some, because while you may have more autonomy over how you invest your funds, you still have to count on the custodian of your account to be comfortable with your decisions.

That's where offshore IRAs come in, the best option for those who prefer to have full control of their money and enjoy many more options for investing even in non-traditional assets.

With this option you can take the custodian out of the equation and become solely responsible for your money. And what better place than Nevis to do this.

Why Nevis? Seven Reasons to Take Your IRA Offshore with Nevis' LLCs

The advantages St. Kitts and Nevis offers when it comes to asset protection and confidentiality are known worldwide. Sending them all could well take us a whole book, but to save your time we have selected the most favorable features of this jurisdiction when it comes to IRA LLCs. Let's take a look:

Tax Optimization of the Highest Level

One of the features for which Nevis is world-renowned among investors is for its high levels of tax optimization. This is an advantage that you can take advantage of when setting up your IRA LLC since in this jurisdiction you do not have to pay taxes on your global income.

You Can Open Your LLC in a Couple of Days

With the right advice, you can open an LLC in Nevis in a couple of days. Our experts can get you pre-approved at several banks so that when you open your LLC you don't have to wait much longer for a bank account to receive your wire transfer to start investing with your IRA in just the ways you've always wanted to. 

Minimal Substance Requirements

There is no need for you to demonstrate substantive requirements such as having an office or hired personnel within the country when you are about to open an LLC in Nevis. This adds another level of comfort and convenience for investors for whom the use of their time is essential. 


Corporate services in this jurisdiction are known for their secrecy. You can rest assured that you will maintain your privacy at undisturbed levels if you choose to operate in Nevis. This alone is one of the best cards this jurisdiction has in its hand, as very few other jurisdictions can reach these levels of privacy at present.

No Minimum Capital Requirement

Adding to the reasons that make Nevis one of the most convenient jurisdictions to incorporate an IRA LLC is the fact that in this country there is no minimum capital investment required to register an LLC, which allows you to start with the opening process without taking risks.

It is Allowed to Open Single-Owners LLCs

Another feature of Nevis’ LLCs is that they can be established with only one owner in their incorporation document. This gives you versatility in case you prefer to maintain tight control over your assets and prevent other hands from interfering with your investment plans.

One of the Strongest Asset Protection Levels in the World

The laws of this jurisdiction are based on British common law, which assures you that the entire tax, corporate and legal system in St. Kitts and Nevis is designed to allow you to operate in a pro-business and pro-privacy environment. The level of asset protection here is such that St. Kitts and Nevis authorities do not recognize judges from other jurisdictions. If you want your money safe, this is the place.

What is a Self-Directed IRA LLC in Nevis?

Moving your IRA to an offshore jurisdiction like Nevis is quite simple. It all consists of opening an LLC in the jurisdiction and instructing the custodian of your self-directed IRA to transfer your funds to the LLC. After that point, you will be the lord and master of the funds. 

We can say that the IRA LLC in Nevis is all about giving you back control of your money. 

With an offshore IRA LLC you can invest in non-traditional assets, invest in offshore properties and get higher investment returns than with a regular IRA. This type of structure allows you to invest in multiple assets regardless of whether they are in different countries while investing in stocks and bonds. Operations that a custodian would hardly allow you to do due to lack of skills or because you don't have time to research better ways to invest your money.

Best of all, once the custodian makes the transfer of funds to your LLC in Nevis, there is no turning back. From that point on no one else will be in a position to tell you what to do or what not to do with your money.

Of course the custodian can ask you to return the funds to a structure that he can control, but in no way can he force you to do so, as the custodian cannot use the power of any foreign court in front of a St. Kitts and Nevis court to take control of the funds belonging to the LLC that you control.

The Rules of the Nevis’ Self-Directed IRA LLC

Since you will be managing the funds in your self-directed IRA LLC in Nevis yourself, there are a number of considerations you should keep in mind to avoid problems later on. You can think of this as the rules of the game for this type of investment strategy.

Let's see:

-You will need to have a U.S. IRA custodian (properly licensed) to make the investment from your IRA to your LLC.

-Your U.S. custodian must report annually to the IRS on your account activity.

-The IRA must be the owner of the LLC in Nevis.

-You cannot borrow from or pledge your IRA as collateral under any circumstances.

-Your custodian must provide a valuation of your IRA, report to the IRS annually and handle State filings when required.

-You must maintain bookkeeping records to support the use of your funds.

-You may not invest in assets such as life insurance or collectibles.


If you want to know in more detail about the rules that will govern your self-directed IRA LLC in Nevis, contact our experts now!

Who Are We and What Can We Do for You?

At Mundo we have spent the last 30 years working together with the NTL Trust to provide our services to investors from various countries around the world who are looking for jurisdictions that allow them to lead a life with more individual and economic freedom.

Today we have become one of the greatest allies of high net worth individuals and families when it comes to designing and executing investment and asset protection strategies, as well as obtaining second passports.

Our work to safeguard our clients' freedom has brought us into close alliances with the most recognized legal and corporate experts in the world's leading jurisdictions. That network of alliances now reaches St. Kitts and Nevis, where our associates can help you set up the structure for your IRA LLC.

This option is perfect for you to take back control of your money, but we fear it is not an alternative that will be available forever. At the rate the world is going, with increasing controls on economic freedoms, it is only a matter of time before governments push anti-business policies that prevent you from taking advantage of the opportunity to move your offshore IRA to Nevis.

If you want to get started with the process of opening your IRA LLC in Nevis, don't hesitate to contact our experts! We can help you through the entire process and in a matter of days you will be ready to invest freely in the property and assets you want.

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