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Why the Antigua and Barbuda CBI suddenly got more interesting for perpetual travelers

8/8/2023 8:00:00 AM
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Are you already wondering how to get a second passport through investment? If the answer is no, then you should wait no longer to start asking yourself the right questions. The cost of investment passports may seem high in some jurisdictions but it's actually not as elevated in others. In many cases, obtaining a passport means the same as getting real estate anywhere else. The difference is that, with this approach, you get both the property and the passport. So, when you're conducting your research to find out how to get a second passport through investment, now there's a new reason to put the Antigua and Barbuda CBI on the top of your list. But first, let's dedicate a few paragraphs to introducing this beautiful island country.

Best passport investment opportunities: getting to know Antigua and Barbuda

We're talking about a country formed of several islands in the eastern Caribbean. Being a part of the western Indies, it used to belong to the British Empire being one of its largest and most important colonies.

If you think of a sunny paradise, you can think of Antigua and Barbuda because this is quite an enticing destination that attracts a huge amount of visitors throughout the year. It's not surprising that important and influential people like Princess Diana chose this destination as the ideal place to relax.

The country is formed by three islands of which the most important one is Antigua. Besides finding the capital and the main harbor in St. John's, visitors and residents enjoy wide biodiversity and breathtaking surroundings.

In the north, there's Barbuda which is smaller and less populated. Here is where you go if you want to explore the native culture and its traditions. Finally, the smallest island is Redonda which is uninhabited and located West.

Many people wonder how to become a citizen of Antigua and Barbuda because here they can get a passport by making an investment. However, this should not be mistaken for buying passports because that's not what the island offers. Instead, it brings an opportunity to become a citizen after the due diligence process has been implemented and the person, in return, makes a contribution to the local economy.

In other words, one gets more than a travel document but an amazing place to live, work, and enjoy. For the sake of description, we will name a few attractions like the beautiful coasts, bays, and hidden corners through which one can navigate on his/her boat.

Although people usually don't choose the Caribbean for cultural reasons, this is the wrong approach. In this country, visitors can find interesting architecture and archaeological places of value like the megaliths of Greencastle Hill, also known as the Indian Town. 

The climate is amazing, especially if you love tropical warm weather throughout the whole year. In other words, an air conditioner at the apartment will help you sleep comfortably, and during the day you can enjoy the warm weather by diving in the waters or walking around St. John's. 

When it comes to communication, you'll find that English is widely used however, locals speak Creole, which is English mixed with native expressions and words derived from African languages. If you speak Spanish, you'll find a community of approximately 10,000 people who speak this language or at least a dialect that's very similar to it. To sum up, by knowing Spanish and English you'll be able to get around quite easily on the islands.

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Passport through investment programs: what you’ll find in Antigua and why it just got better

Now that you know the country and its main characteristics, and now that you have understood that the Antigua and Barbuda CBI doesn't sell passports but offers an opportunity to become a citizen, we can explore the program's possibilities and its latest enhancements.

In Antigua and Barbuda, applicants can access the typical two options: donation and real estate. In this regard, you won't find anything new here, nonetheless, you will enjoy an excellent, laid-back, business-friendly environment that can offer you a passport to freedom. Like other Caribbean nations, Antigua and Barbuda CBI keeps interesting thresholds especially when we compare the cost of investment passports in the Caribbean and Europe.

If you're wondering how to become a citizen of Antigua and Barbuda, contact your expert at Mundo and ask for updated information and the best passport investment opportunities.

Antigua has one of the most affordable passport through investment programs which you can access with a 130,000-dollar donation (not including legal and government fees). To get the exact numbers make a consultation so your expert can prepare a quotation based on your specific needs, number of dependents, and so on.

What's new with Antigua and Barbuda CBI

Recently we've received interesting news for the CBI industry. Now, Antiguans can add Canada to their visa-free list which was already quite interesting including Ireland, the UK, and several EU countries. Citizens will be able to travel visa-free to the northern country if they have already held a Canadian visa in the previous ten years or if they have had or currently have a US visa. Actually, the proper term is not “visa-free” because travelers will have to apply for an e-visa within a few days prior to their trips. Nonetheless, filing this form takes only a few minutes while applying for a regular visa takes months. Moreover, you'll be able to visit over 150 countries without any boresome processes.

Disclaimer: this article is merely informative and does not replace a legal consultation. Always consult with a professional before making important financial decisions. 

Choose the best passport through investment programs with Mundo 

Now that you know how to get a second passport through investment, you can make your decision. You don't like Antigua and Barbuda CBI? If you do, you will be enjoying the same landscapes that Princess Diana did and will have easy access to one of the main cultural and economic powers in the Western world. 

If you don't like the Antigua and Barbuda CBI, there are still plenty of options. In Saint Lucia, for example, you have the chance to get profits much more simply by investing in government bonds. In Nevis, you can create a powerful asset protection structure. In Vanuatu, you can live secluded and keep yourself away from the problems of modern life. And, as if this wasn't enough, there are still a number of residency options out there. All you have to do is get in touch and tell us what you need. 

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