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Montenegro, the Last European CBI Standing

1/28/2021 8:00:00 AM
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European citizenship-by-investment programs are not at their best. At the end of 2020, Cyprus canceled its CBI program after a scandal, and since then, Europe's central authorities have had the programs of the countries that make up the EU bloc under scrutiny. 

The effects of European scrutiny on CBI and RBI programs have not been long in coming. We already see how strict and prohibitive European countries have become accepting applications for their Golden Visa and similar programs.

But amidst the European chaos, there is one jurisdiction that prevails and today has one of the best CBI programs in all of Europe. Of course, we are talking about Montenegro, the Balkans’ hidden gem that more and more investors are choosing over destinations like Malta.

Montenegro's citizenship by investment program took everyone by surprise when it was inaugurated in 2019 and quickly started gaining ground among all the migration options for investors in Europe.

Montenegro presents a lower entry price than its neighbors and promises higher investment returns and a better tax scheme than in the vast majority of European countries.

Montenegro has one of the last CBI programs in Europe, but the window of opportunity to access the program is closing fast. Initially, the program was created with a 3-year window to accept up to 2000 applications, which means that if you want one of the remaining tickets to board this train, you have only until January 2022.

Mundo’s exclusive offer

Only three legal teams are licensed to provide legal assistance services for Montenegro's CBI program, and one of those is our experts. If you want to participate in this program and obtain one of the best passports in Europe, contact us for complimentary consulting on your investment options! The first ten applicants we receive will get a 15% discount on our professional fees.

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Why Montenegro? Six reasons to participate in the Montenegrin CBI program

Their CBI program is fast, with few requirements, and allows you to include your family

You can add your spouse and dependent children to your Montenegrin citizenship application. This program allows you to include your dependent children with no age limit, which is a rarity among these types of applications. 

As if that were not enough, there are very few requirements to access the Montenegro CBI program. You do not need to have been in Montenegro, and almost the entire process is done remotely. The only time you need to be in Montenegro is to register your biometric data and collect your passport. You also do not need to learn to speak Montenegrin or renounce your other citizenships.

An excellent European passport, which will also officially enter the EU

The Montenegrin passport is among the top 40 in the world and allows you to travel visa-free to more than 120 countries, including the Schengen Zone, Russia, Turkey, and Singapore. This passport is perfect for Russia, China, and Latin American countries. If that wasn't enough, Montenegro will be part of the European Union from 2025, which means that this passport will freely allow you to move and invest throughout the Eurozone.

E-2 visa, Montenegro's ace up its sleeve

Montenegro is one of the few countries in the world to combine citizenship by investment program with the possibility of applying for an E-2 visa to invest in the United States more efficiently. This visa will allow you and your family to live, work, invest, and study in the US freely for one year (renewable). There is no equal offer in Europe, or rather, there is no equally advantageous offer for the prices at which you can access the Montenegrin passport.

A tax policy much lighter than the European average

To access the Montenegrin CBI program, applicants must make a qualified investment in specific real estate projects. And while that in the rest of Europe means submitting to an unbearable tax burden, it's a different story in Montenegro. In this jurisdiction, taxes on land, property, and capital gains transfers are on average twice as cheap as in the rest of the European continent. 

The best return on investment in the region

If there's anything better than finding a prestigious and affordable citizenship-by-investment program, it's finding one that is not only prestigious and affordable but also makes you money. And that is precisely what Montenegro offers. The tourism and real estate industry in this jurisdiction is experiencing a moment of meteoric growth. According to Montenegrin monetary authorities figures, that trend is set to continue for at least the next ten years. The returns on investment that Montenegro offers to make the other options in Europe seem like a bad business.

A strong economy, a stable government

Montenegro is in a very favorable position concerning Central and Southern Europe's countries. There are no refugee crises, socialist governments, or protests every day. The Montenegrin government decided years ago to take a pro-business stance and economic openness to compete with the world's best jurisdictions. As a result, Montenegro is now experiencing a boom in investment, tourism, and economic freedom.

If you want to learn more about the political and business environment in Montenegro, feel free to review our Country Focus on this jurisdiction.

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Is it possible to obtain a Montenegrin passport before the end of its CBI program?

The answer to that question depends very much on which route you choose to apply to the Montenegro CBI program. Our experts can help you go through the entire process in just over six months; this is the most recommended path. Otherwise, you will run into the tough Montenegrin language barrier, as all documentation, negotiations, and applications must be in the jurisdiction’s local language.

Montenegro's citizenship by investment program is relatively fast compared to other programs in the region, but only if you have the right team of professionals to help you through each step of the application.

Keep in mind that there are 11 months left for you to go through the entire process as of this writing. Our team can help you get your Montenegrin passport in less than six months if you decide and meet the requirements in time.

You have to be quick to take advantage of this opportunity. For example, starting an application process in June 2021 would already make you practically on the razor's edge. So it is best to take advantage of the first quarter of 2021 to obtain Montenegrin citizenship.

If you decide to work with our team of experts, you will not have to deal with the paperwork, nor will you translate anything into Montenegrin. The only thing you will have to do is to go to Montenegro and register your biometric data and pick up your passport once the whole process is successful. We handle the rest to save you headaches.

Our experts are a few legal teams licensed by the Montenegrin government to offer advisory services related to your CBI program. In the last two years, we have helped investors from all over the world to obtain their new passport, and you can be one of them too. If you decide to do it now, you can get up to a 15% discount on our professional fees and have your passport in no time. 

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The process to obtain Montenegrin citizenship

Since the Montenegro CBI program's opening, we have already helped investors from several countries worldwide obtain their Montenegrin passport with a straightforward process consisting of only seven steps. The process that allows us to help you get your Montenegrin passport in just over six months works like this:

1. Initial meeting with our Montenegrin experts: the first step of the process consists of reviewing your status to determine if you (and, if applicable, your family members) are eligible for the program. We also ensure that you have all the Montenegrin government’s documentation to start the application process. These documents are:

  • Citizenship application form.
  • Notarized copy of passport.
  • Original birth certificate.
  • Original marriage certificate (if applicable).
  • A health insurance policy that is valid in Montenegro.
  • A medical report showing that you do not suffer from infectious diseases.
  • A statement showing the legitimate origin of funds for your investments and payment of commissions in Montenegro.

2. Payment of professional and Montenegro government fees: Once our team has ascertained that you are eligible to apply for the Montenegro CBI program, you will be required to pay the due diligence fee along with the professional fees of our experts. They will assist you throughout the process. Remember that we are currently offering a 15% discount.

3. Choosing a project to invest in: the next thing that will happen is that our team of experts will provide you with a list of all the investment options available to you in Montenegro. You should select the one that best suits your needs and where you see the most significant potential for the best returns on investment. After making your choice, the investment documents are signed.

4. Payment of the investment and donation to the Montenegrin government: this step consists only of making the payments corresponding to the donation or contribution with the Montenegrin government (100,000 EUR) and the payment corresponding to the real estate investment you have chosen (250,000 EUR or 450,000 EUR). 

5. Sending of documentation: in this step, you do not have to worry about anything. Our experts send to the Montenegrin authorities all your documents related to the application and investment.

6. Approval of the application: once we send your documents to the Montenegrin authorities, they will take some time to review the application. This can take up to six months. Once they accept your application, you will get your naturalization certificate as a Montenegrin.

7. Register your biometric data and pick up your Montenegrin passport: this is the last step of the process. You will have to go to Montenegro to physically register your biometric data, and moments later, you will be able to receive your passport.

As you may have noticed, all steps except the sixth one depend on how quickly you meet the requirements, make your decision on which project to invest in, and how soon you go to Montenegro to register your data. In case you are a determined investor, we could be finishing the process in a little more than six months. That would give you plenty of time to get your second passport with the Montenegro CBI program if you start your process soon.

If you want to know more details about Montenegrin citizenship to start your application, do not hesitate to contact us. Our team of professionals will explain everything so that you will be ready to obtain your second passport in a matter of months. 

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Who are we, and what can we do for you?

At Mundo, we have been helping investors and high net worth individuals for more than 25 years in their search for second passports that allow them to safeguard the fruits of their years of work and keep them away from socialist governments and suffocating fiscal policies.

We have woven a network of experts in the best jurisdictions globally during these almost three decades of work. That network now reaches Montenegro, one of the best places to invest in Europe and one of the last countries with top-tier CBIs. 

Our Montenegro experts can help you obtain your second passport in no time. And on top of that, you will have invested in a property that will generate investment returns well above the European average.

You can take the first step today to protect yourself from the next wave of anti-business and anti-wealth policies that are about to be implemented by countries that only know how to raise taxes and print money. Montenegro is the best hedge against that. But remember that your opportunity is about to be extinguished, so it must be now or never.

Only three duly licensed teams can provide legal assistance for Montenegro’s CBI program, including our experts. Plus, the first ten applicants we receive during 2021 will receive a 15% discount on our professional fees.

If you want to start the process of obtaining your Montenegrin passport, contact us!

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