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Unveiling the secret of asset protection

2/22/2024 8:00:00 AM
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A fair amount of people reading these lines probably, at least once, wondered how to become rich. Undoubtedly, financial well-being concerns us all, especially in times of increasing uncertainty like the ones we live in now. 

It’s no secret that becoming rich is almost impossible in today’s system as the costs of living, tuition, housing, taxes, and medical insurance eat up most of a person’s income and leave out a low profit margin. Moreover, this varies according to the local conditions like the country, the particular economic situation, and the global financial market. 

Initially, we may be tempted to say that there are countries better than others when it comes to becoming rich, but this is not entirely so. Every nation has its ups and downs and compensates with one aspect what it lacks in another. This is easily understood when we look at cases like Sweden or Norway, with a high level of living but also an ominous tax rate burden. On the other hand, some developing countries face inflation and economic issues while maintaining free public health and education. 

How to become rich: what is the secret of asset protection

The first thing that we’d like to point out is that Mundo understands richness as a wide concept. In our view, being rich is about every aspect of a person's life. To illustrate this point, it helps to picture the life of a mega-millionaire who can’t maintain a long-term relationship or who doesn’t speak with his/her children. In other words, richness is not about accumulating millions in a bank but about achieving success in every area of life. Naturally, for this, all the financial aspects must be covered. 

Asset protection secrets

If we want to talk about financial well-being, we need to discuss asset protection secrets, its essence, and its main tools. Although step 1 in “How to Become Rich” may be to create a profitable company or make the right investments, there is a step 0 which is (by now you probably figured it out) asset protection. There’s no point in making loads of money if you can’t protect it. This is when the benefits of a foundation or a trust become part of the game. 

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How can a trust help me

If you ask us to narrow down the secret of asset protection to only one concept, we would say it’s “separate ownership”. In our article The secret for optimal asset protection: strategies of wealthy people, we delve into this concept. 

Whether you choose a Nevis trust or a Panamanian foundation, you’ll be doing what’s essential to every solid financial plan: separating your legal ownership from your assets, thus providing them a necessary layer of protection. 

How can a trust help me if I choose Nevis 

In Nevis, you’ll find solid trust legislation that aims to protect a person’s assets and estate. Actually, this jurisdiction is known as one of the most protective in the world as it only recognizes local court rulings. 

After all, there is a reason why Nevis is famous as a Fort Knox trust jurisdiction helping you put all your precious ownings under a safe framework. Like in any other jurisdiction, the Nevis trust is a contract between you and a trustee, in other words, a person or a company that will manage your assets for you according to your stipulations. 

What is the secret of asset protection through a Panama foundation

If you go for a foundation, then Panama is your best option in Latin America and probably in the world. The foundation is a legal entity under which your assets will be held and managed according to your wishes, which will be established in the foundation charter. Keep in mind that the Panama Foundation is not allowed to carry out commercial activities. 

Disclaimer: This article reflects the personal opinion of Mundo’s editorial team and provides basic and general information about foundations and trusts. Before opening one of these structures, make sure to assess all possible risks and consult with a certified expert. 

Enjoy the benefits of a foundation or a trust hand-in-hand with Mundo

We not only help you establish your structures but also maintain them. A financial plan is almost like a living organism that needs to grow adapting to the conditions that surround them. In this case, the conditions are the person’s age, family, and objectives. One should not expect the same foundation charter for a single person, for a parent of young children, or for a client that’s about to retire. 

What is the secret of asset protection? For starters, it’s the ability to separate your legal ownership when it comes to your assets. For this, you need a special team that’s willing to help you and give you the best advice.

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