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Finding the perfect libertarian paradise: Nevis and the five flags

4/19/2024 8:00:00 AM
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What do we talk about when we mention the word “libertarian”? Concepts like this have their followers and certainly their detractors too. Today we analyze the origins of libertarianism, philosophy that has been around for almost a century and that has inspired business people, investors, politicians, and many other individuals in search of personal freedom. Let’s enter this world to find out if there is such a thing as a libertarian paradise. 

What is a libertarian: meaning and origins

The libertarian movement is centered on individualism as the most sacred value. From here, everything is possible as long as you don’t hurt others or restrain other individuals’ own freedom in any way. From a libertarian point of view, the state is an obstacle that prevents people from self-developing and achieving this coveted freedom. It’s worth noting that for a libertarian, this means freedom to travel, invest, and generate as much money as desired. For this reason, this philosophy is usually aligned with the interests of business people, followers of the five flags, and investors. 

In a business paradise (which can be a synonym for a libertarian paradise), projects and companies can thrive without interference. Hence, a libertarian supports the free-market approach and zero tax/low tax initiatives.

Ayn Rand: Libertarian, writer, and thinker

Born in Saint Petersburg, Ayn Rand had to leave her native soil at the age of 12 after the communist regime expropriated her family’s business. She created what is known as objectivism and supported individualism over socialism. Her ideas pointed to creating a free environment for individuals to grow reducing the state’s intervention to a minimum. Through novels like “The Fountainhead” and the famous “Atlas Shrugged” she was consolidated as one of the most influential writers of the 20th century. Nowadays, she continues to be a role model for the libertarian movement worldwide, and she is usually associated with concepts like the five flags, the perpetual traveler, and the nomad capitalist. 

Libertarianism: philosophy of a business paradise that may have its roots in the old continent

Even though Ayn Rand and other libertarian thinkers gave a significant turn to the movement, libertarianism finds its roots in Europe before the 1900s. Some authors highlight the complexity of this theory and its development. 

Names like Frederic Bastiat, from France, Gustave Molinari from Belgium, and Herbert Spencer, from England, were arguably the first to mint this concept by radicalizing classical liberalist ideas. 

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Even before Ayn Rand became an influential figure in the US, there were people warming up to radical individualist ideas. Benjamin Tucker, an editor and writer, founded and published the magazine Liberty, which was released from 1881 to 1908. Liberty is still considered one of the best publications on the subject. In other words, libertarian ideas seem to date back to the 19th century and probably were inspired by the above-mentioned European early trends. 

Libertarian: meaning of a business paradise

Now let’s take the topic to what interests us most: how to apply libertarian ideas to practical plans. If we conduct research and analyze the countries that offer nomad capitalist services we’ll find that there is no such thing as a libertarian paradise. Clearly, Galt's Gulch is only to be found in Ayn Rand’s literary world. One may ask is there nothing I can do? Fortunately, there are many jurisdictions that can offer interesting incentives. Even if dialing down the tax rate to zero feels like a utopia, there are many opportunities to reduce it significantly and save money.

Furthermore, by establishing the five flags smartly, one can take advantage of a combination of jurisdictions nurturing one’s plan with the best of each place. 

Choosing the five flags: Nevis 

At Mundo, we’ve discussed Nevis and the Federation of Saint Kitts and Nevis on many occasions. 

On the one hand, it constitutes the perfect 4th flag thanks to its robust corporate framework, offering a balance between tax incentives and compliance. In a highly regulated international arena, this is an offer that anyone would take with their eyes closed. 

On the other hand, Nevis covers the third flag through one of the best asset protection structures. The Nevis Trust has rightfully earned a reputation thanks to having one of the most protective legislations in the world. Based on the principle of legal ownership vs real ownership, a trust is a must in any financial structure. For more information about this subject, please visit our trust and asset protection section

Disclaimer: This article reflects the editorial team’s opinions and recommendations based on our own knowledge and experience. However, this article should not be considered to contain financial advice, tax advice, or legal advice. 

Is the libertarian paradise for me and how can Mundo help?

Here we can answer both with a yes or a no. While there is no single libertarian paradise, it is possible to transform the five flags into a structure that brings a higher level of freedom for the individual or the family in question. 

One thing that we can’t refrain from mentioning is the fact that these structures are now more accessible. In the 20th century, when libertarian ideas were barely starting to gain strength, the five flags were only for the super-rich. A millionaire zipping a cocktail on a luxury yacht next to an exotic island is the first thing that comes to mind. 

Now, things are different and the five flags or Mundo’s Forever Free package are available for all pockets. At this point, one should not lose sight of the plan’s main objective: diversification. This can be done whether you have ten thousand or ten million in the bank. 

At Mundo, we can help you put together the right structure with everything you need to feel safer in an ever-changing world where geopolitical conflicts and a fluctuating economy are the order of the day. Contact us and learn about our services: corporate, economic migration, real estate, and more. 

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