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Establishing a baby family office in Belize

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One of the most common questions our team of experts receives is how high net worth individuals manage to legally optimize taxation and effectively protect their assets, something that seems impossible for middle-class and startups.

And the answer is simpler than it seems. And you don’t need to be Bill Gates-rich to be able to take advantage of some of it.

We have called that plan forever free, and you can check an article that explains it thoroughly: Forever free article. However, we need to make certain precisions in this article.

Establishing a family office that allows you to legally escape from creditors, regulations, and socialist policies is possible, and understanding it will enable you to save hundreds of thousands in consultancy fees, and, of course, taxes.

The Rothschilds and Rockefellers have used such structures for more than a hundred years. In Mundo, we’ve successfully advised many of our clients to use such structures, running it through first-level accountancy, tax, and legal counselors in many countries, and it’s simply flawless.

But, to a point, its effectiveness will depend on which will be your family office HQ. And one of the places where your family office will be even more immaculate is Belize.


About Belize

Many people believe that to be able to apply a forever freestrategy through a family office, you need millions of dollars to start.

Of course, if you’re thinking of establishing one in Switzerland, Lichtenstein, or Singapore, that’s true. You’d need about a two to five-million-dollar net worth to even think of starting.

But Belize is an offshore jurisdiction open for all.

You can start your family office with a net worth of as little as $500k. Yes, an executive or a small-business entrepreneur in the US, Canada, or Europe can easily achieve that level. We like to call these kinds of Belizean family offices, the baby family office, which, with the right investments and our advice will grow into an adult and secure your future.

One of the things that baffle us at Mundo is how underrated and unknown Belize is as an offshore jurisdiction.

You’d probably think that for its costs, it would be a sloppy jurisdiction. That’s far from true. Belize has a solid legal system, is a stable democracy based on the Westminster system, and it’s the only English-speaking country of Central America.

Moreover, it has the best offshore banks of Latin America, offers a fantastic trust regime, a robust international business company legislation, simple residence processes, and magnificent real estate investment possibilities.

To sum up, it has everything you need to establish a family office. And it offers a relaxed lifestyle with all the comfort you deserve.


If you want to know more about living in Belize, check out our Postcards from Belize article.

Why Belize? Eight reasons to establish your family office in Belize

Access to first-level consultants with accessible prices

Belize has incredible professionals in all areas a family office needs. Accountants, lawyers, investment professionals of the highest level of expertise can be found for a fraction of a price they may cost in England. Many of them have studied in some of the best American or British universities.

Terrific banking system

Belize has one of the most underrated offshore banking systems on the planet. Its banks offer an incredibly high degree of secrecy, with good interest rates, and high levels of liquidity. Your money will be way safer than in most European banks.


If you want to know more about our banking services in Belize, check out our article.

Open to all

When you hear “family office,” you think it’s something only for the ultra-rich. That’s not the case with Belize. You can establish a baby family office if you own a thriving SME or are a high-level executive.

Magnificent trusts

Your assets can be protected through an intergenerational dynasty trust that can be managed by specialists to protect your family’s wealth for the next generations. Belize is one of the best trust jurisdictions in the Americas.

Fantastic licenses

You can combine the Belizean licensing regime to establish a financial institution that offers credit and wealth management services to provide these services to other wealthy families. In time, you can turn such an institution into a fully operational offshore bank to offer services to multi-family holdings, for a fraction of the price than most offshore jurisdictions.

Small population, calm ambiance

Belize is one of the less densely populated countries on the planet. It will offer a relaxed environment with ecological wonders wherever you want, which has made it a top touristic destination. Even better, it offers prime real estate projects for insane prices.

Simple residence scheme

Belize offers simple paths towards temporary and permanent residency with unparalleled tax benefits and an easy processing procedure with swift response time. If you set your personal tax residency in this gorgeous country, your taxation on worldwide income will be zero. You read that right.

Wonderful location

Belize is a two-hour flight away from Miami and Panama City, meaning it’s incredibly close to two fantastic business centers. It has direct access to the Caribbean and a prime location for business with Asia as it is almost next door to the Canal.

How to establish a Belize family office in five easy steps?

As you read it. Establishing a family office in Belize can be done in an incredibly swift and straightforward manner.

Step 1:Apply for residency in Belize

Belize offers many easily accessible residency options. One of the best-kept options is the qualified retirement programme. Even if it’s aimed for retirees, it actually has just two main requirements, 1) you must be at least 45 years old, and 2) you must demonstrate an income of over $2000 per month.


If you want to know more about Belize’s residency options, check out our Country Focus.


Step 2: Establish a family office law firm to act as protector of your Belize trust.

Our partners in Belize can act as protectors of your trust. The Belizean trusts are among the most secure asset protection vehicles on the planet because all transfer of assets is fully protected against claimants as long as they occurred at least one year ago. Moreover, Belize doesn’t recognize any foreign court judgments against its trusts. If that wasn’t enough, a Belizean trust doesn’t pay any taxes, nor it has any forced heirship laws.

Step 3: Establish a bank account for the trust ora holding company owned by the trust.

Belize is one of the most underrated offshore banking jurisdictions on the planet. You can set up an offshore account for your trust with low minimum balance requirements and in a multi-currency account. And guess what? We work with the best offshore bank in Belize and Latin America. Another way to go is to create a holding company owned by the trust. Such a company would be registered as an International Business Company, a process that takes less than two days.

Step 4: Develop an investment strategy. It’s vital to invest in projects or through an operating company. Belize has incredible real estate possibilities as you can buy luxurious seaside properties for eye-popping prices. We work with the best developer in Belize and can help you arrange these investments.


If you want to know more about our real estate possibilities in Belize, check out our articles.


Step 5: Voilá! Your assets are protected intergenerationally, and you have a family office without gift, inheritance, and wealth taxes. You have a team of professionals by your side to guarantee you and your family won’t have any legal issues.

You’re forever free.


Who are we, and what can we do for you?

In Mundo, we are committed to your freedom. That’s why we only work with the best of the best. We work hand in hand with NTL, which provides full family office structuring since 1994 with unmatched success.

We have a top expert team in Belize that can help you with all the main procedures to establish your family office:






If you want to take your family office to the next level, we also offer our forever freepackage that combines the best wealth structuring, trusts, second citizenship, and investment opportunities in one affordable package. You won’t find such a product anywhere in the world.

A Belizean baby family office is the first step towards your total freedom and safeguarding your wealth for your family. What are you waiting for? Contact us right now and start your family office in Belize.


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