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Maximize Your Investments with Bahamas Fund Administration: A Comprehensive Guide

3/27/2023 8:00:00 AM
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If you’ve never heard about the Bahamas funds, you'll find this article interesting. Doing business in Bahamas is a great idea, especially when it comes to diversification. Mundo presents this article that intends to provide general information about this topic. If you're wondering “what can I do with a fund”, keep reading.

Introducing the Bahamas

The country's official language is English, and you'll find that most of the population is fluent in the said language. However, there are different dialects or variations among the people, although this won't be an issue if you want to invest in Bahamas, since all the documents and regulations will be in English.

Its currency is called the de Bahamian dollar and is pegged to the American currency. As a result, like in Panama, any company accepts American dollars, especially those dedicated to touristic activities.

On July 10th, 1973, the Bahamas became independent from the United Kingdom and its flag is now a combined representation of several models that were presented then.

You'll find delicious typical dishes that are very much related to those in the South of the United States. You'll also enjoy products and condiments that are characteristic of the Caribbean: chili, lime, garlic, pepper, cinnamon, rum, and coconuts. Although foreigners may find it strange, soups and stews are very popular in the Caribbean and the Bahamas are no exception. Actually, turtle soup was people's favorite dish until these animals became an endangered species.

The territory is formed by 29 islands and 661 “cayos”(small islands with shallow waters which stand over coral reefs). Bimini is one of these islands, being the closest to the United States and considered the entrance to the Bahamas. Other islands are Cat Island, Long Island, San Salvador Island, and Barry Island. The capital, Nassau, is on the island of New Providence. 

Besides its natural beauty, this is a country that many investors choose when it comes to fund administration services. It's a great financial destination because it has good tax incentives and flexible regulations. Among the many options that you'll find here, there's what it's known as “SMART funds”.

“SMART” is actually an acronym for “Specific Mandate Alternative Regulatory Test”. We're talking about a particular fund that offers a higher level of flexibility than the regular ones. This makes it a great tool if you're wondering “what can I do with a fund”.

The said Bahamas funds are regulated by the Securities Commission and must be run by a certified administrator. His or her role will be to keep financial records and accounting books up to date, assess the fund’s net value, and make sure that the fund administration abroad is carried out according to local legislation and regulations.

What can I do with a fund: invest in Bahamas and access lots of benefits 

Setting up a SMART fund will bring you the following advantages:

Flexible investments

These Bahamas funds have more flexibility than regular ones which makes them the ideal option for a solid strategy. Clients can put together plans that adapt to their specific needs. 

Faster market speed

The regulator usually approves SMART funds quite quickly, actually, in most cases they do it faster than in other jurisdictions. This is a great advantage if you want to do business in Bahamas and can't afford to waste time.


Smart funds are cost-effective with fees that are usually lower than in other business hubs. These count both for incorporation and administration.

Tax efficiency is the order of the day

This country doesn't tax capital gains, dividends, or income if you're not a resident. This is why fund administration services are so popular in the Bahamas. Naturally, you'll have to consult with a tax expert but these tax benefits are definitely worth the look.

Experts state that fund administration abroad must be conducted seriously and efficiently. This is why many of them recommend the Bahamas because SMART funds are a flexible, low-cost, and tax-friendly solution.

SMART: how to establish Bahamas funds

Choose the structure

Firstly, you must discuss with your advisor the type of structure that best works for you. If you want to invest in Bahamas and access the benefits of fund administration abroad, it's a good idea to follow these guidelines. Decide what type of legal entity will hold your fund, whether it's a trust or a company, and then go ahead and set up the investment strategy. Also, define what types of assets you prefer when it comes to investing.

Choose the administrator

Every SMART fund must have a licensed administrator who will be responsible for maintaining the financial records and books. This choice is extremely important as the administrator will make sure that the fund is fully compliant.

Prepare the documents

Here you have to submit the articles of association or the trust deed, depending on the structure. You'll also need to establish an agreement regarding the type of investments.

Applicants must submit the applications required by the Securities Commission with all the details about the fund: who will manage it, what strategy will it implement, and what is its structure.

After approval

The application will be reviewed by the Securities Commission of the Bahamas after which you'll be able to establish your Bahamas funds. You can start receiving investments as soon as the application is approved.

Although the process can take several months, you won't regret it because it brings many advantages, especially if you hire professional fund administration services. By no means this should be done without proper advice from lawyers, accountants, and experts in global taxation. Keep in mind that your investments may be exempted from tax in the Bahamas but obliged in other jurisdictions.

Compliance with local and international law is a must, so make sure you find the right professional to manage your fund administration abroad.

Why types of investments can you reach with Bahamas funds that you can’t reach with other options?

  • Hedge funds: This includes private equity, derivative trading, and short-selling possibilities. The hedge fund administrators will guide you through the details. 
  • Private equity fund administration services: This is another opportunity to access investments that are not available through other channels. Clients can invest in private companies that are not yet traded publicly. 
  • Property: Since diversification is key, SMART Bahamas funds are a great solution. They allow you to invest in both commercial and residential real estate. 
  • Commodities: The opportunity to invest in commodities is not a minor one. Thanks to these you can protect your portfolio from unexpected economic issues like inflation.

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Whether you invest in Bahamas or in any other country, here you'll find lots of information that may be of guidance when it comes to choosing the right path. 

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