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The secrets of a crypto business in the modern world: going back to the basics of digital currencies

4/26/2024 8:00:00 AM
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Establishing a crypto business is no easy task and neither is managing it. When it comes to company formations for a crypto business there are a handful of things to consider. Firstly, we need to understand that we're talking about a controversial sector even though it has already been around for 15 years since Nakamoto created Bitcoin.

Naturally, there are crypto advantages for those who dare to enter this line of business, but it has to be with full preparation, a whole load of research, and certainly solid advice.

What are digital currencies?

Before we start discussing corporate services for crypto companies or how to invest in crypto is worth going back to the origins. What are digital currencies, and why are they such a delicate investment field?

The essence of cryptocurrency is that they are not based on Fiat currency. Instead, they are created by a process that's called mining which is supported by blockchain technology. Through such a process each mining operation is 100% unique and thanks to the blockchain it can't be altered. Thus, the cryptocurrency is created within a safe environment which provides the necessary control to avoid forgery.

How does this affect a crypto business or my finances if I invest in crypto? The disruption here lies in the fact that to create digital currencies there's no need for Fiat money hence we can remove intermediaries like the banks.

There are two tendencies derived from here: those who believe in crypto as a symbol of freedom from the traditional system and those who see crypto as a haven for shady businesses and crooks.

The truth is that it's neither of them. Like any other tool in the world digital currencies can be misused and this is why many countries have banned them. Others, on the contrary, have taken a much more thinking-forward approach and have set forth attempts to regulate their crypto business sector, crypto companies, and digital currencies in general. This is why crypto services are such a particular field in the financial global arena.

Crypto business or invest in crypto?

By typing “crypto services”, “digital currencies”, or “crypto custody providers” in Google one finds a variety of information. However, the key is to understand what we talk about when we discuss digital currencies and most importantly grasp how exactly it is that they can fit into the next person's financial plan.

Invest in crypto and enjoy crypto advantages

If you are willing to dive into this new world you can try and invest in crypto. This is one way to cover this market. The downside is that it's a highly volatile asset. In the same way you can win a lot of money, you can lose it all in a few days. This is why a clever investor will add crypto smartly into his or her portfolio.

In other words, the asset must be approached with a clear awareness of possible risks and covering a small percentage of the investments. These may be mainly based on bonds, stocks, funds, real estate, and other more traditional vehicles.

Crypto companies for a crypto business

Another way to cover this front is to set out a crypto business. For example, one can establish the best crypto trading platform to help others operate with this currency. Such platforms are the framework in which storage and transfers of all kinds are made. This may include Fiat to crypto, digital currencies to Fiat, and digital currencies to digital currencies.

Since this all started back in 2009 different countries have tried to provide healthy soil for a crypto business to grow. Next, we name some of the jurisdictions that have historically been related to crypto business activities or that have been considered crypto-friendly.

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Corporate services in The Cayman Islands 

The financial market works efficiently and in a pro-business environment prone to innovation. It's no coincidence that the jurisdiction has been considered one of the most reliable fintech centers in the world making it a great place for company formations to enjoy crypto advantages. At Mundo, we’ve published a number of articles about the Cayman Islands highlighting the country's solid corporate services.

Corporate services in Seychelles 

On the mysterious waters of the Indian Ocean and being an African territory, Seychelles is a popular jurisdiction for company formations. If you want to invest in crypto or enjoy crypto advantages, Seychelles offers a healthy environment, especially for foreign players. Among other things here you'll find strong legislation, favorable tax rates, top-notch asset management, and solid privacy. 

The government has done a great job in Seychelles optimizing the sector for foreign companies and enhancing the corporate services provided here. However, as it has advantages it has its drawbacks and we’ve analyzed them thoroughly in this article.

Lithuania corporate services

In the old continent, Lithuania has been one of the few countries to position itself at the forefront of the crypto business movement. Although it may not be the best option right now it has been known to establish a cryptocurrency license within a friendly corporate scheme. Although its neighboring country Estonia also took the initiative of embracing digital currencies and crypto business initiatives Lithuania has gained a reputation for offering more flexible regulations. For more information, check out our article featuring financial licenses in Lithuania.

Disclaimer: this article presents a general view of digital currencies and their influence in the modern financial world. Mundo doesn't specifically recommend the jurisdictions here listed but intends to show a historic trend in countries that have taken a friendly approach to digital currencies. Before establishing a crypto business or making any investment or important financial decisions, make sure to consult with a certified advisor and assess all possible risks.

Mundo corporate services for the digital nomad and perpetual traveler

Independently of whether you invest in crypto or not, we can offer a solid set of corporate services in different jurisdictions. At Mundo, we are committed to the financial freedom philosophy, and we are constantly searching for the best jurisdictions, options, investments, and opportunities out there.

We have offices in different parts of the world and partners in different countries. Hence, we can provide a variety of solutions or combine solutions for your particular financial needs.

From Panama to the Cayman Islands, from Turkey to Saint Kitts and Nevis and Saint Lucia, our team of experts and network of partners can certainly help you. Do you want to know how? Contact us and book a consultation.

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