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Georgia: a solid business hub to consider in 2024?

1/4/2024 8:00:00 AM
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In 2024 Mundo is committed to financial freedom and more than willing to find new business opportunities for our readers. Our relentless search for the best places when it comes to helping international investors is far from over. On the contrary, we’re starting the new year seeking new business opportunities in the best jurisdictions, and today it's Georgia’s turn.

Find new business opportunities under innovative horizons

If you're interested in international structures, words like finance, broker, investments, economic citizenship, and tax residency are probably quite common in your daily vocabulary. If this is so, then you're at the right place because at Mundo we're committed to the perpetual traveler and libertarian philosophy.

As advocates of Ayn Rand’s ideas, we choose countries like Georgia because they offer excellent opportunities for foreign businesses. Actually, this country relies on investment from overseas to boost its economy.

After several conflicts, the country has suffered from recession and the loss of foreign capital however, it has managed to recover thanks to the smart policies. Among other factors, a low corruption level and a clever tax approach have been key to lift Georgia up in the international investors’ arena.

The country boasts healthy regulations for foreign investment, making Georgia private investment sector quite appealing. Moreover, it has over 50 treaties to avoid double taxation, which is not a bad deal at all.

Foreign investment in Georgia is quite convenient also in the corporate sector because the country doesn't apply restrictions for foreigners when it comes to acquiring companies. Furthermore, the processes are simple, and red tape is practically nonexistent.

Embrace foreign investment in Georgia with a low tax rate

Let's face it, taxes concern us all. After all, Benjamin Franklin’s quote “Nothing is certain but death and taxes” seems to be accurate even in our days. Having a 0% tax rate is almost impossible in the current financial reality but it is possible to reduce the tax burden as much as possible always within the limits of legal procedures.

Foreign investment in Georgia becomes interesting when it comes to this topic. The tax system here is beneficial and interesting for foreign investors who enjoy a transparent tax framework with a corporate tax of around 15%.

After all, it is no coincidence that the country has been chosen as one of the easiest places where to do business in 2018, being in the ninth position. Georgia owes this honor to its simplicity in incorporating companies. Who can say he is not tempted by this powerful combo of corporate straightforwardness and low taxation? Certainly not us. 

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Seeking your business opportunities in a strategic location

Besides words like finance, broker, and real estate we should not forget the power of being in the right spot. In this regard, Georgia stands out for having a strategic position on the map as the perfect bridge between Europe and Asia.

Undoubtedly this is one of the reasons why the country has shown such amazing growth in the past few years (10.4% in 2021, 4% in 2022, and 5.5% in 2023). Besides it connects important trading centers like China, the amazing Hong Kong, the UK, the CIS countries, Turkey, and the European Union. Known as a transition point between the Eastern world and the European powers, Georgia is a great place if you want to find new business opportunities.

When it comes to companies, Georgia has one of the best advantages of a powerful corporate hub: special zones. In this case, these are called Free Industrial Zones or FIZs and are located in the country's most important cities. The zones’ tax benefits are especially geared to benefit investors and manufacturing companies.

Georgia private investment and the country's eyes on the future

Thanks to its wide range of benefits, important financial institutions have put their eyes on Georgia. For instance, the EBRD invested €4.6 billion in over 200 projects in the country. The president of the said entity announced that they chose Georgia for its incredible business potential and its outstanding management of the COVID-19 crisis. Thus, the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development was mainly focused on innovative projects regarding digitalization, moving towards a green economy, and achieving social equality.

Disclaimer: this article presents a general picture of Georgia and reflects the Mundo editorial team's opinion. Hence, this article should not be considered financial advice, or a professional guide toward investing in Georgia. Before making a foreign investment in Georgia or investing abroad make sure to consult with a professional and do all the necessary research.

Mundo's view on the best investment possibilities for 2024

When discussing global investments and when it comes to seeking new business opportunities, Mundo decides to keep Georgia at close range, especially when it comes to recommending the finest jurisdictions.

Our team is characterized by having outstanding professionals in different fields and having the right contacts when it comes to incorporations, banking, real estate, investment, and trust services

We're proud to present foreign investment in Georgia as a great opportunity and also recommend countries like Panama, Saint Kitts and Nevis, Grenada, and Turkey.

We invite all readers to navigate our pages and get to know all the tools available for the nomad capitalists and libertarian international investors out there. Mundo invites you to find new business opportunities hand in hand with our team. We hope to see you soon in your consultation.

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