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Move my company abroad: Which is the easiest jurisdiction to open a company?

2/3/2023 8:00:00 AM
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Our experts receive tens of inquiries about offshore corporate every week, this is why we know what our readers are looking for. No wonder this is one of our hottest topics and products, businesspeople that want to go global understand the importance of a good incorporation jurisdiction.

Move my company abroad: why go through all the trouble?

This is a good question for which Mundo has a good answer. The best offshore company formation service is the one that focuses on clients’ needs, and this is the first thing you should consider too.

Incorporating in your own country can be convenient at the beginning as you have a lot to learn about the business, but if you want to go global, you'll want to open a company abroad.

1 - Lower taxation 

This is probably the first thing that comes to your mind when you hear the term “offshore corporate”. The best country to set up an offshore company is the one that brings you greater benefits and tax is an important part of the equation.

You want a zero-tax or low-tax jurisdiction that can help you save money and grow your business in the long term. It's worth noting that paying zero tax is practically impossible unless you establish a careful structure that includes tax residency and choosing where to hold your assets. 

Nonetheless, although the best offshore jurisdictions now also have requirements of substance, this doesn't mean that they're not convenient. After all, paying less tax is better than operating under extreme taxation. Keep in mind that you must also consider your place of residency, where your company has its activities, and other factors. 

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2- Open a company easily 

When you start a project like this you want everything to be as straightforward as possible. You have to think about this when you decide where to establish a company. Naturally, you'll want two things: the document gathering to be as easy as possible and the due diligence process to be as fast as it can get. 


In general, rich people or owners of large companies are publicly exposed. It's only natural that they want to preserve their identities to be safe from the public eye. In many cases, when you open a company abroad confidentiality is an issue. Let's suppose that one of your family members takes part in a scandal with which you have nothing to do. This same may happen if your country's government makes bad decisions, in which case you can be stigmatized for life. In conclusion, the best country to set up an offshore company is the one that provides confidentiality.

How to open a company easily and where?

Now we've reached the best part of our article because here we provide the answers that you've been waiting for. Keep reading to find out where to establish a company if you want processes to be simple.

The bottom line is that we need three features: financial incentives, confidentiality, and straightforwardness. 

Open a company abroad in this country!

Our most experienced corporate expert at Mundo has recommended this jurisdiction because it ticks all the boxes:

Box # 1

The country in question has no taxation. It’s free from corporate tax, which spares you from a good share of your financial responsibilities. Contact our expert to find out exactly under which conditions you can be virtually tax-free. 

Box #2

Where to open a company easily? In this country, you can send your due diligence documents by scan and there's no need to send them physically for incorporation. The offshore corporate process must be simple both at the time of registration and when it comes to maintenance. Moreover, since we have our own license in this country, we can offer the lowest rates and the fastest process. With Mundo, you can have your company ready in as little as two-three days. Also, maintenance is simpler since there are no economic substance requirements.

Box #3

The registry of directors and shareholders is fully confidential, making it one of the best places where to establish a company.

This one gives you the protective layer that you need to keep a quiet profile. The only way this jurisdiction can disclose your information is by means of a court ruling and this is very hard to do.

Disclaimer: This article doesn’t replace a legal consultation. This content intends to be merely informative, hence, you’ll get precise information when you discuss your case with an expert. 

What is the best country to set up an offshore company?

And now that we've reached the end of our article, we can reveal the name of the jurisdiction: Nevis. If you’re looking for the best offshore company formation service, Mundo has your back. Since we are registered agents, we can give you the best prices and the most reliable service.

Don’t miss your chance to get the best offshore corporate that you can find!

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