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Nevis vs. Gibraltar for Your Offshore Company: Which One Offers More Benefits?

3/11/2023 8:00:00 AM
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Comparison articles are useful for those who want to establish a business abroad, especially if they're trying to find out which country offers more benefits. In general, some solutions are so advanced that they fit most cases, but Mundo never proposes a jurisdiction without assessing the client’s situation. On this occasion, we analyze the benefits of Nevis vs Gibraltar.

Offshore incorporation: Gibraltar 

If you want to establish your business in Gibraltar, you can do it as a non-resident company which you can create if shareholders are directors don't live in Gibraltar. Thus, as long as the company doesn't conduct business inside the territory, you have plenty of tax benefits. This includes exemptions on interests or dividends that you pay to a non-resident. Local companies, on the other hand, must pay a 10% income tax and get a license to operate domestically.

An important factor to consider in the Nevis vs Gibraltar race is substance. In Gibraltar, you must present your reports each fiscal year which finishes on March 31st. Even though you don't have to audit the reports, you must present them even if you're a non-resident company. If you're looking to operate in the country you'll need an office, an employment registration, and at least one employee who lives in the region.

Benefits of Nevis company

The LLC is a great structure, especially in this country. The benefits of Nevis as a corporate jurisdiction are many. For starters, the members can have any nationality and they can pass management to a third party. Thanks to its flexible characteristics, a Nevis LLC is great for a joint venture and can help you simplify taxes if you declare the earnings as personal income.

Here you'll find a high level of protection and privacy because the information of the managers is only available for the registry. Since they don’t appear on public records, members can keep their identities safe. 

Also, here the incorporation process is quite easy and has minimal red tape.

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Nevis vs Gibraltar: Which country offers more benefits?

If you want to learn about incorporating a company in Nevis and Gibraltar, you’ve come to the right place. Let’s compare these two corporate centers. 


In both jurisdictions, you have to keep financial records available at all times and submit a tax return. In Gibraltar, auditing is not a requirement. In this regard, both jurisdictions are quite flexible.


Here we start to see a difference because one of the benefits of Nevis is its simple incorporation. If you want to know which country offers more benefits, keep in mind that the process is much simpler in the Caribbean country. You can have your company running within a period from 3 to 7 days after submitting forms and documents. The good news is that you can incorporate only by sending digital copies, in other words, there's no need to send the physical document via International Courier.


Here Nevis wins the round again. Moreover, you have an advantage thanks to Mundo because we have registered agents on our team, which makes the fees more accessible.


Establish a company in Nevis and Gibraltar, or in any of these countries, and your privacy will be covered. When it comes to Nevis, here the names of the people involved with the company will be kept 100% private unless there's a reasonable suspicion of fraudulent activity. Names of members or shareholders are not included in the articles of incorporation, moreover, this information about the members is held only by the corporate registry and agent.

Disclaimer: this comparison has been put together by the editorial team and it's meant as general information. This article does not replace a formal legal consultation.

Establish a company in Nevis and Gibraltar with Mundo

Although in theory, we can help you with both jurisdictions, Mundo will always recommend Nevis. Only a few countries in the world offer this level of flexibility, privacy, and tax advantages. Moreover, Mundo’s team has registered agents that can make the process faster and more efficient. 

Contact our team and start enjoying the benefits of Nevis company right now.

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