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Vanuatu: a forgotten paradise?

8/1/2023 8:00:00 AM
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It was only last year when the EU decided to suspend Vanuatu passport holders’ right to travel visa-free to the Schengen area. Apparently, this measure was taken based on a suspicion of how things were handled in the process of acquiring citizenship in Vanuatu.

By losing this right, the program also lost applicants, which directly impacts the country's income. Does this mean that we can say goodbye to Vanuatu as one of the main CBI paradises? While people keep analyzing the equation “investing in the Caribbean vs the Pacific”, our beloved island seems to be losing competitiveness.

Visa-free travel with a Vanuatu passport

One of the main reasons the normal capitalist would choose a program over the other is the ability to travel freely. Visa-free travel with a Vanuatu passport has always been an appeal. But with this going how is the situation for the Pacific Island?

At first, the measure applied to passports that were issued after 2015 which is when the process of acquiring citizenship in Vanuatu by investment was put in motion. However, in November 2022, the suspension was expanded to all Vanuatu passports.

As a result, the country's income when it comes to investment citizenship was sharply reduced by 35% last year. While by the end of 2020, the CBI income represented 45% of the government revenue, by the end of 2022 it only represented 20%. Apparently, investors see opportunities in Vanuatu closely related to visa-free travel with the Vanuatu passport and the nations that they can visit.

Is Vanuatu a forgotten land?

“Investing in the Caribbean vs Pacific” is a contest that we all keep in mind, but let’s not lose sight of what’s important: opportunities in Vanuatu are still there, even without the Schengen access.

As we've discussed in our Saint Kitts and Vanuatu comparison, nothing beats the Pacific state when it comes to charm. This secluded destination is ideal for those who don't need to travel much and want to live peacefully and away from today's hectic life. In other words, opportunities in Vanuatu are still great for crypto magnates, retirees, and people that, for any given reason, need to live in a tranquil environment.

Unlike most programs, Vanuatu CBI requirements don't include real estate, which means the thresholds are quite interesting. Roughly speaking, a single applicant needs to invest 130,000 while a family of four needs at least 180,000. 

If this is something you like and want to find out how to get Vanuatu citizenship by investment, contact our representatives and ask for a personal interview. 

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The competitive edge

We're not naive so we understand that losing Schengen can affect the island nation’s competitive edge. Every place is unique but if you still want to get what is measurably best for your money, other options await you.

In our citizenship and residency section, you'll find a history of articles since 2020 in which you can see all current, cancelled, renewed, and future programs. Thus, you get the most important asset: knowledge about this industry.

Experts will help you in everything that's related to compliance and requirements, but they can't make you feel the country. Moreover, some decisions are to be made considering the family's needs, and knowledge will help you take your loved ones the right questions and answers.

Europe has had lots of interesting programs like Cyprus or Montenegro which we're closed for totally different reasons. In the Caribbean, you still have the five pillars that have been standing solidly for several years.

There's another option that you shouldn't overlook: investment residency. Citizenship is postponed a few years in the future but, by considering this option, you'll be able to knock on more doors and see which one opens and takes you to where you want to be.

Vanuatu citizenship by investment program review

Despite the fact that Vanuatu still has a unique charm, numbers are numbers, and they tell us of a significant decrease when it comes to people choosing Vanuatu over other options. But there's still hope, especially because the country has had a new government since November. 

The head of the inquiry Commission is Glenn Craig who is decided to understand what went wrong and find whoever is responsible for this problem. Whether passports were given to the wrong individuals or government officials acted corruptly, Craig is confident that the problem will be solved. Hopefully, opportunities in Vanuatu will become what they once were. The Vanuatu citizenship by investment program review is key to the future of the economic citizenship landscape.

How to get Vanuatu citizenship by investment

At this point, if you're not particularly interested in Europe, you have nothing to worry about. Vanuatu CBI requirements are geared for applicants to comply with two main things: invest the required amount and prove that they have impeccable character.

For this, you'll need to pass all due diligence processes and prove that your source of income is lawful and legal. Your Mundo representative will send you step-by-step instructions and a detailed list of the documents to be submitted.

Why Vanuatu

Some readers may be wondering why go through all the trouble considering the investigation that the program is facing. Nonetheless, as we stated above, this impacts you only if you're interested in traveling to Europe. Moreover, there's a point that we can't strengthen enough and it's the country's charm.

Besides awesome landscapes and transparent waters, here you'll find a unique philosophy and a rich culture. For example, people speak approximately 100 languages. Maybe the most interesting thing is that ni-Vanuatu managed to keep a healthy balance of men and nature and have been able to do so because they're not influenced by the modern world. In this sense, the country's secured location plays an important role. 

For a ni-Vanuatu, a person cannot be understood independently from his/her environment. For them, the physical space is much more than their surroundings: it encompasses the climate, the spiritual world, and the social connections. 

Despite the fact that it has over 80 islands, they are one nation and one community because, in their view, the sea doesn't separate them but integrates them.

Disclaimer: This article presents general information about Vanuatu and intends to describe its situation, advantages, and conditions. However, this article does not constitute legal advice and you’ll receive detailed instructions when consulting with a certified professional.


To sum up, opportunities in Vanuatu go far beyond visa-free travel with the Vanuatu passport and whether you can travel to Schengen or not. Let's not forget that the process of choosing a passport must consider economic and operative factors but this is not a good ground to base your decision. You want to choose a country that fulfills you. 

It's impossible to predict what will happen in the future and whether Vanuatu will be able to access the Schengen area but, if this is not a deal breaker for you, the program is still wide open and the process of acquiring citizenship in Vanuatu is right around the corner.

At Mundo, we have dedicated professionals in the most important CBIs in the world and we can help you make the right choice and follow the correct path toward your goal.

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