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11/3/2023 8:00:00 AM
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When a person wants to find the best corporate solutions, he or she gravitates toward a place that ticks all the boxes. Ideally, company registration must be affordable, fast, and safe. Although there is no perfect jurisdiction, there are many that position themselves very close to what the process should be like, and today, we have the pleasure of introducing one such exemplar. In this article, Mundo goes back to one of its traditional jurisdictions regarding companies: the Seychelles business.

Own your own company: choose the best options for international business

If you want to own your own company abroad, you need to find the right structure in the most suitable jurisdiction. This involves an array of factors that you can't refrain from considering.

The best corporate solutions entail easy processes

Going offshore brings many benefits but also responsibilities. Undergoing legal processes in a foreign country is a challenging endeavor. That's why the best corporate solutions are the ones that offer straightforward registrations and maintenance. For instance, a Seychelles company can be registered within the mere span of 24 hours. There's no minimum capital required, and the structure is quite flexible, nonetheless, applicants must keep in mind that companies are usually opened with $50,000. Administration is friendly since Seychelles business options include shares with or without voting rights. Corporate law also allows registered shares, redeemable shares, preference shares, and no-par value shares. When it comes to communication and paperwork there won't be any language barriers as English is the official language.

Look for those places that make you feel safe: Seychelles business provides confidentiality

In today's business sector reporting is not optional. Due to the CRS, practically all banks in the world must report to the client’s country of origin. 

Furthermore, the BEPS regulations mandate that enterprises maintain a local presence. Although the application of these standards can make us feel that confidentiality has died in the corporate realm, nothing could be further from the truth. Confidentiality encompasses more than the mere disclosure of financial data to governmental bodies.

To exemplify this, let us say that, with a Seychelles company, you can keep a low profile since your name won't be listed in public records. Beneficiaries, shareholders, and directors will not be disclosed in such documents; rather, solely the inaugural director will be enumerated.

Go where you’re treated best: the Seychelles corporate world comes with tax advantages

Only a few countries in the world have established a territorial taxation system and Seychelles is one of them. By organizing your affairs properly, you can be free of tax on the income derived abroad. Keep in mind that this is not a synonym for tax-free, as you will be taxed on domestic income and you may be taxed in other countries depending on several contingencies (where you live, where you have tax residency, or where you hold bank accounts or businesses).

The Seychelles corporate world comes with interesting tax advantages; however, these apply under certain conditions. One of these is that a Seychelles company is precluded from generating income within the country’s borders.


Own your own company and make sure you can run it smoothly

This is a key factor when choosing the best options for international business. If you own a company abroad, you want it to be as flexible as possible. After all, in our days, time is a rare asset. So, the last thing you need is to be spending time on an airplane for the largest part of the year. Luckily, in Seychelles, the annual meeting can be held remotely. 

Organizing your structure will be easy as a Seychelles company only requires one director and one shareholder, and they can be the same person. Appointing a local director is not mandatory and there are no nationality restrictions.

When it comes to accounting, you must keep financial records, however, filing taxes is not mandatory if your Seychelles business doesn't generate income domestically.

Establishing and maintaining a Seychelles company

After registration, business owners must keep their companies running. This statement may seem obvious but, in practice, this factor tends to be disregarded. When choosing the best corporate solutions, one must estimate in advance how much time and money the company maintenance will require. 

You can establish a Seychelles company by submitting a copy of your ID, a document that proves your address and place of residency, and a reference letter from a bank or an individual. The favorable tidings are that the procurement of a corporate seal is not a requisite.

When all documents are approved, you'll have your Seychelles company in only 24 hours. When it comes to maintenance, the company must keep documents that reflect its financial status. Such documents must explain all transactions, accurately indicate the financial condition of the entity, and gather all the necessary information to prepare reports on demand. Likewise, the company must keep copies of all resolutions from officers, minutes of meetings, members of the committee, and the register of officers and directors.

Documents must not necessarily be in Seychelles, but the agent must know where they are. In line with this, the agent must be notified of any change in the documents’ location within a 14-day period. The accounting documents must be kept for seven years from the date of issuance.

Disclaimer: this article provides general information on Seychelles business and corporate requirements. Therefore, it must be taken as an indicative of Seychelles corporate world, but it should not be regarded as financial legal advice. 

The best corporate solutions are within hand’s reach thanks to Mundo

We proffer the most advantageous selections for international business, with the Seychelles company standing as a prime exemplar of such alternatives. In the business world, there are as many opportunities as there are challenges. So, if what you're looking for is a flexible, low-cost, and straightforward solution, the Seychelles company might be the answer. Contact your Mundo expert and book an appointment right now.

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