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Why buy real estate now in Panama: 5 months till the Qualified Investor Visa increases its minimum threshold

5/10/2024 8:00:00 AM
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A cosmopolitan environment, a vibrant lifestyle, a variety of business incentives, and a wide range of residency visa options are only some of the advantages available for the Panama investor. 

Since it regained the administration of the canal, Panama has grown immensely developing a business-friendly environment and a healthy combination of tools. This constitutes a complex ecosystem where businesses can thrive.

Today we come back to discussing one of our favorite countries and analyze why we consider it convenient to buy property now: real estate in Panama can help you cover two fronts.

Panama residency visa for investors or golden visa application in Latin America

You can get a Panama residency visa through different means. Those who have a lifetime pension can become permanent residents, and those from the list of friendly countries can get a two-year permit. Furthermore, there are alternatives that open a path to investing in reforestation programs which can bring long-term benefits for the Panama investor.

When the country decided to introduce its own version of a golden visa application through the Qualified Investor Program, the residency perspective took a 360-degree turn. From that moment, it has been possible to get a permanent resident visa by investing money. We’ve described these requirements and conditions in detail in several opportunities but they can be narrowed down to this:

  • Real estate investment for a minimum of $500,000
  • A fixed deposit in a local bank
  • An investment in the local stock market

Why buy real estate now?

If you're wondering why you should buy property now it's because you probably don't know about the change in the Qualified Investor Visa minimum thresholds. Since day one the government agreed to lower the minimum investment required to purchase an apartment from 500,000 to 300,000. Supposedly this was to be viable for only two years but later on, the benefit was extended till October 2024.

In simple words, this means that unless there are any significant changes in this residency visa program, there are only five months left to access the program with $300,000 instead of $500,000.

Permanent residency by investment: the benefits of the Qualified Investor visa

To highlight the importance of this fact let us go back to the enormous advantages that the above-mentioned visa brings for the Panama investor.

Immediate permanent residency

The program is one of the only paths left to grant immediate access to permanent residency, especially since changes have been applied to the Friendly Nations program. While a few years back the Friendly Nations granted immediate residency now this changed to a two-year permit. Undoubtedly, this positions the Qualified Investor as one of the best Panama residency visa alternatives. Such a benefit is not to be overlooked especially for those that need an urgent migration solution.

Possibility to access high-end properties

Since you're moving to Panama you probably want a place to live. The good news is that Panama is well known for having luxury developments that adapt to families, single people, entrepreneurs, and the Panama investor in general.

Ask our experts

Buy a property now and choose from a variety of advanced development and units 

If you enjoy the city here's a building in the heart of Panama's capital. It has comfort for the family, fine architecture for those with exquisite taste, and advanced design for an optimal living standard.

Built as more than a place of residency, a project like this becomes an inspiration for the Panama investor. Naturally, this comes with amenities like a game room, a sky lounge, a tropical garden, a swimming pool, a squash court, a spa, and a gym.

Buy real estate now and live in the most prestigious neighborhood

Are you looking for VIP living? Book a consultation and ask us about these units surrounded by a golf camp and boasting a unique design. The Italian brand FENDI CASA is responsible for designing this project that combines wide living spaces with the highest standards. 

Options like this provide plenty of amenities and infrastructure for a comfortable life including seven high-speed elevators, seven parking levels, and advanced security.

By choosing a duplex penthouse or an apartment here you'll enjoy 3 levels with amenities and an impressive ocean view of 360 degrees.

Buy a property now in a quiet environment and enjoy it with your family

At Mundo, we are fans of Costa del Este, a neighborhood that has become a symbol of Panama’s family lifestyle. This area is ideal for those who want to live in a quiet environment away from the noise of the city center. Nonetheless, this doesn't mean you have to compromise as Costa del Este has everything the Panama investor and his/her family needs.

Green areas, schools, supermarkets, entertainment centers, and health care can be found here. Moreover, the location is one of the most strategic in the city since it has fast access to Panama's hottest spots and the Tocumen International Airport.

The project in itself is one-of-a-kind having units built with premium materials. Families will be able to enjoy pools, gardens a park for children, and a gym for the adults. Even in the smaller units, you'll find amazing views, a balcony, a laundry area, two full bathrooms, and wide spaces.

Choose your property now and live in the finest areas

This development combines postmodern architecture with a fancy design. Located in Punta Paitilla, one of the most luxurious areas, the project was built by an experienced developer and it's one of the pillars when it comes to luxury living in Panama City. From valet parking to an elegant lobby, from its spa to its pool, and including entertainment options like a racquetball and squash court and an area for children, this is one of the best alternatives if you want to buy real estate now.

Premium activities for the Panama investor

Located in Paitilla, one of the most accessible neighborhoods in the city, this is another project that has everything for the Panama investor and the family. Its more significant characteristic is a clever use of the space in apartments that come in three sizes. Besides its sushi bar, residents and visitors can enjoy a fitness center, sports courts, a cinema, and a children's play playroom.

We'd like to stress the importance of the project’s location being close to virtually all the key spots: some of the largest malls, the Cinta Costera, Calle 50 (the banking center), and Via España.

Disclaimer: this article provides only general information about the Panama investor visa and Panama real estate projects. This article is a product of editorial investigation and must not be considered financial advice. Before making any important financial or migration decisions please consult with a certified agent or professional.

Get your permanent resident visa in Panama with Mundo

Panama permanent residency by investment is possible through the Qualified Investor Program. Fortunately, at Mundo, we are proud to offer top-notch Panama services including a wide range of possibilities. Since we have an on-site team of experts and numerous partnerships, we can help you buy your real estate now to take advantage of the lower minimum before it’s increased.

Feel free to consult about corporate services, bank account opening, foundations, free zones, and other migration pathways. Your Mundo Expert is one click away.

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