Ayn Rand´s paradise?

For those who admire Ayn Rand, we have some news. There is a place on earth that can be closely compared to Rand´s Galt´s Gulch and that is, undoubtedly, Vanuatu. The ni-Vanuatu have been Anarcho Capitalists since the dawn of time. In tribal village customary law, the right to property and to the fruit of one´s labor is as old as time itself.

Each family farms its own plot of land, fishes in the ocean, plants cash crops and barters, sells or consumes them in a system of almost idyllic exchange. In such a system everyone works, no one goes hungry and the people do not believe in social welfare, centralized government, handouts, taxes or socialism. This is why attempts to tax ni- Vanuatu by various governments have dismally failed.  

This is due to a fortunate combination of different factors: human rights protected by and entrenched in the Constitution (as well as all the ICCPR rights), a council of leaders to turn to in case of needing protection of fundamental human values. Add to this one of the purest atmospheres, the cleanest air, free food and plenty of drinkable water, away from the plague of western “civilization”, and (congratulations!), you have got yourself a true paradise. 

However, the main attraction of Vanuatu is precisely the absence of those factors that “democracy” has told us are essential for our well-being. First of all, there is absolutely no personal taxation of any kind, whatsoever. Interesting, isn´t it?

This is almost a constitutional value supported by the entire population who are firmly opposed to any concept of a government that arbitrary and by force takes a part of the hard-earned production of its people. At the same time, there is almost no police force and, surprisingly, almost no crime due to a combination of several facts. In Vanuatu all people have to work for a living (since there is no social security) and they are peaceful in nature. Ni-Vanuatu drink large quantities of a happy drug known as Kava, which heightens their natural peaceful instincts.

There is no army, no local secret service agencies, no populist support plans or family services agencies, and indeed virtually no government institutions of any kind trying to mold or control society.

That, perhaps, is why Vanuatu has been voted as the happiest place on earth on numerous occasions. People in Vanuatu are happier for one simple reason: they are free. Contact us now!

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