Angola is a democracy with an executive presidency. The government is composed of the president of the republic, the national assembly, and the judiciary system. 

Ministry of Finance: The mission of this Ministry is to promote the correct use of public resources for sustained development. 

General Tax Administration: Its mission is to collect revenue for the state and ensure customs control for the benefit of the nation.

Government Asset and Equity Management Institute: The main responsibility is to regulate the Public Enterprise Sector and the execution of the privatization policy. Also oversees financial state participation.

National Financial Stability Board: The mission of this organism is to ease the articulation between the several bodies that may implement mechanisms for the promotion of financial stability in the country.

Service of Information and Communication Technologies and Finance: The main mission is to plan, modify and develop the financial systems and technological infrastructure under the Ministry of Finance and its subordinate bodies.

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Capital Markets Commission: Its main mission is to regulate and protect the securities and derivatives markets. In addition, guarantee economic development in the country.

Ministry of Commerce and Industry: The mission of the Angolan Ministry of Commerce is to regulate the development of import and export policies. 

Ministry of External Relations: The mission of the Ministry of External Relations is to regulate the foreign relations of the country. 

Ministry of Economy and Planning: The mission of the Ministry of Economy and Planning is to formulate proposals and regulate the implementation of policies for the development of the economy within the territory.

National Bank of Angola: The mission of the Bank is to ensure a solid financial system and protect price stability.

National Private Investment Agency (ANIP): The agency has the responsibility to implement, regulate and supervise the policy related to private investment. 

Agency of Private Investment and Exports Promotion (AIPEX): AIPEX has the mission to promote exports and the attraction of foreign investment to the country. 

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