About Andorra

Andorra is one of the most unique places in Europe that consists mostly of captivating landscapes and Romanic architecture, Andorra is a little principality that will surely impress visitors from around the world.

Known as one of the most attractive places in Europe to do business thanks to its low tax rates, Andorra is one of the most colorful and unique places on the Old Continent. It has one of the richest cultures of this part of the world given its proximity to countries such as Spain, France, and Portugal.

This allows people to enjoy a distinctive touristic experience, and for investors this small country offers the possibility of doing business in a business-friendly tax system. In the last few years, Andorra enacted transparent tax legislation with stronger banking compliance rules, which are in line with OECD regulations without sacrificing banking safety. Thus, Andorra is a whitelisted jurisdiction that will still bring you significant benefits.

Residency & Citizenship

Being a little principality between Spain and France, Andorra has become one of the most requested places in Europe for permanent residency. Thanks to its incredible landscapes, colorful culture, political and economic stability, and low tax rates, this principality has seen an increase in the number of people who want to become permanent residents in its territory. The country currently offers various alternatives for such people, so we will summarize all the options that individuals have in order to enjoy all the benefits of being a resident in Andorra.

Before mentioning the alternatives to get residency in the country, it is important to discuss why so many people are interested in becoming permanent residents in this peculiar little principality. These are some of the reasons why more people are looking to become permanent residents in Andorra year after year.

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