Nevis+US $3400

Nevis LLC owning US LLC + bank account opening for USD 3 400


Nevis LLCs are becoming one of the most commonly used types of companies for trading and providing services and have their origins in the United States, where the first laws to create such a multifunctional and efficient company were passed. Nevis LLCs are a special type of company that isolates assets from those of their members, which allows company members to limit the potential risk of losing their personal assets if transferred to the company. Another extremely beneficial feature is the possibility of Nevis LLC owning entities in other countries. If the Nevis LLC acts as a holding/parent entity of the Florida LLC, it generates a list of benefits, some of which are:


  • It allows foreign nationals to protect their family’s assets and invest in the USA. Adding the Nevis LLC allows them to avoid the estate tax that can be levied upon assets if they are directly owned by foreign nationals. 


  • The customer can more easily open a bank account in the USA with the Florida LLC. Depending on the specific business activity of the foreign national, they may not owe income tax in the USA.


  • Foreign nationals are better able to receive payments from customers and pay providers in USD.


  • If there is an interest in applying for immigration VISAs (i.e. E2) in the USA, this entity can be used for that purpose. 


  • The LLC is a perfect vehicle for self-directed IRA also and it comes with an accounting package.


  • The structure is perfect for online business and gives access to the US which is the best banking system in the world with no CRS requirements.


The package contains the following services:


New Nevis LLC – Assistance in the preparation and formation of one company. Some of the services included are:

  • Consultation to provide general guidance on the overall process.
  • Corporate documents generally needed to operate a business.
  • Business tax identification number.
  • Initial setup with the registered agent.


New Florida LLC - Assistance in the preparation and formation of one company. Some of the services included are:

  • Consultation to provide general guidance on the overall process.
  • Corporate documents generally needed to operate the business (i.e. Articles of Formation, Operating Agreement, and documents provided to open a bank account in the USA).
  • Business tax identification number (IRS EIN Request).
  • Initial setup of registered agent.


Initial Tax Consultation – Mundo recommends consulting with an expert. Additional tax consultations can be agreed upon and provided on a case-by-case basis.


Bank Introduction – Introduction to a reputable bank that is FDIC Government-insured in the United States of America (US). The provider will offer assistance as needed with the initial setup of related banking services. The banking services generally include online banking, debit card, checks, treasury management, bill payment, and more. For a second separate engagement, once the client has become established and if they wish to apply (and qualify) for an ITIN, they will be able to open merchant accounts much easier than without an ITIN. Note the ITIN is a personal tax ID issued by the IRS. Many merchant service providers request an ITIN or SSN.


The estimated time for preparation is 2 months, however, it will mainly depend on the working capacity and speed of authorities in Nevis, the USA, and the bank.


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